Going bananas

Turkey has so very much to be proud of. This is just one tiny example. As you watch this video have someone standing nearby reminding you that this woman/girl is Turkish. Her English is perfect. You’ll think that she’s an American unless someone keeps reminding you.

Also, she’s making a valuable contribution to the world, and she so young, now 16, but she started this project at 14. She has only just gotten started. Keep an eye on her for future wonderful surprises.

And keep an eye on Turkey too. It is an amazing place.



Is this a Great Planet or What?

This morning I found this moth here in the Marina. (It was already dead.)


The wing span is 3.25 inches, 83mm. If you click on the photo it will get bigger. But, don’t scare yourself.

Many great photos of related moths at

When we were in Mexico in the 1980s, right at dusk, many very large moths, probably a little bigger than this, would come out and zoom around the anchorage. Presumably catching bugs. This was way before the Internet, and we had no idea what they were really called. We call them B52s after the now ancient bomber.

I just looked on the Internet, and could find no mention of moths that catch bugs in the adult stage. So, I don’t know what they were doing. Mating? They were certainly energetic. But, I never got to see one, other than a blur. I’m quite sure that it was not a bat or bird. Perhaps an undiscovered species. If anyone knows the answer please tell me. 


“Everyone knows that hallucinogens are evil.” Right? Even those that abuse them.

I will bet that
1) You think you know about this subject.
2) If you will just watch this 15 min film, you will change your mind.

Will any one take that bet?

(Everything that she did was legal where and when she did it.)

See also http://reset.me/

Let’s support logical laws that also benefit humanity, not Monsanto, not Drug Cartels.

I am opposed to harmful activity. I am not a Party Animal. I mean, I try to eat Organic! I am not a druggy.

I also support HONEST research and rational laws. If you don’t, please don’t let me know about it. It can be your secret.


Janet is being used to trick people

When I turned on the computer this morning, I had the extremely painful experience of learning that soundbites from Janet’s story, taken from this blog, were being used by one of the many propaganda websites, that tries to discredit Dr. Burzynski.

We have many caring and compassionate and often brilliant practitioners of Orthodox Western Medicine among our friends. Some of them feel that when we stepped out of that medical monopoly, that we were making a terrible mistake. These friends are all excellent people and very sincere in their concern. I by no means wish to seem to discredit their knowledge and sincerity. Nor do I wish to not give credit to our friends who were trained in Orthodox Western Medicine, yet applauded our efforts to research ALL of the possible data.

Over many years of living, learning, and watching the world around us, Janet and I felt strongly that the monopoly known as Orthodox Western Medicine categorically demonized countless useful alternatives. For example, the Supreme Court of the United States agreed with this many years ago, when it ruled that the AMA needed to stop its malicious harassment of the technology of Chiropractic Medicine in the United States. They didn’t actually stop, but they had to be more careful with their malice.

I don’t believe that it is logical that ANY kind of technology can solve every problem. However, Janet and I have had many problems solved using Chiropractic Medicine over the years. This gave us quick, permanent results, without using any surgery or drugs.

This whole medical subject is unimaginably complicated, and you probably already have very strong opinions that I will not change here. One example, that I find very representative is:

Many years ago I was told that a scientist was researching what is now called ‘coenzyme Q 10,’ and the related ubiquinol. He discovered that it was extremely valuable in the treatment of heart disease and many other conditions. At the time, this scientist worked for a large pharmaceutical company and when his boss discovered what he was working on, he told him that he must stop working on that immediately.

The scientist said, “But, the positive benefits are unequivocal! This is a major help or even a cure for many conditions, yet it has no side effects.”

His boss said, “It is a common substance, that is found in virtually every living cell. All you are doing is supplementing it in people that are deficient.”

“We cannot patent a common substance. You need to on research things that we can patent and then sell, to make money on.”

Fortunately for all of us, the scientist quit and continued his research. Other conventional medical doctors saw the merits of this technology and joined the search. For example:


Through a coincidence, one of my uncles met Dr. Langsjoen, shortly after my uncle had been abandoned by the conventional medical community. These orthodox doctors had told him that his heart condition was terminal and he did not have much time left. They had done everything in their power but he was not going to last very long. Kind of a, “Go home and die.” kind of message.

Happily, under Dr. Langsjoen’s care, my uncle’s health improved dramatically and he had many good years. Sadly, his heart problem did eventually kill him, but much later than originally predicted.

I know that I will be unlikely to change your previous opinions. I know that the Internet is a wonderful place to cherry pick data to support any opinion that one already holds. I suspect that we all do it. But, try hard to keep an open mind and to learn real facts.

Here’s a comment that I submitted to the malicious website. What do you want to bet that they refuse to post it?


Janet E was the person that I love most in the world. We were good friends for about 40 years and soulmates for 32 years. Hopefully it will not surprise you that I am more than a little upset by someone using soundbites from Janet’s story to support this vitriolic, false, twisted propaganda piece, desperately trying to demonize any new research.

The author(s) falsely claims to support ‘science-based’ medicine. But they do not know the definition of science. Janet and I have always believed that real science must be a systematic enterprise, that absolutely must be based on honesty and not propaganda. Real Science must accurately combine the growing base of knowledge, in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. And, it must be willing to revise that base of knowledge, when new real facts are learned.

Science, the real kind, works towards finding the best ways to treat disease. The methods with the highest cure rates, fewest side effects, and lowest cost. The medical establishment that pays for the afore mentioned propaganda piece, works for the most profitable way to treat disease. The medical establishment and its often well-meaning but, close minded followers, seem to think that surgery and pharmaceuticals are the only real tools to fight disease.

Janet and I disagree. I encourage you to do your own homework and learn about the literally countless other technologies that may be far superior to the limited alternatives given to you by your friendly neighborhood Doctor. Since your friendly neighborhood Doctor usually works for the medical monopoly, you will need to do the research yourself.

In case you say, “But, Janet died, and that proves their point.” What is not mentioned in the terrible propaganda piece on this website, is that Janet exhausted all conventional alternatives, before looking outside the medical monopoly. The Orthodox Medical doctors promised her that she would die very soon under their treatment. It was only then that we went to see Dr. Burzynski. The twisted lies in this piece may be written by a well-intentioned dupe, or a salaried propaganda writer.

Lying by twisting the facts is the format here. Like using the fact that Janet had a “severe case of Hand-Foot Syndrome” to support their claim that the medical monopoly is good and Burzynski is bad. But the reality is that the “severe case of Hand-Foot Syndrome” was caused by conventional chemotherapy drugs, the use of which was overseen by a conventional medical monopoly Doctor, who just happened to not give us any orientation about things to watch for as possible side effects from these medical monopoly drugs. Like not telling us how to avoid these well known side effects of the conventional medical monopoly drugs. This was NOT a fault of the Burzynski team. But of the Orthodox Medical Monopoly Doctor. Just one of the many deceptions in this article.

If I were lacking compassion and moral fiber, I could write many similar pieces about all of our many friends that ONLY had conventional treatment and died terrible deaths far sooner than their conventional doctors had predicted.

If you believe that spending a lot of money or dying are symptoms of stepping outside of conventional medicine, then you have no idea of the massive costs and often deadly results of using conventional medicine in many of these cancers.

The Hannah and Pete mentioned above are just some of the many people that the team at Dr. Burzynski’s clinic saved after the medical monopoly said they had weeks or months to live. But the author does not mention that, does he?

In our quest, Janet and I met many people who have completely cured their, ‘terminal cancers’ using Qi Gong, and Chinese medicine and many other technologies that are carefully demonized by the medical monopoly. Instead of dying within months, one woman that we know used Qi Gong, to cure herself completely. That was 30 years ago. As very healthy, living proof of the success of that method for her particular situation, she became an enthusiastic instructor, and a kind of Johnny Appleseed, spreading that knowledge around the globe to her best ability. The result being that she had saved the lives of many people that we met.

Freedom of speech is definitely a double edge sword. Any eight-year-old, or a paid propagandist, can put up a website and spout anything that they want to. I encourage you to not spend much time on this website but to go to honest ones. Your life or the life of a loved one may depend upon it.

Dave (the one referred to in this nightmarish propaganda piece)

Unwise use of antibiotics in America

Excerpts from articles about unwise use of antibiotics in America:

Nearly 25 million pounds of antibiotics are administered to livestock in the US every year for purposes other than treating disease, such as making the animals grow bigger faster.

In other parts of the world, such as the EU, adding antibiotics to animal feed to accelerate growth has been banned for years. The antibiotic residues in meat and dairy, as well as the resistant bacteria, are passed on to you in the foods you eat.

Eighty different antibiotics are allowed in cows’ milk. According to the CDC, 22 percent of antibiotic-resistant illness in humans is in fact linked to food. In the words of Dr. Srinivasan:

“The more you use an antibiotic, the more you expose a bacteria to an antibiotic, the greater the likelihood that resistance to that antibiotic is going to develop. So the more antibiotics we put into people, we put into the environment, we put into livestock, the more opportunities we create for these bacteria to become resistant.”

This is a much bigger issue than antibiotics simply being left behind in your meat. For instance, bacteria often share genes that make them resistant. In other words, the drug-resistant bacteria that contaminates your meat may pass on their resistant genes to other bacteria in your body, making you more likely to become sick.


After Denmark implemented an antibiotic ban for its pork industry, the country had drastically reduced antibiotic-resistant bacteria in their animals and food – and their pork industry grew by 43 percent.


Learn more about the danger to your loved ones. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria infect two million Americans every year, causing at least 23,000 deaths.

There is some small hope for Earth

Please look at this man’s real story at

He single handedly reclaimed 1,360 acres of barren land, to lush forest in 30 years.

Can someone please tell me the name of the movie, probably animated, from about 50 years ago of a very similar, probably imaginary story in Europe?

Answer: The Man Who Planted Trees. Based on a book by the same name by Jean Giono.

Here is a free copy      http://www.moviesfoundonline.com/man_who_planted_trees.php

And here is the text

Click to access The_Man_Who_Planted_Trees.pdf

This story has always been without copyright. The intention was/is that it be freely distributed to help the EARTH and, just by accident, to help the humans that infect the Earth. See also:


It was long thought by many to be a true story, and if you scroll down the Wiki page to

Real-life counterparts

You will see that many have done just what was described in the book. The book is an allegory. But, sooooo very important.

In about early 2013, I read about the tropical jungle and the thick layer of rich black soil that they found, in the jungle, where there were ancient agricultural civilizations.

When we were in Central America, the present-day inhabitants often would slash and burn to clear the land. They were quite proud that with a machete and a box of matches they could take a large area of virginal, old-growth, ‘useless jungle’ and turn it into a nice cornfield. Or, pasture for raising low fat beef for McDonalds’ burgers.

One slight problem that they hadn’t quite worked out was that, for some reason this lush virginal, old-growth, useless jungle, had very thin topsoil. So, within a very few years nothing would grow in their newly made slash and burn field that was now, just red clay. But, no worries. They’d just make another one next door. Of course, the fish in the river, all died when it turned to chocolate milk from the top soil leaving.

A friend who had lived down there for many years, pointed out that unless the locals evolved into a creature that can live by eating red clay, that they need to get much smarter very soon, are there will be no food source within 1000 miles.

So, as I was saying, I think that science news (http://www.sciencenews.org) had an article recently about the rich black soil found in the Amazon delta that the archaeologists, not having green thumbs, assumed was a natural feature of ancient forests. However, recently it has been pointed out that on the contrary, the Amazon delta is not usually very fertile as found. Even the seemingly virgin forest.

The incredibly rich black soil was man-made in ancient times where, as a rule, large ancient cities grew their food. Modern man does not know how to make the soil, but curiosity has got a lot of people trying to reinvent it. Sounds like they need to go to Oregon and talk to my friends at

LLyn is one of Janet many Wonderful Cousins.

I don’t remember which issue it was that I saw at sciencenews.org, but I did a Google for

ancient rich soil was man made

And got lots of good hits.



To name but a few. It seems to my non-‘green thumb’ mind that they are talking about exactly the same thing LLyn & Chris are, and I think anyone would enjoy wasting some time reading the articles.

Costa Rica has a huge percentage of its land devoted to national parks. Many of them are virgin tropical forest. In those virgin forests, our experience was that the streams ran crystal clear and beautiful. However, in the 70s many Costa Ricans tried to get rich off the fast food industry and its desire for lean beef. So they slashed and burned to make pasture to raise the beef, but the erosion was absolutely unbelievable. The rivers look like chocolate malts, where previously they look like the crystal clear water of a millionaire’s swimming pool. Anyway, you get the idea.

When we were there in the 1980s, there were lots of gringos down there trying to help. Unfortunately, most of them had no clue what they were doing either, and they would really screw up the ecology. This would devastate the local economy, but no sweat for the gringo. They would just go home and turn in their doctoral thesis about how bright they were. How much they help these poor ignorant tropical people. The group that we thought did the best job, would go in and harvest a few of the commercially valuable large, medium and small tropical trees for timber. Carefully leaving behind the trees that created various cash crops. This did not destroy the canopy, and so the rain was broken down and did not hit the ground directly. More light got through to the forest floor, but not too much. Since there was a very diverse cash crop selection, the resident earned money all year round from something or other. If there was some sort of catastrophe that affected one or two crops, he or she had many other crops to get money from to get through the dry spell. But they did not clear-cut. If this technology, which is clearly thousands of years old, can be reinvented, to make the soil more suitable, it would seem like a lifesaver for the indigenous people, and the planet as a whole. They probably need to keep certain trees to protect the soil from overheating and direct rain drops, which hit really hard.

I think one article mentioned that the ancient super soil, actually grew about a centimeter a year. Where the ‘modern technology’ clear cut land’s soil eroded away at a much faster rate, and a negative balance. And the ‘modern technology’ relies on expensive, petroleum based fertilizer, that often does not make truly healthy plants. Just big ones.

Google the Turkish city of Efes

When we were there, we were told that it became the Paris, New York, or London of its day, because it was located on a beautiful, protected, natural harbor that was perfectly situated for people sailing in the area, who needed to wait for seasonal winds to change.

The only problem was that there were no tree huggers around and they cut down the surrounding forests for fuel or timber or just because they could. And the erosion filled in the huge, beautiful, natural harbor. The ruins are now many miles from the nearest water. There are farms in the area where the harbor used to be. Unlike Rome which continued to be useful for thousands of years, the ruins at Efes, are locked at a snapshot in time thousands of years ago, when quite suddenly the harbor was no longer useful. The city died very quickly. Will the last one out please turn out the lights?

Clearly the work that Llyn & Chris and others have done demonstrate profound competency and should be encouraged and shared. But the big chemical and fertilizer industry can’t trap people into paying their life savings. Ditto patented seeds, and GMO. So, don’t expect much support from industry or government. It seems to me that the Internet is a wonderful way to disseminate extremely valuable ideas like this at very low cost, and very great benefit to the world. If you are in this field, keep up the good work.

I need to get back to work. But this was fun.


I hope that this video will change your life for the better

Janet and I and many of our friends took classes in The Silva Method back in the early to mid 1970s. It was an amazing self improvement class that showed us how to use more of our mind’s potential. One small facet of that training, was mental communication and we were shown that while, for me, it was not like a two way radio or a cell phone, that a startling amount of data could move both ways, via thoughts and mental pictures.

Unless you have had a similar experience, you will believe that you now know that I am nuts. After a lifetime of watching misinformation and charlatans, whenever the idea of mental communications comes up, you’re quite justified to think that this is nonsense.

It was for Janet and I, a life-changing experience, but neither of us put enough time into practicing the techniques, and so, I’m not nearly as good at it today, as I was in 1976. But, I do know that it is possible, and that some people are really good at it.

The following video link was sent to me by a friend, Nancy, and it is one of the very best examples I know of, to support the opinion that I hold strongly. But, feel free to make up excuses and rationalizations to not believe it. But, how did she know about the two cubs?

Either way, I think you will enjoy watching it. It helps to have an open mind.

If you have a good internet connection, I suggest that you click the small symbol that looks a gear, along the bottom right of the screen and set the resolution to 480p. The 144p is a faster download, but pretty grainy. The message is the same.

I think that this link is the same video at 360p.

My experience was that the link shown at the end of the video, pointing to http://www.nhuafrica.com had expired, but I found the following link, which I’m sure will be changed very soon. So, you will need to go to www.nhuafrica.com and use the search function.


However, I think the following link will be relatively permanent. She has a nice little video, embedded on the first page, explaining her work. I certainly agree with everything she says in that video, and what I have read so far on the site. When the embedded video finishes, it offers a variety of similar links, that you may also enjoy. However, I have not looked at them yet. And it is possible that some, are quite unrelated.

and so on.

Please keep an open mind. You may learn a lot. (But, keep cross checking those, ‘Send this to everyone in the Universe!!!!!’ emails. <wink>)


Rx Drugs

(My thanks to Peter for telling me about this video.)
I am not a Doctor and I have never played one on TV, but I STRONGLY encourage you to watch the video in this link and then do you homework very well.
In my personal life, in 2003, I watched my father made goofy by a medication that was one of many prescribed by his doctor. This one was to ‘help him sleep better.’ It might be a good drug for most people, but in my dad’s case it fairly quickly gave him a kind of very serious dementia.
Janet found that ‘mental confusion’ was a possible side effect. We asked the Doctor if he could safely stop taking it to see if that was the cause. The Doctor said, sure.
The dementia went away quickly when he stopped taking that pill.
The strain on my dad and especially on my mother, who was caring for him, was EXTREME!
Then, one of my dad’s  Doctors changed his diabetes pill to a different one, and told him to take 2/day.
Sadly, the manufacturer only wanted him to take one per day and within a week, he went into a coma due to super low blood sugar and 14 days later he died, while we sat next to his bed.
Drug side effects, and interactions, etc, kill 200,000 people per year in the USA alone.
Do NOT stop taking anything on a whim!
But, do your homework. Beware bogus sources of info, including some of the ‘official’ sites. Big Pharma may not always be your friend. Get several opinions and involve your Doctor, but  do YOUR homework!
Sermon over. Now watch a really great video:
Good luck,

Why we should not pollute.

Thanks for the tip from John.

This link is just a microscopic, tip of the iceberg, of reasons why we should not pollute. It is a very short film about the deaths caused by trash in the ocean.


None of us is perfect. But, please do what you can to reduce the problems. Thanks,


“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
―EXACTLY where did Dr. Seuss say that? I love it, but what is the real origin?

Endometrial cancer linked to sugar

I just became aware of this:

Endometrial cancer refers to several types of malignancies that arise from the endometrium, or lining, of the uterus. Endometrial cancers are the most common gynecologic cancers in the United States, with over 35,000 women diagnosed each year. The incidence is on a slow rise secondary to the obesity epidemic.

http://www.medpagetoday.com/HematologyOncology/OtherCancers/43086 (Also with a link to a pdf file.)

Cites a new, large study, that shows that the most common type of endometrial cancer occurred almost 80% more often in postmenopausal women who regularly consumed sugar-sweetened drinks as compared with women who consumed none.

Stay safe, and Happy!