On 2013 August 14, I wrote:

To learn a little about me (Dave) and my history please see


This blog is my work in progress. I will be experimenting with ways to improve this blog. Polite suggestions are welcome. Our gmail address is the best way to reach us. It is alegria1976. (You will need to combine the information on this page to make proper email addresses. I do it this way to hopefully repel spam robots, but not you. If this makes no sense, ask your favorite computer person.)

We also watch our old
>>svalegria<< hotmail address
>>alegria_1976<< yahoo address.

We are also have a site at


In theory, that was identical, so don’t feel compelled to read both. And I stopped updating it. The only reason that we have two is because they function slightly differently and we were not sure which we would prefer. Plus, things in general and computer / software things in particular seem to have occasional difficulties, like our Gmail account right now. We like the ‘backup’ aspects of having two websites that are fairly easy to update. Having our eggs in two baskets is nice too.
Our old website at
seems to still be open, but probably will disappear soon. It was much harder to update.


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