I hope that this video will change your life for the better

Janet and I and many of our friends took classes in The Silva Method back in the early to mid 1970s. It was an amazing self improvement class that showed us how to use more of our mind’s potential. One small facet of that training, was mental communication and we were shown that while, for me, it was not like a two way radio or a cell phone, that a startling amount of data could move both ways, via thoughts and mental pictures.

Unless you have had a similar experience, you will believe that you now know that I am nuts. After a lifetime of watching misinformation and charlatans, whenever the idea of mental communications comes up, you’re quite justified to think that this is nonsense.

It was for Janet and I, a life-changing experience, but neither of us put enough time into practicing the techniques, and so, I’m not nearly as good at it today, as I was in 1976. But, I do know that it is possible, and that some people are really good at it.

The following video link was sent to me by a friend, Nancy, and it is one of the very best examples I know of, to support the opinion that I hold strongly. But, feel free to make up excuses and rationalizations to not believe it. But, how did she know about the two cubs?

Either way, I think you will enjoy watching it. It helps to have an open mind.

If you have a good internet connection, I suggest that you click the small symbol that looks a gear, along the bottom right of the screen and set the resolution to 480p. The 144p is a faster download, but pretty grainy. The message is the same.

I think that this link is the same video at 360p.

My experience was that the link shown at the end of the video, pointing to http://www.nhuafrica.com had expired, but I found the following link, which I’m sure will be changed very soon. So, you will need to go to www.nhuafrica.com and use the search function.


However, I think the following link will be relatively permanent. She has a nice little video, embedded on the first page, explaining her work. I certainly agree with everything she says in that video, and what I have read so far on the site. When the embedded video finishes, it offers a variety of similar links, that you may also enjoy. However, I have not looked at them yet. And it is possible that some, are quite unrelated.

and so on.

Please keep an open mind. You may learn a lot. (But, keep cross checking those, ‘Send this to everyone in the Universe!!!!!’ emails. <wink>)



2 thoughts on “I hope that this video will change your life for the better

  1. Great Video! I love that she was giving the cat the universal “I Love You” sign – the slow relaxed eye blink. I totally believe in the communication link. My girlfriend worked with a Pet Communicator with her house cat, and the information was spot-on. There is only one Source in the Universe … so why can’t the Source communicate with All. Good stuff!!

    • >so why can’t the Source communicate with All.
      Indeed! Because we turn off our receivers.
      I noticed the slow blink right away also. I use it with the several nice cats here in the marina. (Some are NOT nice. I squirt them with a hose.)
      But, I translate the slow blink as, ‘I trust you.’ ‘I am comfortable in your presence.’ ‘I am not a threat.’
      Not very different from I love you. Especially in the sense of, ‘Hey. We’re all buds here.’
      Similarly, cats sometimes show a lot of white around the eyes. Just like with humans, ‘What the Hell is going on!!’ Or, ‘You scare me!’

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