“Everyone knows that hallucinogens are evil.” Right? Even those that abuse them.

I will bet that
1) You think you know about this subject.
2) If you will just watch this 15 min film, you will change your mind.

Will any one take that bet?

(Everything that she did was legal where and when she did it.)

See also http://reset.me/

Let’s support logical laws that also benefit humanity, not Monsanto, not Drug Cartels.

I am opposed to harmful activity. I am not a Party Animal. I mean, I try to eat Organic! I am not a druggy.

I also support HONEST research and rational laws. If you don’t, please don’t let me know about it. It can be your secret.



Janet is being used to trick people

When I turned on the computer this morning, I had the extremely painful experience of learning that soundbites from Janet’s story, taken from this blog, were being used by one of the many propaganda websites, that tries to discredit Dr. Burzynski.

We have many caring and compassionate and often brilliant practitioners of Orthodox Western Medicine among our friends. Some of them feel that when we stepped out of that medical monopoly, that we were making a terrible mistake. These friends are all excellent people and very sincere in their concern. I by no means wish to seem to discredit their knowledge and sincerity. Nor do I wish to not give credit to our friends who were trained in Orthodox Western Medicine, yet applauded our efforts to research ALL of the possible data.

Over many years of living, learning, and watching the world around us, Janet and I felt strongly that the monopoly known as Orthodox Western Medicine categorically demonized countless useful alternatives. For example, the Supreme Court of the United States agreed with this many years ago, when it ruled that the AMA needed to stop its malicious harassment of the technology of Chiropractic Medicine in the United States. They didn’t actually stop, but they had to be more careful with their malice.

I don’t believe that it is logical that ANY kind of technology can solve every problem. However, Janet and I have had many problems solved using Chiropractic Medicine over the years. This gave us quick, permanent results, without using any surgery or drugs.

This whole medical subject is unimaginably complicated, and you probably already have very strong opinions that I will not change here. One example, that I find very representative is:

Many years ago I was told that a scientist was researching what is now called ‘coenzyme Q 10,’ and the related ubiquinol. He discovered that it was extremely valuable in the treatment of heart disease and many other conditions. At the time, this scientist worked for a large pharmaceutical company and when his boss discovered what he was working on, he told him that he must stop working on that immediately.

The scientist said, “But, the positive benefits are unequivocal! This is a major help or even a cure for many conditions, yet it has no side effects.”

His boss said, “It is a common substance, that is found in virtually every living cell. All you are doing is supplementing it in people that are deficient.”

“We cannot patent a common substance. You need to on research things that we can patent and then sell, to make money on.”

Fortunately for all of us, the scientist quit and continued his research. Other conventional medical doctors saw the merits of this technology and joined the search. For example:


Through a coincidence, one of my uncles met Dr. Langsjoen, shortly after my uncle had been abandoned by the conventional medical community. These orthodox doctors had told him that his heart condition was terminal and he did not have much time left. They had done everything in their power but he was not going to last very long. Kind of a, “Go home and die.” kind of message.

Happily, under Dr. Langsjoen’s care, my uncle’s health improved dramatically and he had many good years. Sadly, his heart problem did eventually kill him, but much later than originally predicted.

I know that I will be unlikely to change your previous opinions. I know that the Internet is a wonderful place to cherry pick data to support any opinion that one already holds. I suspect that we all do it. But, try hard to keep an open mind and to learn real facts.

Here’s a comment that I submitted to the malicious website. What do you want to bet that they refuse to post it?


Janet E was the person that I love most in the world. We were good friends for about 40 years and soulmates for 32 years. Hopefully it will not surprise you that I am more than a little upset by someone using soundbites from Janet’s story to support this vitriolic, false, twisted propaganda piece, desperately trying to demonize any new research.

The author(s) falsely claims to support ‘science-based’ medicine. But they do not know the definition of science. Janet and I have always believed that real science must be a systematic enterprise, that absolutely must be based on honesty and not propaganda. Real Science must accurately combine the growing base of knowledge, in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. And, it must be willing to revise that base of knowledge, when new real facts are learned.

Science, the real kind, works towards finding the best ways to treat disease. The methods with the highest cure rates, fewest side effects, and lowest cost. The medical establishment that pays for the afore mentioned propaganda piece, works for the most profitable way to treat disease. The medical establishment and its often well-meaning but, close minded followers, seem to think that surgery and pharmaceuticals are the only real tools to fight disease.

Janet and I disagree. I encourage you to do your own homework and learn about the literally countless other technologies that may be far superior to the limited alternatives given to you by your friendly neighborhood Doctor. Since your friendly neighborhood Doctor usually works for the medical monopoly, you will need to do the research yourself.

In case you say, “But, Janet died, and that proves their point.” What is not mentioned in the terrible propaganda piece on this website, is that Janet exhausted all conventional alternatives, before looking outside the medical monopoly. The Orthodox Medical doctors promised her that she would die very soon under their treatment. It was only then that we went to see Dr. Burzynski. The twisted lies in this piece may be written by a well-intentioned dupe, or a salaried propaganda writer.

Lying by twisting the facts is the format here. Like using the fact that Janet had a “severe case of Hand-Foot Syndrome” to support their claim that the medical monopoly is good and Burzynski is bad. But the reality is that the “severe case of Hand-Foot Syndrome” was caused by conventional chemotherapy drugs, the use of which was overseen by a conventional medical monopoly Doctor, who just happened to not give us any orientation about things to watch for as possible side effects from these medical monopoly drugs. Like not telling us how to avoid these well known side effects of the conventional medical monopoly drugs. This was NOT a fault of the Burzynski team. But of the Orthodox Medical Monopoly Doctor. Just one of the many deceptions in this article.

If I were lacking compassion and moral fiber, I could write many similar pieces about all of our many friends that ONLY had conventional treatment and died terrible deaths far sooner than their conventional doctors had predicted.

If you believe that spending a lot of money or dying are symptoms of stepping outside of conventional medicine, then you have no idea of the massive costs and often deadly results of using conventional medicine in many of these cancers.

The Hannah and Pete mentioned above are just some of the many people that the team at Dr. Burzynski’s clinic saved after the medical monopoly said they had weeks or months to live. But the author does not mention that, does he?

In our quest, Janet and I met many people who have completely cured their, ‘terminal cancers’ using Qi Gong, and Chinese medicine and many other technologies that are carefully demonized by the medical monopoly. Instead of dying within months, one woman that we know used Qi Gong, to cure herself completely. That was 30 years ago. As very healthy, living proof of the success of that method for her particular situation, she became an enthusiastic instructor, and a kind of Johnny Appleseed, spreading that knowledge around the globe to her best ability. The result being that she had saved the lives of many people that we met.

Freedom of speech is definitely a double edge sword. Any eight-year-old, or a paid propagandist, can put up a website and spout anything that they want to. I encourage you to not spend much time on this website but to go to honest ones. Your life or the life of a loved one may depend upon it.

Dave (the one referred to in this nightmarish propaganda piece)

Chipotle outrageously funny spoof of industrial agriculture

I think that you would really enjoy these videos linked below. The restaurant chain Chipotle launched an online show on Hulu called Farmed and Dangerous, a four-part satire aimed at revealing the “outrageously twisted and utterly unsustainable world of industrial agriculture” by poking fun at it.


If you cannot get them to play, do a search for Chipotle “Farmed and Dangerous”

And, I realize that this VERY professionally made, outrageously funny and not a documentary. There are some VERY funny lines. Have a giggle.

Including how inappropriate some of the commercials are for this audience.

You can only see them if you have a US IP address. (That means they need to think that you are in the USA.) I use StrongVPN to watch them.


“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
―EXACTLY where did Dr. Seuss say that? I love it, but what is the real origin?

More GMO news 19 Nov 2013

Here is another link.


I say again, that I do not always agree with Dr. Mercola, but I think he often has a lot of good information. I do agree that he often sounds controversial. By that I mean, that I think he likes to surprise you. So he might say something in a way that catches your attention, even though it is actually fairly ordinary information.

He usually credits his sources, and so you can easily see where he’s getting his information. Which most of these guys do not do.

And lastly, I subscribed to his newsletter, but you do get quite a bit of mail from him if you choose that path. I have not tried to cancel it, but hopefully one could. So, be careful what you commit to on his website.

I’m not aware of any danger in just looking at it. And one solution might be to just visit his website from time to time and look at the list of articles that he has written. He seems to come out with about two articles a day. Many of them I enjoy very much.

On that subject of being careful what you sign up for, I have recently wanted to contribute an answer to a question or a comment about an article or that sort of thing on many websites. But they wanted me to use my Facebook account or my Gmail account or other things too, “make it easier for me to login.”

In actual fact, it was often the ONLY available way to login. This would be no big deal, however, if you read the fine print, you agreed to hand them your complete address book or contact list. So, I assume that these websites are really just email harvesting machines, so that they can plague all of your friends with spam. I do not choose to sign up for them or allow them to know anything about me. Be careful. It’s a jungle out there.


Two critically important G words.

There are two important topics in this single post. I will put the short one first, in case you do not make it to the bottom of the long one.

Here is a wonderful, short video from the TED series. Movie titles aside, it shows the critical importance of, TRUE GRIT.


The second, and also extremely important topic is that my friend Janell sent some wonderful links regarding the GMO studies that she had mentioned previously. For those of you who know how to find it, it is in the comments for my post that is labeled, “GMO”. But, if you don’t know how to get to that, fear not. I think that this link will take you to her most recent comment:


A related link:

Sometime soon I will post another post on the subject. Janell’s links also link to other equally great links and I need time to digest the information.

At the moment it looks like the summary of what that’s going to say is, that people, pretending to be scientists, who just happen to have millions of dollars at stake and desperately wanted GMO foods to be approved, did very short-term studies (90 days) and felt that these studies proved that their inventions were safe. It seems to me that the depth of idiocy that that displays should not, cannot, be allowed in the scientific community. Maybe another way of saying it would be, that it is just not science. It is been known for thousands of years that some poisons, some diseases, etc., are slow acting and have diverse side effects. Lead poisoning, Mercury poisoning, thalidomide, syphilis and a lack of vitamin C, come to mind, and the technology of healthcare is certainly not anywhere close to anything I have been trained in. So, if I can see that this is nonsense, then what about the professionals, and experts in the field?

I think pretty much everybody agrees that if there were any GMO product that made the animal immediately fall over dead, that the product would not be in the marketplace. What concerns me are long-term effects, and surprising and/or subtle effects. The links that Janell sent me, demonstrate many rigorous scientific studies, from all over the world, show frequent devastating long-term effects. Here is a brief quote from one of the articles that shows what happens when the truth gets in the way of people making millions of dollars.

“Scientists who discover adverse findings from GMOs are regularly attacked, ridiculed, denied funding, and even fired. When Ermakova reported the high infant mortality among GM soy fed offspring, for example, she appealed to the scientific community to repeat and verify her preliminary results. She also sought additional funds to analyze preserved organs. Instead, she was attacked and vilified. Samples were stolen from her lab, papers were burnt on her desk, and she said that her boss, under pressure from his boss, told her to stop doing any more GMO research. No one has yet repeated Ermakova’s simple, inexpensive studies.

“In an attempt to offer her sympathy, one of her colleagues suggested that maybe the GM soy will solve the over population problem!”

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am not a Luddite. I welcome new technology and new ideas. And I also think that truth is absolutely essential.

For example, I hope I am crystal clear when I say that I have nothing whatsoever against Catholicism. Many bigots will proudly say that they are not anti-XYZ. Some of their best friends are XYZ.

I can happily say that some of my best friends are Catholics, and I do not wish to offend them. However I have a great deal of suspicion and concern about the gigantic industry that was and is managing Catholicism.

I have grave concern over how it treated someone who was foolish enough to point out that the earth was not the center of the universe.

I have grave concern over how it dealt with the idea of what we now refer to with the Greek letter pi. It is my understanding that the organization that controlled Catholicism ordered that pi would be defined to be exactly 3.000.

For an organization that claims to be the best and indeed the only highway to God, I’m more than a little concerned that it had not noticed that God had already mandated that pi should equal something closer to: 3.14159265359. And that it was one of those numbers that the more accurately you calculated it the longer it got. As far as anyone knows it will never have a long string of zeros at the end. At least in the numbering system that we presently use.

On a much broader stage, I am more than a little concerned over any person or organization or disorganization that does not believe that truth is extremely important. Particularly in scientific endeavors. I really bristle at what I believe to be mandate and dogma.

The more we can understand about how the universe actually works, the better we are armed in our journey through life. If we don’t believe in bacteria and think that cholera can be driven away by certain kinds of loud noises, I believe that we quickly become candidates for Darwin awards. Like the people that were convinced that malaria was caused by bad air. Giving rise to its name, malaria.

I certainly am aware that the truth is not always what we wanted to hear, but I believe that it is always what we need to know.

For me, the whole geometry of the GMO situation, screams out that the people behind it know that it is dangerous. Why else would they spend $70 million to keep it a secret? But, what I really hope to find out is the truth. If it is wonderful, or like most things in life, it is more accurately, a double edge sword, that has some wonderful aspects and some not so good aspects, then we need to know that.

When we were traveling through the American State named Louisiana, many of the people there would explained that they had the best politicians money could buy. Not a very good endorsement. But I think that a society can work better with bought politicians, than it can with bought scientists. I believe a dishonest scientist is far worse than no scientist at all. And, it seems obvious to me that it is sarcasm to describe someone as a dishonest scientist. It is an oxymoron. There is only one kind of scientist. That is a person who tries to the best of their ability to learn the truth. As I’ve explained before several times, it is by no means rare for them to make mistakes. And we always need to be careful. But one of the ways to minimize that is to have many other minds, that are also skilled in whatever particular art, to examine their work and try to replicate the experiment. This is usually called peer review.

I will close with the quote,

“Cherish your doubts, for doubt is the attendant of truth. Doubt is the key to the door of knowledge; it is the servant of discovery. A belief which may not be questioned binds us to error, for there is incompleteness and imperfection in every belief. Doubt is the touchstone of truth; it is acid which eats away the false. Let no one fear for the truth, that doubt may consume it; for doubt is a testing of belief. The truth stands boldly and unafraid: it is not shaken by testing: for truth if it be truth, arises from each testing stronger, more secure.”

Robert T. Weston (Unitarian Universalist minister, died 1988)

Big Oil sued in South America

I suspect that some of you know a lot more about this case than I do. This link is all I know about it.

Starting from zero knowledge, I find the article a little confusing, but very interesting. Have a look:


As they say, the rule of law is often very different in other cultures.

Janet and I had a sailing, cruising friend, who passed over to the other side some years ago. We first met him in San Carlos Mexico, in perhaps 1983. But, before we met him, we heard countless improbable rumors about him and thought that he was some sort of Walter Mitty.

The things we heard, through the coconut telegraph, seemed impossible for one man to have lived through in a single lifetime. We thought they were tall tales. However, as we got to know him, we learned that all of these things were true. He had just led a very interesting life, and was an accomplished storyteller, in the accurate documentary aspect of the phrase. Rather than having made things up.

He was also accomplished in the sense that you both could spend an afternoon together and see exactly the same things. But later he would be telling someone else who was not there, about several of the things that transpired. He would very accurately relate what happened, but from a very interesting perspective that you had not thought of it all at that time.

He was fun to follow around and learn from. Not quite a guru, but it was fascinating to see how his very powerful mind worked.

One of his major careers during his lifetime was to be an American attorney. I think he had risen as high as district attorney in a significant city and the American Southwest before we met him sailing in Mexico.

He and his wife sailed onto Panama and got jobs there and lived there for some years. One of his jobs was to teach Panamanian law students about some of the important ideas incorporated an American law.

Just so that you understand my biases, based on what I believe to be my personal experiences with the American legal system, my lawyer jokes tend to be sort of dark and gallows humor in nature. I have known, and still know, several lawyers that I believe are excellent people, fighting hard for all of the things that I want out of the legal system. They are “Fair, Honest, Intelligent.” All of the good things. Unfortunately, I have been the victim of several lawyers that were very evil. It could have been worse. As far as I know, they did not try to have me killed. But, they certainly raped and pillaged my bank account and consumed years of my life. And the most frustrating thing was, even spending years trying to rectify the problem, was a waste of my time. No other lawyers that I could find would help me. They said that loosing $50,000 was not worth them going after.

That was probably perfectly correct from their standpoint. But I have been living on less than peanuts for many years, in order to be able to continue cruising and not get a regular job. $50,000 was a gigantic fortune in my mind. And most importantly, it used to be my gigantic fortune. Until I was fleeced by these crooked lawyers.

But the relevant part of the story is that, one of the aspects of American law, that the Panamanians had great difficulty even understanding, never mind agreeing with, was the following example.

Suppose you buy a recreational property, a weekend retreat, out in the jungle of Panama. You take your family and friends there and it is just paradise. You’re happy right?

Then, your neighbor who has been living there for many years, or perhaps bought his property after you bought yours. That aspect is not really important as far as I was told. But, your neighbor decides to make some money by slaughtering hogs, and melting them down for the lard. He cooks them over fires that are partially fueled with the parts of the hog that he does not want, so the smell is indescribably bad. Maybe he burns an old truck tire once in a while.

Unfortunately he lives upwind of you, and now your property is virtually uninhabitable. Certainly your family wants no part of it.

Under US law, as far as I understood this story, you have recourse. You can get your neighbor to stop being a nuisance.

But, also as far as I understood, the Panamanians could not grasp what the problem was. Of course he can do whatever he wants. It’s his property. How can you tell your neighbor not to do what he wants to do on his own land?

I heard the story many years ago and obviously I may not of completely understood it. But I present it here as a possible example of different attitudes in different cultures.

Therefore, I personally think that, even though I may not agree with how other people do something, I feel that almost always, I should try hard to let them do it, if that is the norm for their culture.

Of course, their attitude is almost certainly, of course you let me do it! What business is it of yours? And I know plenty of Americans who would not just bristle, but would probably pop a blood vessel, if they thought someone in another country was going to tell them what to do.

Those who know me will be quite aware that, refusing to give women equal rights, or refusing to educate women, or killing all the girl children, the dangerous idiots not doing an adequate job of cleaning up the nuclear mess in Japan, and many other things, I would continue to hope to change.

But, it may not always be self-evident to other people, that in order for me to have freedom to do what I want, I need to respect a great deal of freedom, in others.

That’s how I see it. I welcome your freedom to see it anyway you want. But, of course I know that I’m seeing it the right way. <grin>



I am very sorry to see that it looks like the people of Washington State will still not be allowed to know what they are eating. CBS News says:


It says in part:
In a 2010 survey, management consultancy Deloitte found that only 21 percent of the public was not concerned about eating GMO foods, while 34 percent was either very or extremely concerned. An ABC poll found that “Americans almost unanimously favor mandatory food labels on genetically modified foods” and 52 percent thought that GMO food was unsafe to eat.

America is certainly becoming a 3rd World sort of country. So many countries watch GMO or prohibit it all together.

About 35 countries have much better Health Care than America.

Not many countries allow a small group to hijack the government and shut it down for many days. At a huge cost to taxpayers.

It is too bad. I think Americans deserve better. But the Fat Cats prefer us under their thumbs. When we were in Louisiana, we often heard the locals say that, “Louisiana has the BEST politicians money can buy!”

It seems to apply to the whole country, which is a shame. You might consider working to change that. Just a thought.


More GMO & GE news


Some Highlights are:
On November 5, Washington State will cast their votes for the people’s initiative 522, “The People’s Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.” Your support is urgently needed.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson has filed suit against the GMA in Thurston County Superior Court on behalf of the State of Washington, alleging the association violated the state’s campaign disclosure laws.

Ferguson alleges the GMA illegally collected and spent more than $7 million on the No On Initiative 522 campaign, while hiding the identity of its contributors in order to shield them from consumer backlash.

The lawsuit forced GMA to establish a political committee, aptly named Grocery Manufacturers Association Against I-522. A list of the financial donors has now been disclosed to the Public Disclosure Commission.

Biotech are now trying to find a way to label that will still permit them to exist and make a profit. Pushing for federal labeling is one part of the plan to dilute the value of the label.


There is even some humor in the post. Monsanto funded an award and then gave it to itself. Hmmm.

Also, there is a list of the companies that pay millions to make sure you are not allowed to know what is in your food. Do you really want to let them do that???

1) They know what they put in their products.
2) They think that it is good (for their interests) to pay, often millions of dollars, to keep you from know what they want to sell you.
3) Isn’t that proof that they know that you would not buy it if you knew what you were buying?
4) Isn’t that proof that they do NOT care about your best interests?

It is not paranoia if they really are after you. Right?


More GMO & GE news

Many of us want to know what we are eating. Whether you do or not, please help us to be able to know.

It also will GREATLY assist the people that make real food, safe food, to stay in business. Isn’t that a plus also?


http://yeson522.com/video/ There are many videos on this link.

That site is also trying hard to get donations. The largest negative contributors so far are Monsanto and DuPont Pioneer, with a total of $11.6 million in opposition, approaching the previous state record against a state-wide initiative. And that was back in mid Sept. While the “Yes” had only raised $4.4 million.

Even I donated! Now there’s a first! The cheapskate giving away money!!! OMG!!

In a similar ballot not long ago, the anti-labeling side in California outspent supporters of that measure nearly 5 to 1, or about $44 million to $9 million. That $44 million bought them the 51% to 49% no vote the big boys wanted. Let’s keep trying to remove the ban on telling us what we are eating.



Washington Initiative 522

There’s going to be an election in Washington State, in America. One of the things that they tell us we get to vote on, is to see if the government would allow us to know some important things about the food we eat. Presently, the agricultural/industrial complex has bought off enough politicians to keep it a government mandated secret. Unlike at least 64 other countries.

Turkey does not allow GMO foods Into the country at all, even for animal feed. Perhaps they know what they’re doing? I think so.

It looks to me like there’s a lot of confusion about GMO foods. I think it’s a very, VERY simple.

With today’s technology, people can change the DNA of living things and create plants and animals that could not possibly ever have been formed in nature. They assure us that these new combinations are brilliantly conceived and are far better for someone or something that anything ever before.

They try to tell us that they are far better for you and me, but it looks to me like, in every case, they are only far better for them, and much less wonderful for you and me. Perhaps even bad, or dangerous for you and me.

But, if you believe their heavily financed advertising, that’s fine. I really hope that you are right.

However, I strongly believe in full disclosure. I get kind of twitchy when people assure me that they have my best interests at heart, but that it is absolutely imperative, that I not have any idea what they are doing. I strongly believe that when someone spends tens of millions of dollars to keep something a secret from me, that they probably do not have my best interests at heart. That’s just a knee-jerk reaction on my part.

So, what I’m asking is, if you’re a registered voter in Washington state, or you KNOW any registered voter in Washington state, please ask them to vote to allow people to know what they are buying. Even if you, or they, could care less what is in the food you buy. Even if you much prefer to go to the grocery store and hand the clerk some money, and you just tell them to give you a can or bag of whatever they have. You really don’t care. You would really prefer not to know, what you are buying.

I respect that. If you see me in the grocery store, just come on over and I’ll be happy to take all the labels off of the cans and packages and let you buy mystery stuff to your hearts content. I will fill up your cart with surprises for you. From time to time, some clever folks in China, do that to help you out. They put antifreeze and other random, nasty stuff, in baby food and pet food, for example.

But, I hope you will help me to get 522 to pass, so that I can make an informed decision about what I want to buy.

The position of Monsanto and the gigantic industrial complexes that are paying tens of millions of dollars to keep us from knowing what we buy, is absolutely insane, on the face of it.

Their position is that they market a really good product. Better than anything else out there. But, they have already spent $11 million, the last time I looked, just on this single part of an election. They want to make sure that we can’t tell when we are buying their really good, wonderful product.

Does that seem just a little peculiar to you?

If I were marketing some kind of sneaky, ripoff product I would be willing to spend something to make sure that you did not know that you are getting ripped off. Because that way I could make more money. But, it’s hard for me to understand why someone would want to spend $11 million, to keep you from knowing when you’re buying my wonderful product that is God’s gift to humanity.

Is this some sort of Darwin award? Some sort of IQ test? I guess it is.

So, even if you’re among the large number of people that appear to much prefer to not have any idea what you’re buying, I hope that you will please help make sure that the people that do like to choose what they buy, are allowed to do so. Don’t worry. No one will force you to look at the new label. Please help us out on this one, and we will help you out on some of your causes.

Thanks. And keep your fingers crossed,