PBS is not truthful

PBS is "publicly funded" but it has lied about may important issues. Earlier in the year, there were several PBS lies about Bernie that I saw.

How do I know? Because I was very familiar with Bernie and his platform and what his tax plan really was. Also, what a huge number of independent financial experts said of how his tax plan would affect Americans of various income brackets. And, PBS had a lot of false info.

And, as shown here, it misleads or at least edits to promote a view.


A specialist in international law

Please share this widely:


You do not need to be a specialist in international law to see how bad these are.

Any "trade agreement" that must be negotiated in secret is bad. Any "trade agreement" that must be binding FOREVER, and the victim country(s) are not allowed to modify it, must be bad. Any "trade agreement" that says that Companies can have their own Kangaroo court that is above any democratic control and can render useless any democratically chosen law, is the OPPOSITE of democracy.

But, the people who ARE experts in International Law, say:

They "are incompatible with democracy, the rule of law and human rights."


EMERGENCY Please share now

Janice Nesbit to Occupy DNC 201623 hrs ·

EMERGENCY Please share now

We need our Georgia folks to rally now!
Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein won’t be on Georgia’s presidential ballot this November after the state said the party had too few verified signatures on its petition.
They rejected 4,000 signatures for the Green Party. (more voter suppression)

Please call the Georgia Secretary of State’s office & verify your signature:
Elections Division
2 MLK Jr. Dr.
Suite 802 Floyd West Tower
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
Phone: (404) 656-2871
This is the woman I spoke with that is verifying my signature: 404-656-7610
Please also call your local elections board!

Fellow Americans this is our only alternative to twiddle dee and twiddle doe that were offered up as pre-chosen presidential candidates. We the people have another choice, but we have to get the green party on all the states ballots to have that voice.

Free boat

Folks, this will not be free. The boat may well be free and you would be helping this Widow. She will be giving you a LOT of money’s worth of stuff. But, there are always expenses.

Like the guy that writes about it on the link below, this is NOT a good idea for a beginner. But, for the right person, this is wonderful.

Just, if you have never done MAJOR boat repairs, this is not where to start. There are some great boats, ready to sail away, listed on the market, here and there, about the World, that would be better deals. Less final expense and less risk. More fun for some.

BUT, someone, somewhere will be perfect for this boat. I hope that he/she finds it and lives the dream. This boat should not die.


We are both very well and back in Turkey

Some of you got concerned when I was so long between posts. But, we were very busy with Robn’s boat, and then getting to Philly, and then getting to my boat Turkey.

As a synopsis….

About a yr ago, we went from America to Robn’s boat in Trinidad &Tobago, then to Democracy Spring & Democracy Awakening in Washington, DC and spoke with our Senators and Reps.

Then back to Trinidad, then to New York City July 17-22nd, Philly 22 to Aug 1. Then Milan for a week, because this saved us a bunch on the ticket to Turkey. We got to Turkey August 3 and will be here about 80 days. Then, we will go to the USA to vote and do some quick projects. Then back to Trinidad and Robn’s boat.

We had killer hike in Italy last week. We took a cable car gondola up a cliff N of Milan to do some mountain/relative wilderness hiking in the foot hills of the Alps. And in scouting around, found what we thought to be the trail to walk down.

The place is called, "Piani d’Erna." 4,511 ft to the top of the hill, which is higher than the upper end of the cable car.

The relatively level hike at the top had been lots of fun, so we thought we would walk down. There were automobiles at the top, which implied a road(s) and the beginning trail was easy.

Like an Ant-Lion trap.

As we got further down and less interested in climbing all the way back up to the gondola station, it got more like rock climbing and we kept looking for people with winged suits jumping off. It was near vertical and a LONG way down to a road below. Perhaps 2,000 feet.

Long (5hr), painful, story made shorter, we made it, but we have not been doing any hiking for many months, so we were really dragging, by the time we got to the bottom of the gondola cable, where the bus to town came, once an hour.

Robn was thrilled that her, sometimes, almost debilitating leg problem was totally absent. She finds that natural terrain usually is fine, but pavement often is not. In fact, on this hike, she was holding up much better than I was.

We were pretty stiff and walking funny for almost a week. Since the Milan Metro has a lot more stairs than elevators, or down escalators, getting all of our luggage to the airport was painful to do and probably painful for people to watch us.

More news later,

Dave & Robn