Health Care explained

Let me respond to an anti-single payer FaceBook post that I saw today.

That troll used an alleged bad experience with the VA as proof that single payer healthcare does not work.

My father was killed by poor heathcare from a dysfunctional VA that sent him to a civilian GP in 2003 who wrote a prescription wrong. I have not had any dealings with the VA since. So, I do not know what it is like today.

There is no magic bullet. Any system can be screwed up.

The Mafia-like Medical Industry is making billions off of us. They do not want to stop. They try to confuse and trick us.

It is very simple.

Americans pay per capita about 10 times as much as some of the 36 countries that have better healthcare than Americans. Those people live several years longer than Americans, and live all of their years in better health.

One trick to distract us, is the dreaded, "Bernie will RAISE your taxes!!!"

PM me if you are worried about that. There are honest sites that let you see what your taxes do under Bernie’s plan. If you make less that $225,000/year your taxes will not go up. But, our economy, and job availability WILL go up. That will raise more tax income, also.

"BUT! That can’t be true because everyone knows that healthcare is horribly expensive and Bernie will need to tax ME at a fantastic rate!"

Whoever told you that is lying to you. Get FACTS and stop going to sources that lie to you.

Healtcare costs a fortune to AMERICANS because AMERICANS are getting screwed.

In most other countries, I have gotten the SAME exact drugs for about 10 cents on the dollar, and gotten great doctors, etc, for similarly cheaper prices.

Look at the list of countries with better healthcare than we have. I thought that Conservatives were CERTAIN that America was the greatest country in the World!!!

If those 36 countries have BETTER healthcare than we do, why do you just throw in the towel and say that we can’t do it? Are you changing your tune and now saying that you are CERTAIN that America is the 37th greatest country in the World?

And, even if your taxes went up some and your medical expenses went down more than your taxes went up, shouldn’t you be pleased???

Where does our money actually go?

Can you understand that America has a problem? Actually quite a few, but here is one.

Please look at this graph and let it sink in. A few mega-rich folks get even richer by selling war supplies. That is why they love Hillary.

There should be a very similar graph somewhere for American Healthcare. We spend a vast fortune to be country #37 in World Healthcare. This is because a few mega-rich folks get even richer by selling "Healthcare" stuff to the suckers. And, we live years less and have worse health than 36 other countries, and we vote to do it again, every election. We are well trained.

Want to break the cycle?

State’s Rights

America is, indeed, a nation of states. Most of us believe in State’s Rights, which is the idea that one state, like say, Nevada, can have some laws that are different from other states.

Like, can you turn right on a red light, after coming to a complete stop.

Well, after a lot of research, Robn & Dave are quite certain that the NVDEMS, the Nevada branch of the "Democratic" Party. (Play ironic music here.) is

authoritarian, totalitarian, dictatorial, despotic, draconian, autocratic, undemocratic, anti-democratic, illiberal, etc. *

(Fortunately, most state "Democratic" Party folks are much more "democratic".)

The NVDEMS repeatedly demonstrated those attributes on 14 May. I can post the videos if you are not sure who to believe. But, for now I will just link to this open letter.

The caption for the top photo is "Roberta’s Rules of Order" Lange, Nevada Democratic Party Chair, seen on the left, at the moment that she told the woman that was trying to give the group, the Minority Report, to buzz off.

*The short form for this list is fascist. No foolin’.

This election is not HRC vs rump.

This election is not HRC vs rump. It is about should we have honest elections?

If we have no actual say in our govt, then we need to just, "Lay back and enjoy it," as Clayton Williams said.

Princeton showed us that the 90% has almost no say in govt.

I want that to change. Please help.