Janet is being used to trick people

When I turned on the computer this morning, I had the extremely painful experience of learning that soundbites from Janet’s story, taken from this blog, were being used by one of the many propaganda websites, that tries to discredit Dr. Burzynski.

We have many caring and compassionate and often brilliant practitioners of Orthodox Western Medicine among our friends. Some of them feel that when we stepped out of that medical monopoly, that we were making a terrible mistake. These friends are all excellent people and very sincere in their concern. I by no means wish to seem to discredit their knowledge and sincerity. Nor do I wish to not give credit to our friends who were trained in Orthodox Western Medicine, yet applauded our efforts to research ALL of the possible data.

Over many years of living, learning, and watching the world around us, Janet and I felt strongly that the monopoly known as Orthodox Western Medicine categorically demonized countless useful alternatives. For example, the Supreme Court of the United States agreed with this many years ago, when it ruled that the AMA needed to stop its malicious harassment of the technology of Chiropractic Medicine in the United States. They didn’t actually stop, but they had to be more careful with their malice.

I don’t believe that it is logical that ANY kind of technology can solve every problem. However, Janet and I have had many problems solved using Chiropractic Medicine over the years. This gave us quick, permanent results, without using any surgery or drugs.

This whole medical subject is unimaginably complicated, and you probably already have very strong opinions that I will not change here. One example, that I find very representative is:

Many years ago I was told that a scientist was researching what is now called ‘coenzyme Q 10,’ and the related ubiquinol. He discovered that it was extremely valuable in the treatment of heart disease and many other conditions. At the time, this scientist worked for a large pharmaceutical company and when his boss discovered what he was working on, he told him that he must stop working on that immediately.

The scientist said, “But, the positive benefits are unequivocal! This is a major help or even a cure for many conditions, yet it has no side effects.”

His boss said, “It is a common substance, that is found in virtually every living cell. All you are doing is supplementing it in people that are deficient.”

“We cannot patent a common substance. You need to on research things that we can patent and then sell, to make money on.”

Fortunately for all of us, the scientist quit and continued his research. Other conventional medical doctors saw the merits of this technology and joined the search. For example:


Through a coincidence, one of my uncles met Dr. Langsjoen, shortly after my uncle had been abandoned by the conventional medical community. These orthodox doctors had told him that his heart condition was terminal and he did not have much time left. They had done everything in their power but he was not going to last very long. Kind of a, “Go home and die.” kind of message.

Happily, under Dr. Langsjoen’s care, my uncle’s health improved dramatically and he had many good years. Sadly, his heart problem did eventually kill him, but much later than originally predicted.

I know that I will be unlikely to change your previous opinions. I know that the Internet is a wonderful place to cherry pick data to support any opinion that one already holds. I suspect that we all do it. But, try hard to keep an open mind and to learn real facts.

Here’s a comment that I submitted to the malicious website. What do you want to bet that they refuse to post it?


Janet E was the person that I love most in the world. We were good friends for about 40 years and soulmates for 32 years. Hopefully it will not surprise you that I am more than a little upset by someone using soundbites from Janet’s story to support this vitriolic, false, twisted propaganda piece, desperately trying to demonize any new research.

The author(s) falsely claims to support ‘science-based’ medicine. But they do not know the definition of science. Janet and I have always believed that real science must be a systematic enterprise, that absolutely must be based on honesty and not propaganda. Real Science must accurately combine the growing base of knowledge, in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. And, it must be willing to revise that base of knowledge, when new real facts are learned.

Science, the real kind, works towards finding the best ways to treat disease. The methods with the highest cure rates, fewest side effects, and lowest cost. The medical establishment that pays for the afore mentioned propaganda piece, works for the most profitable way to treat disease. The medical establishment and its often well-meaning but, close minded followers, seem to think that surgery and pharmaceuticals are the only real tools to fight disease.

Janet and I disagree. I encourage you to do your own homework and learn about the literally countless other technologies that may be far superior to the limited alternatives given to you by your friendly neighborhood Doctor. Since your friendly neighborhood Doctor usually works for the medical monopoly, you will need to do the research yourself.

In case you say, “But, Janet died, and that proves their point.” What is not mentioned in the terrible propaganda piece on this website, is that Janet exhausted all conventional alternatives, before looking outside the medical monopoly. The Orthodox Medical doctors promised her that she would die very soon under their treatment. It was only then that we went to see Dr. Burzynski. The twisted lies in this piece may be written by a well-intentioned dupe, or a salaried propaganda writer.

Lying by twisting the facts is the format here. Like using the fact that Janet had a “severe case of Hand-Foot Syndrome” to support their claim that the medical monopoly is good and Burzynski is bad. But the reality is that the “severe case of Hand-Foot Syndrome” was caused by conventional chemotherapy drugs, the use of which was overseen by a conventional medical monopoly Doctor, who just happened to not give us any orientation about things to watch for as possible side effects from these medical monopoly drugs. Like not telling us how to avoid these well known side effects of the conventional medical monopoly drugs. This was NOT a fault of the Burzynski team. But of the Orthodox Medical Monopoly Doctor. Just one of the many deceptions in this article.

If I were lacking compassion and moral fiber, I could write many similar pieces about all of our many friends that ONLY had conventional treatment and died terrible deaths far sooner than their conventional doctors had predicted.

If you believe that spending a lot of money or dying are symptoms of stepping outside of conventional medicine, then you have no idea of the massive costs and often deadly results of using conventional medicine in many of these cancers.

The Hannah and Pete mentioned above are just some of the many people that the team at Dr. Burzynski’s clinic saved after the medical monopoly said they had weeks or months to live. But the author does not mention that, does he?

In our quest, Janet and I met many people who have completely cured their, ‘terminal cancers’ using Qi Gong, and Chinese medicine and many other technologies that are carefully demonized by the medical monopoly. Instead of dying within months, one woman that we know used Qi Gong, to cure herself completely. That was 30 years ago. As very healthy, living proof of the success of that method for her particular situation, she became an enthusiastic instructor, and a kind of Johnny Appleseed, spreading that knowledge around the globe to her best ability. The result being that she had saved the lives of many people that we met.

Freedom of speech is definitely a double edge sword. Any eight-year-old, or a paid propagandist, can put up a website and spout anything that they want to. I encourage you to not spend much time on this website but to go to honest ones. Your life or the life of a loved one may depend upon it.

Dave (the one referred to in this nightmarish propaganda piece)


Endometrial cancer linked to sugar

I just became aware of this:

Endometrial cancer refers to several types of malignancies that arise from the endometrium, or lining, of the uterus. Endometrial cancers are the most common gynecologic cancers in the United States, with over 35,000 women diagnosed each year. The incidence is on a slow rise secondary to the obesity epidemic.

http://www.medpagetoday.com/HematologyOncology/OtherCancers/43086 (Also with a link to a pdf file.)

Cites a new, large study, that shows that the most common type of endometrial cancer occurred almost 80% more often in postmenopausal women who regularly consumed sugar-sweetened drinks as compared with women who consumed none.

Stay safe, and Happy!


Medical Opinion and a Cab Ride

I am writing this on October 6, 2013 and the US government is shut down because a few people in the government are able to shut it down and prevent democratically chosen laws and rules to take effect. They are probably quite aware that it corrupts the idea of democracy, but they justify it by feeling that they are desperately trying to save America.

In the 1960s, I saw banners that said, “Fighting for peace, is like fucking for chastity.” Years of using loopholes to keep the government from functioning. Using obstructionism as a weapon to defeat and contain the will of the people, seems like kind of the same thing to me. It really seems like a kind of terrorism to me. There was a nice piece about it on CNN:

This post that I have written here, is another one of my attempts to explain some of the things that I think are very wrong with the American medical system. Things that unnecessarily bankrupt families and cause people to suffer unnecessarily and sometimes die unnecessarily. If you think I am foolish for having that opinion, then save yourself the time, and just go on to a different post. But, please have a look down this page, at the link “Cab Ride”, before you go.

The fact that, independent evaluation, shows that the United States of America has the most unhealthy people of the industrialized nations. That we spend more than twice as much per capita as any other nation. If those things don’t bother you, then I’ll just say, I think that they should.

If you think that I might have learned something important, during three years of almost constant research and effort to save Janet’s life, then you might want to read the following links with an open mind. My articles are certainly not perfect, and I don’t say that these links are either. But, I think that they are useful assessments of the mess that we are in. A mess that includes thousands, probably millions, of sincere, hard-working, knowledgeable people, that are doing everything they can think of to help.

But, I believe that there are major puppet masters that keep the system rigged so that the puppet masters get extremely rich. I realize conspiracy theories are politically incorrect. Make up your own mind.

But, I will not believe that anyone can defend things like charging a fortune on your medical bill, for ‘mucous removal device’ that turns out to be a box of facial tissue. I totally understand that, just like you and me, people want to be compensated for their time and effort, but, I don’t think anyone needs to dig very deeply to see that there are incredible scams going on.

That’s just my considered opinion, having spent three years helping both my mother and Janet try to deal with America’s health care system.

One of my mother’s medications cost just over $100 where she usually bought it. But, an hour on the telephone, allowed me to buy exactly the same medication, for just over $10 at Sam’s Club.

I recommend the following links, and they contain links that will lead you to other articles that may interest you. Clearly Dr. Mercola, is very busy, trying to sell you things. If you sign up for his newsletter, you may want to use an email address that you can abandon if he overloads you. But I find that I often enjoy his articles, and I ignore the others.



And in closing, my friend Helen, one of several Helen’s that I cherish, sent me an inspirational Cab Ride story on Facebook. Thank you Helen. However, I think that the version on Snopes is even better and is probably more accurate. There is no reason that Snopes cannot be wrong, or even some sort of evil programming conspiracy. But, I think it is usually quite good for debunking urban legends and getting closer to the truth.

Last Cab Ride

In finding my way to the Snopes version, I read a version that ended with the following:

What if that woman had gotten an angry driver, or one who was impatient to end his shift? What
if I had refused to take the run, or had honked once, then driven away?

On a quick review, I don’t think that I have done anything more important in my life.

We’re conditioned to think that our lives revolve around great moments.

But great moments often catch us unaware-beautifully wrapped in what others may consider a small one.


If you have read to this point, you won’t have to be asked to pass it along
you just will…Thank you, my friend…

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here, we might as well dance

09:00 AM on 05/05/2012
I wrote the story, and your questions are more than fair. I thought nothing of it at the time, but it did happen as I wrote it. Perhaps the woman did not say she was going to a hospice, but to a nursing facility — I wrote it twenty years after the event, so my memory, which always is an adventure, was foggy. Why 2:30? I don’t know. Did I think it was strange? Not at the time. When you drive a cab the stories of a single night could fill a book. You do what you can; you do what you must. Sadness, joy, fear, and all manner of unlikely occurrences are part of every shift. I’d be happy if this became an urban legend, and I’d be even happier if it became a story claimed by hundreds of cab drivers. It would speak to the good hearts and intentions of people who do a difficult and too often denigrated job
Kent Nerburn

I particularly like the quote: “Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here, we might as well dance.”

At least three times during the last year of Janet’s life, we truly believed that she was going to die within hours. Somehow, each time it was always in the middle of the night, when we would sit and reminisce about all the wonderful things that we had done together. We were both disappointed beyond words, that there were so many things that we were planning to do but had not yet done.

Somewhere a few days ago, I read a nice article by some expert on what people experience as they know that they are going to die within weeks, days or hours. It came to a similar conclusion. You generally regret most, the things that you did not do. But, that you can hopefully derive great pleasure from the many nice things that you have done.

It’s an old idea, but no less true for that. Today is an important day in your life. We all know that there’s a limited number of these days. And I certainly realize that it is not a large number. Make every day the best you can.


We have accomplished much, and have a lot left to do.

First, let me say that I am doing quite well, although I’ve still not solved the, ‘no oil pressure problem’ on the engine.

Google says that today is the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s, “I have a dream!” speech.

It might be a good time to reflect on how far some things have come. I was born in Houston Texas in 1943. Until the significant changes of the mid-60s, ‘Coloreds’ had separate bathrooms from ‘Whites’, separate water fountains. However, the water appeared to me to be just like the water ‘Whites’ drank. It was not colored at all.

They rode in the back of the bus, if there was a seat at all, because the dividing line on some buses was movable and sometimes their area was made artificially small just to annoy them. Ask Rosa Parks about it.

In my mind, probably the most disgusting thing of those days, where I lived, was that it was,’Open Season’ on anyone that you deemed to be ‘Colored’.

There were countless abuses of this. As I read what I’m writing, that that seems like an odd thing to say. The whole system was an abuse. Not only who you decided was subhuman.

What I mean to say is, that it was frequently used as justification for harming someone just because you could. It had more to do with skin color and hatred, than African ancestry. Lynchings and other brutality in the world that I knew in the South, was punctualized by frequent examples of, what I certainly hope is considered idiotic atrocity today.

Another big example of the, ‘How could so many have been so stupid.’ category, is how women were treated in America way back then. It seemed to me that the assumption was that they were supposed to be obedient housewives. Extremely subservient to their male masters. If they had some sort of defect and did not accept their role that was supposedly ordained from On High, they could be schoolteachers. But, in many areas, for many years, a schoolteacher could not possibly be married. They could be secretaries or nurses. But, that was about the extent of the action.

At the University of Washington, where I was finishing up my mechanical engineering degree, near the end of my term, the late 1960s, there was finally, actually one woman taking mechanical engineering. And she was quite the conversation piece. Whoever heard of such a thing? I’m sure she had a tough row to hoe.

A friend of ours was one of the pioneer women in the Merchant Marine industry in the early 1970s. She started out working on tugboats and ferries. As you might suspect she was no shrinking violet. But, even she almost reconsidered her perilous plight many times.

Even though the Alaska State Ferries had the perhaps premature wisdom to hire her. Some of her bosses would not allow her to come aboard their ship. They met her at the top of the gangway and sent her home.

Happily, eventually, she and a few other women that were trying to get into that industry, finally did win a class-action lawsuit, for lost wages.

Janet applied to get into that industry in late 1979. She was far from the 1st, but it was still early days. I’m quite sure that no one but by me understands how incredibly tough she was. But, even when she went back to work for NOAA for a few months in 1989/1990, she had some really tough times because she was ‘a woman in a man’s job.’

It is no secret that I still know quite a few people who think that women are inherently inferior at almost everything. Actually, I even know some that still think that the color of your skin indicate something. I hope their brain transplant comes through soon.

>Added 29 Aug:
>Upon reading this post, a dear friend told me:

>Dave, this past Monday August 26th was Women’s Equality Day, the anniversary of the 19th Amendment and women’s right to vote. That was in 1920. Now back to original post.

Also in today’s news I saw this interesting article about, new advances in how to detect ovarian cancer:


The logical assumption is that if you can catch any kind of cancer sooner, it is easier to survive. Just like it is easier to put out a fire in the beginning. It is very possible that that will turn out to not be a very accurate analogy, or assumption. But it’s all we have at the moment. I am still of the opinion that we need to find out why the cancer is allowed to grow and to fix that, the ‘real cause’ of the problem. And then let the body heal and repair itself. Not requiring any surgery, or the deadly chemicals that are standard procedure now. But, we are long way from that day. And it may be a bad assumption also.

So, even though people with dark skin, or the wrong gender, and that would include gays and lesbians, still are a long way from equality. Even though cancer, of all kinds, is a very long way from being understood and the problem solved. We have come a long way just in my lifetime.

Hopefully, the further we come, the more the things that we HAVE accomplished, will fuel the fires to try to get us to accomplish even more.

Clearly those are by no means the only problems we have to deal with. They are probably not even among the most important problems that we have to deal with. But they certainly are extremely important, and any progress on any front is welcome.

Have a great day. And keep on chipping away at whatever problem you notice. Whether inside your external environment, or inside your own body and mind.


Cancer & Education

Here are two links that I consider very important.


My connection is so slow that I am still waiting for the download. But, Janet went to Dr Burzynski and we definitely believe that he has a breakthrough technology that is the only known cure for many types of brain cancer. The team Hannah blog that I referred you to in the past is just one example of it curing a cancer that was absolutely positively branded as incurable by the medical establishment.

I’m quite aware that many websites love to discredit him. I tried for months to reason with one of them. But, it was obvious that the whole purpose of the website was to discredit Dr. Burzynski. I was actually amazed that they would allow me to put my comments on there. But it became apparent that for every good thing I said, they posted 10 other ridiculous lies.

I assume that most of the doctors that said that Hannah was incurable are not bad people. They are just working with what they think is the best available information. The tragedy is that many technologies like this are being blocked by big Pharma through the corrupt FDA. The FDA would not allow him to use antineoplastons to help Janet and she and thousands of others may have been alive today if they had.

I also found this successful cure link:

The second very important link is

You can cancel the advertisement at the beginning or Google for other articles about this wonderful woman, actually really still just a VERY brave girl.

The Taliban tried to execute Malala because she vocally supported education for women and other basic rights that we take for granted. They shot her in the head. How can such a repressive ideology not be the work of the Devil? If you do not believe in a Devil, then substitute “Evil People.” Like the comic book ultra villains. They use a religion as their excuse to do evil. Sadly, we have people far too much like that in the USA using different religions as excuses to justify their evil intent.

This is by no means intended to imply that America is worse than many other countries. Religion has been used as justification for atrocities since before recorded history.

Just to repeat the principal points of my position. Not to imply in any way that you need to agree with me or should change what you have already decided on the subject. Just to say where I’m coming from at this moment. And I reserve the right to change over time.

I have met several otherwise bright people in my travels, who try hard to convince me that religion is the only reason for “Good” in the world.

I will have to water down my opinion of that by many orders of magnitude and just say that I believe that it is nonsense. Very, very dangerous nonsense. Over and over again we have examples all through history of religion being used to justify tremendous atrocities. Haven’t the majority of wars throughout history, been justified by religion?

Over and over again we have examples all through history of atheists and agnostics, being wonderful, benevolent people. Doing wonderful good works. Not because they think some mind in the sky commands them to do so. But, because it just seems like a good idea. Kind of an obvious good idea.

Religion and a ‘concept of good and evil that I would agree with,’ are two entirely different, unrelated things. I obviously feel very strongly about that. If you disagree, then I would ask you to put on your thinking cap. Hopefully you can remember where you left it.

I also feel strongly that everyone should have religious freedom. That includes the atheists and agnostics, because what is that, but their view about the subject of religion?

I have met a frightening number of Americans who are all for religious freedom. But, somehow they think that means that their particular flavor should be supreme and forced down the throats of everyone. While all the others, and so often they attempt to denigrate all other religions by calling them cults. But they think that all these other cults, should be squashed and particularly atheists and agnostics. Once again, I cannot really tell you what I think about that position without exposing you to my rich vocabulary of words that really shouldn’t be written down. So I will just say that I think they’re full of poop and dangerous to society. I hope their brain transplant gets approved soon.

If you believe in a God, and I certainly do, then I would hope that you believe that your God is very powerful. He, she, or it should not need your help and ask you to go out and harm people. He, she, or it should not be threatened by people that have not yet arrived at your brilliantly enlightened idea of reality.

To my mind, freedom of religion is such a simple and useful idea. How else would you be allowed to practice YOUR religion, or YOUR disbelief in a higher power? If there is a mandated belief on this subject, what are the odds that it will be yours? Therefore, many, probably most people are going to be unhappy with the result. To me the obvious solution is to be allowed to believe what you want to. Won’t your God work it out just fine in the long run? If someone doesn’t think that their God is up to the task, I suggest that is proof that they need to shop around for a new one.

To me it is sort of like the idea of democracy. If we let everyone have an equal say in what happens. And it is very important that they think that they have an equal say in what happens. Actually, I’m not convinced that Americans really do. But that’s another topic.

But, if everyone thinks that they have an equal say in their government, then it seems to me, that it has a stabilizing influence. It discourages revolution and Civil War. I agree that sometimes those are necessary, but I think in general they are bad idea.

It seems obvious to me that a democracy cannot possibly be the best possible government if your definition of best means “the greatest good”. Some people are obviously much smarter and more knowledgeable about important things and how to get them accomplished than others. But, I think that the last 10,000 years of experimenting with government has shown that the odds of mandating or forcefully installing the people that YOU think are smarter and more knowledgeable about important things in charge of your government, does not happen very often. And most people will disagree with your choice.

That becomes a very unstable system, with the worst of the crud, constantly trying to float to the top. So, that is why I believe that a ‘democratic system’ is the best we have come up with so far.

I’ve read several articles recently about surveys taken all over the world. They ask individuals their opinion of the level of corruption in their countries. The corruption of political leaders, law enforcement, religious leaders, everybody. In these studies the US does not come out very well at all. In these studies most Americans think that America is quite corrupt. That’s a shame. Especially if it is true. And I know that you and I are working to reduce that corruption, but it’s a big country and I do not assume that we will turn it all into Mr. Rogers Neighborhood very soon. But I keep trying, and appreciate that you do also.

In that vein, I encourage you to always vote to the best of your ability, and to also spread ideas that you think are good, to the best of your ability. And, if you can think of some other way to help, have at it. Even if you think I’m full of poop.

Like the bumper sticker says:
“Practice random acts of kindness and senseless beauty”

I do it because it feels good, but if the only way I can get you to do it is because ‘Dave said so,’ I can live with that. Thanks.


A friend is now Cancer Free!

Janet and several of our close friends died of their cancer. We met Hannah & Pete at the Burzynski Clinic in Houston early in Hannah’s treatment. The Doctors in the UK, assured her that her tumor was absolutely hopeless. I am SO glad to hear that Hannah is now cancer free.

http://www.teamhannah.com/blog/ see the 6/6/13 video

This was thanks to Dr. Burzynski and his staff. Yet he is still harassed and blocked by the Established Medical Mafia. Please do whatever you can to add a little honesty and honor to our abysmal American Medical Monopoly. Thousands of people are dying each year because of the greed of this vicious monopoly.

In a related link. Related in that the government does not want us to know what Big Business is doing to us. Have a look at:

I do not see what burning has to do with anything. Do you want to use petroleum and many mystery ingredients that are kept secret by government Fiat? Or would you like to use a product that tells you exactly what is in it, and just happens to be organic?

I have friends that used to work for Procter & Gamble. PG are by no means the only bad guys in this. They are just one snowflake in an avalanche.

Vote with your checkbook. Do not buy products that are afraid to tell you what you are buying.


A question for you all.

I have been reading the emails to Janet. I try to read her every one.

They are all wonderful and some are especially deep and moving and Janet has said several times that she wishes everyone could read these beautiful emails.

She just asked it yet again, so I will relay to you. May I post them all on the Blog? (if I can figure out how, exactly) to put a side window on the site so that one does not have to read hundreds of extra emails except by choice?

I will NOT post any without express permission and I can leave the names off entirely if you prefer, or I can leave on just the first names or nick names that few would know who that was. Only close friends already. And many of you have the same first names. I would not have email addresses or definitive stuff like “your next door neighbor”, “your mother” or some such. Unless asked to.

This will add to my work load, so, don’t look for it very soon. And, I will need to think just how to do it without a gigantic work load. It might even not be until I am back on the boat.

We are just watching the nice sunset here in Reno.

Our Love and best wishes to you all! We are getting emails from all around the World. South Pacific Islands, Canada, London, the Mediterranean, Panama, just everywhere.

As I recall, the now, very old cruising book “The Sea Was Our Village” refers to how we know a few hundred, dear friends, like the population of a small Village. It just happens that the population is spread all over the World. We always liked that observation. Miles and Beryl Smeeton, the Hiscocks, and the rest of a fairly small number of authors back in the early 1970s were our heroes. Not all were Master Mariner’s. Many were pretty klutzy, but they had gone out there and done it, so why not us?

We were so blessed as to meet both Miles and Beryl Smeeton and John Guzwell several times when they spoke in Seattle. Janet has met the Pardey’s aboard Taleisin when she was the Pardey’s very new boat.

Ironically, we saw Trekka sail into Black Manele, in Hawaii not long after meeting John Guzwell and have seen, at big boat shows, many other of the famous “hero boats” of the 1950s to 1980s. We are very lucky folks. And not ONLY because we know YOU.

Sun’s down. Hey Janet,should I close the drapes or you want to watch the lights?

Warmest thoughts to you all. Warm Fuzzies to you all. (Google “warm fuzzies and cold pricklies”)

Dave & Janet

Janet is still with us and says things are OK

0800 Pacific Time Reno, NV
She was just awake for over an hour and is doing OK. Obviously we’d love to be taking another look at the incredible Vatican Museum or the Museo Nacional de Antropología (the National Museum of Anthropology) in Mexico City, or sailing on a beautiful sea, like many of the days and nights crossing the Atlantic in 2005. But, this is our task right now. To make her as comfortable as possible and lately we have a nice combination that works well.

My apology for perhaps giving too much information before was offered because (A) I am painfully aware that my Skill Set of Social Graces is broken, I never have found all the pieces. And (B) I assume that some people would prefer a sweet note about how much Janet & I love each other and that she is not well. Then, later to hear that she passed peacefully in her sleep and will be missed by one and all.

I respect that.

But, I just really wanted to say what I said. Anyone that has know me more than an hour knows that I don’t know any SHORT stories. I am accused of giving more info than the recipient wanted to know.

Well, hey. At least you know it it the real Dave writing this and not a Ghost Writer. Humm, I feel a politically incorrect pun there.

Janet & I share with many of you the firm and thoroughly considered belief that our soul (it has other names too) is indeed eternal or at least does not end when the physical body does.

We are certain that death of the physical body is just a natural part of life on Earth. At age 69, I have many friends and all 4 or our patients that have already passed over.

Please do NOT judge our views. Just try to wrap your mind around them, to see where we are coming from at this moment. As we learn more, our views change. Please stay very certain of your own views of How The Universe Works. These things have been argued for as long as there have been two beings that can communicate and had the spare time to wonder and argue about them. I would never be so full of myself as to think that I had figured it all out.

But, lets get back to Janet. When awake, she is usually quite lucid. Not her best, by any stroke, but nice to see that she is still with us. We get to talk about various things.

We wait to see how this unfolds. I will protect her comfort to the very best of my very obnoxious ability. Get in my way on that Quest and you will remember me a very long time. I am still her faithful Rottweiler.

But, for now, we believe that we have enough, effective tools, to keep her comfortable while the drama unfolds.

With MANY thanks to all of the very dear friends and many strangers who send their considerable written word and the warm and loving non-physical support.

Janet is by no means the only wonderful person here. Each of you is a jewel. A gift forever.

Dave & Janet

Long Awaited Update, from Reno, NV

The summary:
First of all Janet has had some bad times, but is doing much better now (10/14/2012) and we are very optimistic.

The short version:
I apologize for the long delay in updating. It is still a Roller Coaster Ride and I was having to hang on tight and updating the blog was not high on my list.

The expected bowel obstruction following her Aug 21 surgery has been a learning experience for us. There have been many bad times where the small intestine stops for a few days and Janet keeps her stomach empty with the gastric tube (that can be opened to continuously drain, almost pump, her stomach). Then she cautiously drinks clear liquids like water or juice for a few days, then thicker liquids like protein shakes or cream of rice or congee.

Then she would like to go to very low fiber foods, like cheese omelets, cheese sandwiches on sourdough bread. (She has gone back to ovo-lacto vegetarian, since most nutritious vegan foods are high in fiber.)

But, before she could eat the cheese omelets, or cheese sandwiches, the intestines would block again. So, then she keeps her stomach empty with the gastric tube. Then she cautiously drinks clear liquids like water or juice for a few days, but then before she can get to the thicker liquids like protein shakes or cream of rice or congee, it stops again. This means that she gets more and more malnourished. And it got so bad that she got very dehydrated and had to go to the hospital for IV hydration several times. And to have potassium and other important minerals, etc, sort of IV Gatoraid, added. And some sugar, but, no protein or oils at all.

So, when they let her out of the hospital at 9PM Monday night, October 8th, we drove 14 hrs non-stop to Reno, NV, to the Reno Integrative Medical Center. They are very versed in doing many alternative treatments in a clinical setting under Dr and Nurses and other technicians supervision. We gave up on the Do-It Yourself method. We were running out of time.

We are very pleased with the Dr. Bob Eslinger, and the Nurses, and other staff at Reno Integrative Medical Center. Janet is already showing much improvement from a week ago. We are still usually very busy, so there may be more delays in updating.

The Longer Version:
As an example of how we spend our time. Janet had become dehydrated on Monday, Oct 1, so we were told to bring her to the ER at the University of Washington Medical Center, (UWMC). They hydrated her and added potassium and other important minerals, and some sugar. She was in the Hospital until Friday Oct 5th.

She had more hydration on Saturday, October 6th, at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, SCCA. Later that day, we decided that we needed a faster, Dr controlled approach to the alternative treatment we are pursuing. The Reno Integrative Medical Center is one of the highly recommended places in Outsmart Your Cancer and on various websites. It is the only one in the Western US that we liked and people go there from all over the World. So, we resolved that when they opened on Monday at 9AM, that we would phone them and ask if we could fly down for treatment.

However, Sunday night, the 7th, we noticed a swollen area in Janet’s stomach that appeared in a few hours, so was not a tumor. We immediately called the On-Call Dr and he said to bring her into the ER ASAP.

They X rayed, etc and decided that the swollen area was gas trapped in the small intestine by the obstruction. There had been a lot of gurgling, but no farts or burps for a day or so.

By the way, we had not been sleeping very well, what with Janet’s frequent middle of the night medical needs and such. And, we got to the ER about dark on Sunday, but had no opportunity to sleep at all until she had gotten a room and more or less settled in about 3AM Monday. We were up at 06:00 with blood tests, Dr visits, etc.

We were kinda tired by then.

Janet needed more hydration and electrolytes. And, on Monday the 8th, they also put in a long term “port” in her shoulder. http://www.bardaccess.com/picc-hick-brov-leon.php shows a picture, but she has the two hose model, not the three as shown. Her’s is product code 0600630.

This makes it very easy to connect an IV or to take a blood sample, etc, without “poking her” yet again. And, since it goes into the main intake artery to the heart, it is best for many kinds of IV’s that cannot be put into your arm. It is the latest in her “medical hardware store look”. No fun, but if you need it, you need it.

We needed copies of her recent medical records for Reno, but by the time Janet got out of the surgery for the port, and could sign the request, their office had closed. Finding someone who could print out at least some of the records was a challenge, but we got some. And we got a disk of her recent X rays.

So, Monday the 8th at 9PM we drove out of the parking lot. Off on a new adventure!

Dave drove at first. All was good for a few hours, but Dave, who had thought that we would begin the trip about noon, was feeling sleepy. Well, he’d always wanted to try one of 5 Hour Energy gizmos. So, he went into a 24hr gas station and got the “Extra Strength” version.

Sadly, it did not seem to do much. So, a couple of hours later, he found a 24hr McDonalds and invested in their biggest black coffee (16oz). That worked very well.

Dave likes coffee, but found that he is sensitive to it and even though his normal consumption was only two, 9 ounce black coffees a day. Breakfast & Lunch. If he missed a dose, he would get a major headache.

Various people have strong views about coffee being good or bad, but Dave has recently been off coffee and only having one or two cups of green tea to keep away the headaches.

So, it is no surprise that 16oz of coffee would work. For a while.

Around 3AM, he needed more, and the brand X gas station had perhaps a 24oz coffee. That got us to Reno, but Janet drove several times when Dave was beginning to weave.

We borrowed Mike & Susan’s GPS as it is easier to use “solo” than ours. It routed us from Seattle to Eugene, OR on I5 and then SE on Highway 58. But as we turned off onto 58, we saw a sign saying that 58 was closed 11 miles from I5. Janet drove while Dave used the computer map to see if we could route around the closure, but it appeared to be in a remote area with no way around it, so we turned back to I5 and continued south to near Mt Shasta, where we cut across to Reno.

On Monday, at 445PM, we’d learned that Janet would be very late leaving the hospital, and Dave immediately phoned Reno Integrative Medical Center, but they’d closed early, so we could not warn them that we would be later for our 1030AM appointment. We knew that they were closed for lunch from 12 to 1.

At 905AM on Tuesday, we called and they said to just do the best that we safely could. The Dr took his lunch early and talked with us during his lunch hour.

There is much more to say. Dave does not know any short stories, but we will spare you for now.

Please keep those prayers, good vibes, healing thoughts, love, etc. coming. Janet’s small intestine is not fully functional yet, but the beginning and the end are now working and some of the major gas blockage from the middle is coming out. It also does not hurt nearly as much anymore. Snow, she just feels like she just ate 4 Thanksgiving dinners at one sitting. Not fun at all, but lots better than a week ago. So, we are very hopeful.

Our emails and even phone time may be very limited for a while more. Please understand. We’d love to call, or at least email, each one of you, but we just can’t yet.

Dave & Fuzzy

Janet Update 24 Aug

Thanks for the many well wishes. Janet continues to improve and today the doctors said that the tumors are the “same kind” as from the beginning. So, great news in that it is possible to have a totally new kind of cancer appear. That is not good.

But this is “only” the same old cancer, but it seems to have adapted to resist the Abraxane (the Taxol type chemo that Janet had this year). This is very much like bacteria getting to be resistant to a particular antibiotic. Not good either, but much better than a whole new cancer.

Now they hint that she might get out of the hospital on Monday if all goes well.

Thanks again,

Dave & Janet