Rx Drugs

(My thanks to Peter for telling me about this video.)
I am not a Doctor and I have never played one on TV, but I STRONGLY encourage you to watch the video in this link and then do you homework very well.
In my personal life, in 2003, I watched my father made goofy by a medication that was one of many prescribed by his doctor. This one was to ‘help him sleep better.’ It might be a good drug for most people, but in my dad’s case it fairly quickly gave him a kind of very serious dementia.
Janet found that ‘mental confusion’ was a possible side effect. We asked the Doctor if he could safely stop taking it to see if that was the cause. The Doctor said, sure.
The dementia went away quickly when he stopped taking that pill.
The strain on my dad and especially on my mother, who was caring for him, was EXTREME!
Then, one of my dad’s  Doctors changed his diabetes pill to a different one, and told him to take 2/day.
Sadly, the manufacturer only wanted him to take one per day and within a week, he went into a coma due to super low blood sugar and 14 days later he died, while we sat next to his bed.
Drug side effects, and interactions, etc, kill 200,000 people per year in the USA alone.
Do NOT stop taking anything on a whim!
But, do your homework. Beware bogus sources of info, including some of the ‘official’ sites. Big Pharma may not always be your friend. Get several opinions and involve your Doctor, but  do YOUR homework!
Sermon over. Now watch a really great video:
Good luck,

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