“Everyone knows that hallucinogens are evil.” Right? Even those that abuse them.

I will bet that
1) You think you know about this subject.
2) If you will just watch this 15 min film, you will change your mind.

Will any one take that bet?

(Everything that she did was legal where and when she did it.)

See also http://reset.me/

Let’s support logical laws that also benefit humanity, not Monsanto, not Drug Cartels.

I am opposed to harmful activity. I am not a Party Animal. I mean, I try to eat Organic! I am not a druggy.

I also support HONEST research and rational laws. If you don’t, please don’t let me know about it. It can be your secret.



1 thought on “hallucinogens

  1. Watched the video. Well, AFAIK all true. I haven’t tried some of the medicines in the video. The ones I’ve tried do what she says they do. For me.

    Now here’s the sticky part: If you were to take a medicine that would allow, no force you to examine all your mental processes and internal workings and . . . what if you didn’t like what you saw? What if it turned your whole world upside down and you saw that actually you weren’t a very nice person and your life had been a total waste? This can and has happened to people, hence the stories one hears about psychoactive substances. This can have a good result or occasionally a bad result (for the person concerned). Hence her emphasis on set and setting, on ceremony, and on having someone present who is familiar with that mental state..

    Ken Kesey started doing Electric Acid Kool Aid Tests to uh, separate out those folks whom he felt uh, outta get separated out. Dick Cheney should take acid.

    That partly negative part said, the benefits are there. Society would benefit if these medicines were legal. Perhaps not in ways that our corporate overlords would approve, but of a more general benefit to society: having people who understood what they were doing and what their lives were about, and were free from useless anxieties, fears, angers, and similar addictions.

    The tools for the Test itself are easily found.

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