Kayak Info

David’s father, John David Heath Sr., was a World Class authority on Arctic Kayaks. Many of the visitors to my blog have found their way here to learn more about kayaks. I hope to  continue to slowly improve the kayak aspect of this blog.

But, for now, you have three possible ways to learn.

1) Hold your cursor, over “Kayak Info” just below the photo above and click on the links that appear. Repeat until you hopefully find what you want.

2) Or try these links:



3) Or, Google  “John Heath” kayak

Harvey Golden is just one the several incredible people to also be doing great work in this field of: “How the real inventors of the kayak do it.” And, I intend no offense to the many other bright lights in the field, when I stop with his name.

You can Google      “Harvey Golden” kayak        for lots of info. One of his sites is at


BTW, I find that I much prefer searching with   https://duckduckgo.com/     You might want to try it.


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