Good news/Bad news

Now, the bad news is, that this post is about death. Few want to talk about that or even hear the word. And pretty much nobody wants to be are reminded that that is coming.

However, that’s not a choice you have to make. It’s coming.

The good news is that if you do just a little homework, you can make it almost guaranteed to turn out the way you want it to.

The choice you have is how painful it will be for you and your family. The choice you have is, ‘Will your wishes be a respected or not.’ The choice you have is will it be mediaeval torture, financial ruin for your extended family, or something that everyone understands, and goes especially well, for everyone involved.

There’s a lot of information about this online. I encourage you to read the excellent article at

But, there’s lots more information out there. has been recommended to me


A 2012 survey found that 82% of people believe that it is important to put wishes for their final days in writing, yet only 23% have followed that task through to completion.

(And that also makes me wonder if 18% of the population is brain dead already.)

It is absolutely imperative that you have completed a complete collection of paper work. A CURRENT will, for starters.

It is not bad luck. It is just making it more likely that your wishes will be followed.

Let us suppose that you have someone in the family that you really love dearly, and one or more people that you wish you did not know. Do you really want the deadheads to get all of your estate? Do you really want the people that you love dearly, to destroy several years of their life, making some sleaze ball lawyer ridiculously rich, while the deadheads legally torment your wonderful and lovely relative or friend or wife?

Each state has its own rules. You do not need to hire an attorney, but, if you hire a good one, that may be the safest thing to do. There’s a great deal of information online that is absolutely free.

Do a little bit of homework to become confident that you’re doing it right, under the laws of your home state. Here is just one example of a web site. I have no idea if it is correct, but if you compare several opinions, you should get pretty close.

I was told that if you just write out a very clear set of instructions in your own handwriting and sign it, preferably in front of some witnesses that can be found later, that that is legal. HOWEVER, I’m not a lawyer, and so that maybe nonsense. And by the time you would find out, it would be too late to do it right. So, do your own homework. Here’s that link:

Funeral expenses can be greater than the Gross National Product of a small Central American country. So, this is a very important thing to think about, and make your wishes known. If you do not get them down on legally binding paper, all it takes is one nut case cousin, or uncle, or whatever, to create a travesty of your wishes, and cost the surviving members of your family a huge amount of money and anguish.

I have found that the hospice people, seem to know the very least expensive way to deal with the body. In our family, we prefer cremation over burial, especially NOT wanting a lavish expensive ceremony. In most states, cremation can be done for about $500.

The Celebration of Life that we had for Janet cost about the same. My mom and dad did not want any ceremony. Exactly what do YOU want? Write it down.

Janet and I like to recycle things and have things be useful. We like to not waste stuff. We like to conserve resources. We like for people to learn whenever possible. So, Janet wanted very much to donate her body to the local medical school. Which was totally free, and they were very respectful. We looked into the situation and came away feeling that it was a wonderful opportunity. A new Doctor would learn a tremendous amount from her that could not be learned in the other way.

Janet & I also strongly support organ donation. But, advanced cancer patients are not so good for that.

But this idea is abhorrent to some of you. All I’m asking is that you decide what YOU want. You may find that if you can get a discussion going with the rest of your family, that there will be some surprises. Better to solve these things NOW, than later.

I think that it is YOUR life and your body, and your choice. But, if you want to adjust those choices to accommodate family members that’s up to you. But if you do not have this conversation, you literally have no idea what’s going to happen. And it is pretty much guaranteed to be bad. Someone will be very unhappy. Probably lots of people. A lot of money is going to be wasted. Not all vultures have feathers.

This whole subject gets very intertwined with religion, and the laws of your home state. I’m not telling you what to do. I’m just telling you that you must have this conversation at least in your own head. And you must do something. Even if you’re only 20 years old.

And when something changes in your life, or at least every few years, you should review your decisions, and make sure you’re still happy with them. That cute little girl that your son married, may turn out to be Dracula in drag.

Poop happens. People step in front of the wrong bus every day.

More info at

Click to access TCP-StarterKit.pdf



“Everyone knows that hallucinogens are evil.” Right? Even those that abuse them.

I will bet that
1) You think you know about this subject.
2) If you will just watch this 15 min film, you will change your mind.

Will any one take that bet?

(Everything that she did was legal where and when she did it.)

See also

Let’s support logical laws that also benefit humanity, not Monsanto, not Drug Cartels.

I am opposed to harmful activity. I am not a Party Animal. I mean, I try to eat Organic! I am not a druggy.

I also support HONEST research and rational laws. If you don’t, please don’t let me know about it. It can be your secret.


Unwise use of antibiotics in America

Excerpts from articles about unwise use of antibiotics in America:

Nearly 25 million pounds of antibiotics are administered to livestock in the US every year for purposes other than treating disease, such as making the animals grow bigger faster.

In other parts of the world, such as the EU, adding antibiotics to animal feed to accelerate growth has been banned for years. The antibiotic residues in meat and dairy, as well as the resistant bacteria, are passed on to you in the foods you eat.

Eighty different antibiotics are allowed in cows’ milk. According to the CDC, 22 percent of antibiotic-resistant illness in humans is in fact linked to food. In the words of Dr. Srinivasan:

“The more you use an antibiotic, the more you expose a bacteria to an antibiotic, the greater the likelihood that resistance to that antibiotic is going to develop. So the more antibiotics we put into people, we put into the environment, we put into livestock, the more opportunities we create for these bacteria to become resistant.”

This is a much bigger issue than antibiotics simply being left behind in your meat. For instance, bacteria often share genes that make them resistant. In other words, the drug-resistant bacteria that contaminates your meat may pass on their resistant genes to other bacteria in your body, making you more likely to become sick.


After Denmark implemented an antibiotic ban for its pork industry, the country had drastically reduced antibiotic-resistant bacteria in their animals and food – and their pork industry grew by 43 percent.


Learn more about the danger to your loved ones. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria infect two million Americans every year, causing at least 23,000 deaths.

Rx Drugs

(My thanks to Peter for telling me about this video.)
I am not a Doctor and I have never played one on TV, but I STRONGLY encourage you to watch the video in this link and then do you homework very well.
In my personal life, in 2003, I watched my father made goofy by a medication that was one of many prescribed by his doctor. This one was to ‘help him sleep better.’ It might be a good drug for most people, but in my dad’s case it fairly quickly gave him a kind of very serious dementia.
Janet found that ‘mental confusion’ was a possible side effect. We asked the Doctor if he could safely stop taking it to see if that was the cause. The Doctor said, sure.
The dementia went away quickly when he stopped taking that pill.
The strain on my dad and especially on my mother, who was caring for him, was EXTREME!
Then, one of my dad’s  Doctors changed his diabetes pill to a different one, and told him to take 2/day.
Sadly, the manufacturer only wanted him to take one per day and within a week, he went into a coma due to super low blood sugar and 14 days later he died, while we sat next to his bed.
Drug side effects, and interactions, etc, kill 200,000 people per year in the USA alone.
Do NOT stop taking anything on a whim!
But, do your homework. Beware bogus sources of info, including some of the ‘official’ sites. Big Pharma may not always be your friend. Get several opinions and involve your Doctor, but  do YOUR homework!
Sermon over. Now watch a really great video:
Good luck,

Endometrial cancer linked to sugar

I just became aware of this:

Endometrial cancer refers to several types of malignancies that arise from the endometrium, or lining, of the uterus. Endometrial cancers are the most common gynecologic cancers in the United States, with over 35,000 women diagnosed each year. The incidence is on a slow rise secondary to the obesity epidemic. (Also with a link to a pdf file.)

Cites a new, large study, that shows that the most common type of endometrial cancer occurred almost 80% more often in postmenopausal women who regularly consumed sugar-sweetened drinks as compared with women who consumed none.

Stay safe, and Happy!


Two critically important G words.

There are two important topics in this single post. I will put the short one first, in case you do not make it to the bottom of the long one.

Here is a wonderful, short video from the TED series. Movie titles aside, it shows the critical importance of, TRUE GRIT.

The second, and also extremely important topic is that my friend Janell sent some wonderful links regarding the GMO studies that she had mentioned previously. For those of you who know how to find it, it is in the comments for my post that is labeled, “GMO”. But, if you don’t know how to get to that, fear not. I think that this link will take you to her most recent comment:

A related link:

Sometime soon I will post another post on the subject. Janell’s links also link to other equally great links and I need time to digest the information.

At the moment it looks like the summary of what that’s going to say is, that people, pretending to be scientists, who just happen to have millions of dollars at stake and desperately wanted GMO foods to be approved, did very short-term studies (90 days) and felt that these studies proved that their inventions were safe. It seems to me that the depth of idiocy that that displays should not, cannot, be allowed in the scientific community. Maybe another way of saying it would be, that it is just not science. It is been known for thousands of years that some poisons, some diseases, etc., are slow acting and have diverse side effects. Lead poisoning, Mercury poisoning, thalidomide, syphilis and a lack of vitamin C, come to mind, and the technology of healthcare is certainly not anywhere close to anything I have been trained in. So, if I can see that this is nonsense, then what about the professionals, and experts in the field?

I think pretty much everybody agrees that if there were any GMO product that made the animal immediately fall over dead, that the product would not be in the marketplace. What concerns me are long-term effects, and surprising and/or subtle effects. The links that Janell sent me, demonstrate many rigorous scientific studies, from all over the world, show frequent devastating long-term effects. Here is a brief quote from one of the articles that shows what happens when the truth gets in the way of people making millions of dollars.

“Scientists who discover adverse findings from GMOs are regularly attacked, ridiculed, denied funding, and even fired. When Ermakova reported the high infant mortality among GM soy fed offspring, for example, she appealed to the scientific community to repeat and verify her preliminary results. She also sought additional funds to analyze preserved organs. Instead, she was attacked and vilified. Samples were stolen from her lab, papers were burnt on her desk, and she said that her boss, under pressure from his boss, told her to stop doing any more GMO research. No one has yet repeated Ermakova’s simple, inexpensive studies.

“In an attempt to offer her sympathy, one of her colleagues suggested that maybe the GM soy will solve the over population problem!”

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am not a Luddite. I welcome new technology and new ideas. And I also think that truth is absolutely essential.

For example, I hope I am crystal clear when I say that I have nothing whatsoever against Catholicism. Many bigots will proudly say that they are not anti-XYZ. Some of their best friends are XYZ.

I can happily say that some of my best friends are Catholics, and I do not wish to offend them. However I have a great deal of suspicion and concern about the gigantic industry that was and is managing Catholicism.

I have grave concern over how it treated someone who was foolish enough to point out that the earth was not the center of the universe.

I have grave concern over how it dealt with the idea of what we now refer to with the Greek letter pi. It is my understanding that the organization that controlled Catholicism ordered that pi would be defined to be exactly 3.000.

For an organization that claims to be the best and indeed the only highway to God, I’m more than a little concerned that it had not noticed that God had already mandated that pi should equal something closer to: 3.14159265359. And that it was one of those numbers that the more accurately you calculated it the longer it got. As far as anyone knows it will never have a long string of zeros at the end. At least in the numbering system that we presently use.

On a much broader stage, I am more than a little concerned over any person or organization or disorganization that does not believe that truth is extremely important. Particularly in scientific endeavors. I really bristle at what I believe to be mandate and dogma.

The more we can understand about how the universe actually works, the better we are armed in our journey through life. If we don’t believe in bacteria and think that cholera can be driven away by certain kinds of loud noises, I believe that we quickly become candidates for Darwin awards. Like the people that were convinced that malaria was caused by bad air. Giving rise to its name, malaria.

I certainly am aware that the truth is not always what we wanted to hear, but I believe that it is always what we need to know.

For me, the whole geometry of the GMO situation, screams out that the people behind it know that it is dangerous. Why else would they spend $70 million to keep it a secret? But, what I really hope to find out is the truth. If it is wonderful, or like most things in life, it is more accurately, a double edge sword, that has some wonderful aspects and some not so good aspects, then we need to know that.

When we were traveling through the American State named Louisiana, many of the people there would explained that they had the best politicians money could buy. Not a very good endorsement. But I think that a society can work better with bought politicians, than it can with bought scientists. I believe a dishonest scientist is far worse than no scientist at all. And, it seems obvious to me that it is sarcasm to describe someone as a dishonest scientist. It is an oxymoron. There is only one kind of scientist. That is a person who tries to the best of their ability to learn the truth. As I’ve explained before several times, it is by no means rare for them to make mistakes. And we always need to be careful. But one of the ways to minimize that is to have many other minds, that are also skilled in whatever particular art, to examine their work and try to replicate the experiment. This is usually called peer review.

I will close with the quote,

“Cherish your doubts, for doubt is the attendant of truth. Doubt is the key to the door of knowledge; it is the servant of discovery. A belief which may not be questioned binds us to error, for there is incompleteness and imperfection in every belief. Doubt is the touchstone of truth; it is acid which eats away the false. Let no one fear for the truth, that doubt may consume it; for doubt is a testing of belief. The truth stands boldly and unafraid: it is not shaken by testing: for truth if it be truth, arises from each testing stronger, more secure.”

Robert T. Weston (Unitarian Universalist minister, died 1988)

GMO comment

I had the following nice comment about the recent GMO post:

I read somewhere that rats (or maybe it’s mice) fed GMO are sterile by the 3rd generation. I don’t mean cleansed of all germs, rather unable to reproduce. I’ll try to find the data.


Thanks Janell,

And to those of you who wonder, we are all quite aware that GMO food is an extremely broad term for a large variety of foods and plant products. Certainly no thoughtful person thinks that every single GMO food has the same characteristics. Whether good or bad. Otherwise, we just test one and we know everything about every one of them. That’s not going to happen.

I would just speculate, that most of them are no better or worse then food that grew the way nature made it. And I would also speculate that some GMO foods might be better, even much better, then the variety that had not been tinkered with. And a few are probably worse. Perhaps even very dangerous. These are things we need to find out before we put them on our dinner table.

My concern is that, by their own admission, in fact they seem proud of it, the promoters of GMO have combined things that could not possibly ever be combined in nature. Like plants and animals, and parts of plants and animals, that glow in the dark.

Another recurring theme seems to be, “Roundup resistant.”

When I can do so without a huge penalty and cost and/or bother, I buy organic food. One of the reasons I do that, is because it is well known that the modern chemicals used for pest control, are among the most toxic chemicals known. Many are based on nerve gas. Some disrupt the ability of cells to produce certain parts of the body, or disrupt the metabolic function of cells.

Virtually all of the pesticides are almost like catalysts in that a very, VERY tiny amount causes a catastrophic reaction. Obviously this reaction is INTENDED for the pest. But, just as obviously, pretty much all of the pesticides are very harmful to humans. The label even says so.

And, clearly they design them to be tenacious and remain attached to the plant. They don’t do much good if they immediately fall off, wash off, or evaporate.

Therefore, I would prefer to not eat very much pesticide. I would prefer to not learn firsthand, what kind of damage it can do to my body. So I like to buy organic.

For all of the above reasons, it seems insane to me, to be proud of developing a food that can be virtually drenched in one of the most dangerous and toxic chemicals we have come up with.

This is literally the Uber-ANTI-Organic food.

I believe that quite some time ago, they found that human breast milk in America, could not be sold in the stores, because it usually has too many contaminants that are known to be dangerous. The mothers have a lot of known, problem chemicals in their bodies already.

If we were Canables we would only be able eat Health Food folks. If Whole Foods Market ever figures out that they could have a trapdoor in the toilets and skim off a small percentage of their customers, to sell to the cannibals, they could command a high price for people that go to the trouble and expense of eating organic.

But don’t tell Whole Foods about it. I plan to shop there again when I get back to the states.

Doesn’t our government tell pregnant mothers, to not eat more than one serving a week of fish, or perhaps it is seafood? Bbecause there is so much mercury and other known toxins contaminating our oceans and getting into the flesh of marine animals that we eat. We must be careful to not eat very much of it or we will die even sooner than otherwise.

So, back to Monsanto being very proud of creating a food that can survive being drenched in these toxins at a far higher level than ever before. Yet people don’t seem to see anything wrong with that?

Can you spell, ‘tunnel vision?’ Or is the phrase, ‘brain-dead?’

Also, do you need to be an environmental scientist, to know that the poisons that we use to protect our plants from pests, wash downstream into lakes and rivers and pretty much all of them eventually end up in the oceans. Hopefully some of them break down and become harmless over time, but many do not, and what if some become much more harmful over time?

So, someone is very proud of learning a way that they can put, perhaps 10 times as much toxin on the ground, so that it can wash down to the oceans?

And, like drug resistant bacteria, we are already seeing, ‘super weeds’ adapting to be resistant to Roundup. I’m told that was the original reason for making Roundup Ready plants.

It’s not a question of putting on their thinking caps. I don’t understand what these people use for brain cells.

And I really can’t understand how they can sell these ideas to the American public. Yet they do. I can only assume that these are the reasons that, especially the Republicans, want to have less education available to people. It is an unnecessary expense. If people have never learned how to think, then the government can tell them anything. Monsanto can tell them anything. And as long as it comes in a snappy video, with lots of gorgeous women and handsome men, all smiling and happy, it must be great!

Sort of like the advertisements for pharmaceuticals, that after you’ve been out of the US for a while, you may think that they are an attempt at humor.

“Be sure to ask your doctor about the purple pill. It is so pretty that you will surely want to get a prescription for them. It is so pretty that we won’t bother to tell you what, if anything, it might try to accomplish. It is so pretty that even though we tell you many of the known frightening things that it will cause as side effects, we know you will still want it.”

Or, things like:

“Do you sometimes have trouble going to sleep right away? Then you should buy XYZ. It will make you gorgeous and happy just like this impossibly beautiful woman that we are showing you. And only a few of the people taking it have committed suicide, or had their legs fall off, or become incontinent, or had anal leakage. The heart attacks, and asthma, and Alzheimer’s, that seem much more common if you take it, will surely be a reasonable risk, and order to go to sleep right away.”

I guess the assumption is that people have a five second attention span, and only hear the first five seconds of the commercial. Then, they can say anything they want at the back of the commercial, and everyone ignores it.

Back in the 60s, and early 70s, when the use of recreational drugs beyond the very traditional, alcohol and tobacco, was increasing dramatically, there was an expression, “Better living through chemistry.”

It was meant, when used by the original chemical company that started saying it, as an honest, and valid statement. Good news.

We have learned a lot of genuinely good things in the last hundred thousand years. The Chinese figured out that boiling their water to make tea, usually made it safe to drink perhaps thousands of years before the Europeans figured it out.

In fact, several experienced travelers, have assured me that if you’re in an area where travelers diarrhea is a serious threat, to go eat at a Chinese restaurant. The very nature of the way they cook Chinese food, significantly reduces the danger of travelers diarrhea and other similar problems. It could be true.

The Europeans figured out that wine and the granddaddy of beer, was much safer to drink than water from a stream or a polluted well. People have told me that the Mayflower was really planning to go further down the coast of the New World to form the colony. But they ran out of beer.

I was told that this was not a joke. The very mild beer used in those days was the only safe liquid to drink. The trip had taken longer than planned, and they had to stop at Plymouth Rock.

Eventually, sailors figured out, that a lack of vitamin C, cause scurvy and other serious and fatal health problems.

And many countless and innumerable good things have been found to have better living through chemistry.

But in the 60s, it became a catchphrase for popping some pill to make you feel good, at least temporarily. You might feel quite miserable in an hour to. Just like people that drink alcohol to feel good now, knowing that they will feel like hell soon. But they think “Hey, I’m a ‘Now kind of guy.'”

And so even when the legitimate dangers of many, probably most, carefully made and pure, recreational drugs were widely known, people still took them. Even when it was widely known that many, probably most, were made in laboratories that could care less about being careful of dangerous contaminants, people still took them.

And the most amazing to me, is that, I am told, that it is by no means rare, for someone to pop a pill, or liquid, or injection, or whatever method, of introducing a totally unknown substance into their body, just to see how much fun it might be.

Feel free to call me old-fashioned, if that’s what it means.

But, back to the original thought of this post. I have no problem at all with honest and thorough research into what would happen if we changed something? That is one excellent way of learning things. But you must be honest and thorough. Clearly Monsanto and others do not have that reputation.

It has been shown that a lot to have money in opposition of truth in labeling, has been donated secretly. So, clearly we will never know how much the bad guys have spent on this.

But, they have admitted spending over $56 million in California and Washington to keep us from knowing what is in our food. To me that says they are certain that we would not buy it, if we could figure out which package it was in.

As Janell points out, a lot of this research takes many years and generations to learn the dangers.

There are many examples of seed grains being protected from pests using a mercury based product. You then plant the seed and grow the rice or whatever and it is generally considered to be very safe to eat.

However, with poorly educated people that happened to be starving in remote countries, it became very common for them to think that the prohibition of eating the seed rice, or seed wheat, etc., was foolish because people would say, “I ate some for dinner, and look at me. Absolutely nothing is wrong.” So, more people would eat some of it, because they were very hungry, and they could not remember that if they planted it, they would get many thousands of times more rice. But that would be months from now, and today is today.

They also could not imagine that whole families would die within weeks, from mercury poisoning. It was a slow poison and that caught them by surprise.

The Romans figured out that processing wine in vats that were lined with lead, which was an easy way to make a liquid proof container, also seem to make the wine taste sweeter and more palatable. They had no idea about the dangers of lead poisoning. And some sources think that that was an important factor in the fall of the Roman Empire. More and more, primarily rich, people were becoming goofy as they succumb to lead poisoning.

A famous Arctic expedition used food stored in metal cans that were cutting edge technology at the time. The whole idea was brand-new and they did not appreciate that using the old-fashioned, lead solder, was poisoning them. They then lived on a diet of canned food that was unbelievably high in lead, and they became so irrational, that when they needed to escape their trapped ship and take dog sleds to the south and warmer, safer lands, even though they were traveling as lightly as they could, they took a cast iron bathtub with them.

As far as I know, no one has ever learned exactly why that seemed like a good idea to them. Perhaps to melt snow and make drinking water. But no one alive today knows why, because all of them died as a result of the chronic lead poisoning. They became not very bright. In a land where you had to be clever in order to survive.

Thalidomide was a wonderful and powerful drug and widely used because everyone knew it was very safe, until they finally realized that unless we want our children to all be born without arms and legs, we need to be careful how we use it.

A few years ago, I read that thalidomide was now being used again, because it was the best choice for something or other. But, they clearly did not give it to anyone who could become pregnant.

So, apparently some of us have learned nothing, by watching a hungry farmer eat a bowl of rice, laced with mercury, and feeling full and strong for the first time in months, but dying within weeks, even though he was a young man.

I do not propose bans on very many things. I do not propose a band on GMO or GE. What I propose is honest, intelligent, and thorough research, into the characteristics and results of, any new technology. Hell, we still don’t have honest, intelligent, and thorough research, into the results of many old technologies. Just look at all a confusion about what kind of diet is best for humans. Although, it is widely understood by 95% of the world, that the Standard American Diet, (SAD) is not a good choice.

It certainly appears to me, that dozens, or clearly hundreds, of philosophies of eating, can be written up in a cute book or video, and sold for a fortune. Millions of us are looking for answers. And obviously, not finding them.

To me, it seems statistically certain, that most of these proposals are largely wrong. And entirely possible that all of them are wrong, because we really just don’t know. Not yet. I have certainly never heard of one that always works as predicted for everyone. Not one.

But, some work really well for a few years.

This food thing is a tough puzzle to solve. Because, in my opinion, we don’t yet understand the variables very well, and there are a zillion of them.

Most of us that figured out that there is more to healthy eating then beer and cans tamales, with a Mars bar for dessert.

But, WOW! Can we ever get some argument started, if we just expressed an opinion about what to eat and what not to eat? Diet is a subject that is very controversial. At least in America.

People have diet jihads. Few subjects can elicit such a rabid response from otherwise bright people. Diet, politics, religion, and boat anchoring, are safest when not mentioned in public. When you hear them come up in public, get your coat and go for a walk. After the police of left, and the crime scene tape has come down, you can go back in your house.

Therefore, what I propose is honest, intelligent, and thorough research, into the characteristics and results of, any new technology and even many of the old ones. From anchors to zebra mussels.



I am very sorry to see that it looks like the people of Washington State will still not be allowed to know what they are eating. CBS News says:

It says in part:
In a 2010 survey, management consultancy Deloitte found that only 21 percent of the public was not concerned about eating GMO foods, while 34 percent was either very or extremely concerned. An ABC poll found that “Americans almost unanimously favor mandatory food labels on genetically modified foods” and 52 percent thought that GMO food was unsafe to eat.

America is certainly becoming a 3rd World sort of country. So many countries watch GMO or prohibit it all together.

About 35 countries have much better Health Care than America.

Not many countries allow a small group to hijack the government and shut it down for many days. At a huge cost to taxpayers.

It is too bad. I think Americans deserve better. But the Fat Cats prefer us under their thumbs. When we were in Louisiana, we often heard the locals say that, “Louisiana has the BEST politicians money can buy!”

It seems to apply to the whole country, which is a shame. You might consider working to change that. Just a thought.


YES on 522

Hopefully, this will be my last request that everyone do what they can to help us learn a little more about what is in our food. Labeling GMO and genetically engineered food, will never be a perfect science. I do not know the exact text of the proposed law.

I believe in ‘successive approximations.’ My personal epiphany on that subject was when we were repairing the hull of the boat for so many years in Texas. Clearly we did not know how to make it perfect. We satisfied ourselves with making it much better, and then looking at the result and seeing where we can improve that. And in looking at that result in seeing if we could improve upon it.

Until we got to the point that we thought that looks pretty good.

One of the rules of do-it-yourself or DIY is to lower your expectations to something you can accomplish.

I am hoping that Washington state can accomplish passing 522. I believe that things will be significantly better for everyone if they do. I would appreciate any help from any of you, to motivate registered voters in Washington State to please vote yes on 522. Even if you think that GMO is better for you.

Because, if you think it is wonderful, then you would want us to know which one it is, so that we could buy it.

And, if, wherever you live, you are not registered to vote, but you could be. Or you do not vote. Please do. The nature of our theoretically democratic system is that we each get to have a say in many of the things that happen.

I once saw a placard on Merry Haggard’s wall that said, “In an avalanche, no snowflake feels responsible.”

I use her real name in this case, because Merry was a good friend, but has passed over to the other side now. Like Janet, knowing her for something like 40 years improved my life and we were only friends. Never sweethearts.

Well, like the snowflake, it is easy to assume that, “My vote won’t make any difference. So why bother.”

And I certainly understand that feeling very well. But, I can promise you that if none of the good people are motivated, then the bad people, who virtually pay for votes, with expensive and deceptive propaganda campaigns, will win.

You see, they are VERY motivated, because they can make a fortune from that motivation.

So, please vote when you can, for the things that you feel need doing. Or not doing. If there are things on the ballot that you know nothing about, you can leave them blank and let someone else decide how that’s going to turn out. But you get to live with the consequences.

For many years, Janet and I could not vote in Washington State elections, because the snail mail could not get the absentee ballot to us in time for us to return it and be counted.

However, now Washington state has a pretty good system, that allows people outside the country to vote over the Internet. As long as we can keep fraud out of the system, that seems to me to be a wonderful improvement. Whether my snowflake is counted or not, at least I tried. And, importantly, I feel like I accomplished some small drop in the bucket.

We probably all had various realizations on the drop in the bucket effect. For me, mine began when my parents started giving me an allowance. In the beginning, I spent it as I got it and it gave me some pleasure. However, I noticed that there were many things that I wanted but I could not afford.

I discovered that I could save up my allowance and not fritter it away. And thereby, get more, “bang for the buck.” I got much more pleasure out of the same amount of money. By just spending it in a different manner.

I was about seven or eight years old when I had my epiphany on that subject. Certainly not rocket science, but looking at America, I would say that many of my fellow citizens have not figured it out, even yet.

We all progress, as we can, when we can. Or, at least we should, right?

Of course, many of you that have known me for a while are now going, “Tisk, tisk! Dave is the biggest tightwad that I’ve ever met. And I don’t mean because he’s tall and weighs a lot.”

But my defense is, we all make choices. And most of my life has been very pleasant, and accomplished on a very tiny cash flow. Especially with the perspective of hindsight, I’m quite aware that I should’ve done many things differently. But, all you can hope to do, is the best you can do, at the time. And that includes, hopefully learning as much as you can from the results.

There have certainly been many of these, “learning experiences” where I’ve had to repeat the class. On some of them, I am still repeating the class on a regular basis.


Antibiotic misuse kills over 23,000 Americans a year. (CDC says so)

Here is a very nice article about antibiotic misuse. Please read it.

Also a mention, down in the comments, about nano silver. I have heard many good things about this technology. The Dr in Reno that treated Janet, also used nano silver for its many benefits. And lack of downside. Do your own homework on it, but many things that really help people are actively impeded by the Medical Monopoly because the Medical Monopoly assumes that it cannot make money on them. You must do your own research and you must beware the Quacks on both sides of the debate. But, you can still learn a lot. And, can possibly save your life by doing so.