More GMO & GE news

Some Highlights are:
On November 5, Washington State will cast their votes for the people’s initiative 522, “The People’s Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.” Your support is urgently needed.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson has filed suit against the GMA in Thurston County Superior Court on behalf of the State of Washington, alleging the association violated the state’s campaign disclosure laws.

Ferguson alleges the GMA illegally collected and spent more than $7 million on the No On Initiative 522 campaign, while hiding the identity of its contributors in order to shield them from consumer backlash.

The lawsuit forced GMA to establish a political committee, aptly named Grocery Manufacturers Association Against I-522. A list of the financial donors has now been disclosed to the Public Disclosure Commission.

Biotech are now trying to find a way to label that will still permit them to exist and make a profit. Pushing for federal labeling is one part of the plan to dilute the value of the label.


There is even some humor in the post. Monsanto funded an award and then gave it to itself. Hmmm.

Also, there is a list of the companies that pay millions to make sure you are not allowed to know what is in your food. Do you really want to let them do that???

1) They know what they put in their products.
2) They think that it is good (for their interests) to pay, often millions of dollars, to keep you from know what they want to sell you.
3) Isn’t that proof that they know that you would not buy it if you knew what you were buying?
4) Isn’t that proof that they do NOT care about your best interests?

It is not paranoia if they really are after you. Right?



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