The Human Costs of the Iran Sanctions

Here is one person’s opinion. I am not asking you to agree with it.

It lists some of the devastating ‘collateral damage’ on the ‘Common Folk.’ Note the last part that has lines like:

“Yet, for all the damage they are doing to the population, the sanctions have done little to loosen the control of the regime. Quite the opposite –“


“While the goal of the sanctions is to force Iran to terminate its nuclear program, it appears that they may have in effect done the opposite. “

This agrees exactly with our (Janet & Dave) personal experience in Panama with the sanctions “against Noriega”. Those sanctions crushed the only Panamanians that could have done something against Noriega. The wealthy merchants. They strengthened Noriega dramatically and crushed his local opposition and “the regular folks.”

While we were there, we could watch the US Major Network News each night on the Canal Zone TV station for the troops. What “the Government” was saying their noble goals were on the nightly news, was the opposite of what was really being accomplished in Panama. I don’t know for what reason they were fooling America, but they were.

It was not just one error. Over the many months we were there, ‘the reason for’ EACH new idea was ‘180 out’ from the result we saw in Panama. I could pretend one example, was just a well intentioned mistake. But, they were very consistent.

Therefore, I assume that The Human Costs of the Iran Sanctions is accurate.

I am certainly not pro-Iran. But, I am pro-innocent victims. Pro-Truth. Against oppression. Against blind hatred in the name of Religion. Any Religion that spouts hate.

Many years ago, I heard the African saying, “When the elephants dance, it is the grass that gets trampled.

Elephants = Fat Cats, Governments.
Grass = You and me.



1 thought on “The Human Costs of the Iran Sanctions

  1. The same sorts of things happened during the years of sanctions on Iraq. A lot of suffering, but Saddam and gang did not suffer.

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