Janet and Jessie

Last night Jessie was very worried about things that she had imagined somehow. It was hard to calm her.

This morning Jessie seemed the best we’ve seen her since briefly on about day 4. She seemed calm and we could talk. Her memory was still spotty, but it gives us lots of hope. Be careful not to jump to conclusions and to keep hoping for the best.

Please send some Prayers, vibes, or whatever you can, to Memorial Hermann to hurry up and fix Jessie’s vertebrae. It was very painful, but today they seem have done better on getting her pain medication better. She was not in pain, at least while we were there.

Janet, 2 weeks after the surgery is doing better every day. Most would not notice that anything had happened, but she is still under orders to not lift anything heavier than her purse.


Dave, Janet and Jessie

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