Update 28 Dec.

Sorry that I have not updated for so long. Janet gets better every day and is essentially back to normal. She sees the doctor for the follow up Jan 5. Then more chemo to make sure that it never comes back.

Jessie is not doing well. One nightmare has been I have had trouble getting the staff to control her pain. I believe that there are drugs that can keep her pain free, but I have not been pleased that the medical folks are doing a good job of that. But, with lots of phone calls and staying after them, she is having much less pain.

If you are planning to have a medical problem, I’d suggest NOT having it around Christmas and New Years. People are on vacation. Answering machines seem to malfunction and won’t accept my call back numbers and other tortures designed to drive us nuts.

But, over the last week, we find Jessie is having pain MUCH less often and it is usually less severe. They are using better methods and paying more attention.

Jessie had the best birthday (Dec 23) that we could manage, but has not yet had a ‘Christmas’ since she has either been, in pain or too sleepy or not making sense, since her birthday. Perhaps today.

We are going to be having talks with the various doctors this week about what is the prognosis. I will post more when I know it. In general no news means, no significant change or Dave is too busy.

To try to make some smiles, here is a picture of Jessie about 1950.

We made her a photo album of memories for Christmas. This is on the cover.


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