Some humor and other nice things

If you have not already read it, please go down the page to the “A long update about Jessie 12-19-2010” and read that first. The come back and read this posting. The newest listings are above the older. I’m not used to that.

I think that we all need some grins. Have a look at this from some of our boating friends in Turkey. I think these first shots are actually collected from the web

These next links are from people in Marmaris where we spent the first year in Turkey.
Have a look at the Marmrisbaycruisers photo albums:

Photos of winter 2009/2010

Photos of winter 2007/2008
winter 2008/2009

This last one is from Rick, a friend that we met in 1981 as we went back to Mexico. This is sailing in ‘The Straits of Georgia’ in Southwestern Canada. It gives a really great idea of what sailing on a nice day is like.

It is a long video so be patient if you want to watch the experience! I apologize to our friends in Turkey. YouTube is blocked there. It is 53MB, so I don’t want to host it myself.


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