We are fine, just busy.

We are doing some repairs to Robn’s boat, in Trinidad. We are well, but much busier that we like. We need to get done and out of Trinidad before the Immigration people get grumpy about us staying too long.

Some local Immigration folks are great and some want to throw you out after 90 or 180 days. The boat yards and contractors WANT us to stay and spend money, but for some reason, some Immigration people get their jollys by being very obnoxious.

Well, I need to get back to work.


Has an upsetting article about the new USB C technology. Near the end of the article the man ruins his computer by using a defective USB C cable.

When we were in Marmaris, I discovered that no store in town had functioning USB2 5 meter long (15 ft) USB cables. Several stores had them on the shelves, but NONE of them worked. We tested EVERY ONE of them.

Somehow, cutting corners has gotten totally out of hand. Be careful, and good luck.

Dave & Robn



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