Lets talk kayaks

My Father, John Heath Sr. was a world authority on Inuit (Eskimo) kayaks. In those days only a few people were even aware of the inventors of kayaking and the excellent boats that the ‘REAL kayakers’ used.
With the changing economies and fishing and hunting methods, that knowledge was being lost as the old generation died out.
My father and several other hard working people got more and more people aware and it finally caught on. Now there are many more people on the bandwagon and actually a small ‘industry.’
The best expert that I know of by far is Harvey Golden.
BUT, he is by NO means alone. Maligiaq Johnsen Padilla, Greg Stamer, Eugine Arima, and MANY more are very knowledgeable and VERY active. I do not mean to offend the hundreds and thousands that I do not mention, but I probably have.
Take a few minutes and learn about an amazing technology that you knew little about.

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