Happy Holidays

Bet you can’t guess what I got for Christmas! Somehow, Christmas became Spring (Winter?) Cleaning Day for me. I like to do some cleaning project that is normally at the bottom of the to do list – if it ever even gets there! I’m surprised at the degree of satisfaction that I get from it – and that it doesn’t carry over into every day cleaning activities. In any case, this Christmas, I tackled my bilge. Dragged the hose – complete with high water pressure – down below and pressure washed the crack between water tanks and bilges where dirt accumulates and then the limber hole/pipe under the mast support that allows water to migrate aft towards the bilge pumps. Ended up replacing the limber chain (rope) and clearing a plugged limber hole. Given how hard it was to access the plug it was quite a job.

Dave’s willing assistance with this project was my Christmas Present, more treasured than any trinket or other material object could ever be.

We are in the midst of a multitude of jobs, in a race to see if we can ready Heidi for a transatlantic sail. I had a survey done on her and additional problems ended up having to be added to the list. So time will tell what the future brings, but in the meantime I am once again happily puttering away on my list.

Hope the Spirit of Christmas will last longer than the Holidays – we sure need more peace and friendship.

Wishing you Happy Holidays and All the Best,

Robn and Dave


1 thought on “Happy Holidays

  1. Glad all is well on your end and things are getting done. Hope you have a terrific new year and a healthy one too. We are all fine and enjoyed the holidays nicely. Happy sailing and stay safe.

    Love, Bob, Nancy & Chloe

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