Made it to the airport

I got my 4 bags checked and through security. Now it I can get on the plane with my desired carry-ons I will relax. At least until the 2nd or 3rd flight. My concern is that I have a lot of stuff and desperately do not want to hear, "That is too big." or some other obstacle to my getting home easily.

Turkish Air is or at least used to be very good about luggage. ‘Oh, don’t worry. That is a little over, but it is close the right weight. Welcome aboard.’

Mike and Susan have REALLY been helpful and doing things to make things easier for me. As a ‘glass half full’ sort of guy, I take that as they are super nice folks and not the other possibility.

(‘Talk about the man who came to dinner…. Do ANYTHING to make sure he gets on that plane! His 3 week visit has been 76 and counting. Maybe we could put stamps on him and just mail him back.)

Just an attempt at humor.

I am really tired and may not be at my best. I hope that I don’t snore on the planes. I arrive at Antalya, about 60 miles from the boat at 15 minutes after midnight on Saturday morning. Long flights, long layovers and time changes. But, hopefully, I will be home Saturday during the day. Supposedly partly cloudy, Hi 63, lo 46. I hope that is the case. Getting my bags onto the boat in a monsoon would be a drag.

Thanks for ALL of the help from so many people and the hundreds of well wishes, prayers, and just plain assistance for so many friends. Even mail-order places often expedited things, etc.

My luck was not so good with HP. They sent me a defective computer and the one that I ordered from COSTCO arrived at 10:04 AM, but we left at 08:45 AM. IMHO, they could have gotten it to me sooner, but refused and clearly they were later than they had originally promised at the time of order. Perhaps it just was not the right time for me to have a new computer. I was just afraid to leave the USA with only old computers. In the past, after 3 yrs, lots of things start to break.

Hope for the best. Boy, will it be good to be back on board Alegria!!!



4 thoughts on “Made it to the airport

  1. Dear Dave,

    We miss you already and hope things go smoothly for you. I just hope it is not too hard to get on the boat without Janet physically there to help you. We love you.

    Gene and Carol

  2. Hope you make it back safely with no major issues. Alegria will be waiting for you!! Hope you will be back in the states at some point in time. Keep in touch, relax and try to get back to a normal day to day existance. If you have pics of Janet’s celebration, email them when you can. Bon Voyage! Love, Nancy

    Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2013 21:14:04 +0000 To:

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