The Celebration of Life was VERY nice!

It was wonderful to see about 90 of Janet’s friends! Teachers, Drill Team members, sailors, family and all sorts of friends. I will write more, but I am very tired and need to get to bed. Lots of preparation, lots of visiting, lots of fun, but I need to get some Zzzz’s. I was up very late and woke up very early. Not a good combination.

Many thanks for all of the help from Mike & Susan, Brad, Olga, Cyndi, Liz and many others.

And thanks to the many “Friends of Janet” in absentia. The nice emails are much appreciated.



4 thoughts on “The Celebration of Life was VERY nice!

  1. That is fantastic to have so many family and friends able to come! We thought about the event and so wished we were there. You must be very proud. You can’t go through life without having good friends & family members to share the ups and downs of life. You both were and are very fortunate. Love, Nancy, Bob & Chloe

  2. Hi Dave,

    Janet’s “Celebration of Life” was beautiful and a testament to the wonderful life Janet led along side with you. Again, I want to let you know what a wonderful job you did putting it together as well as presenting it too. I can only imagine how hard it must have been to do that. Also, each and every one of us following your blog have cherished hearing from you throughout this ordeal with Janet. Please try to keep it up because I think it could be a great release during this grieving process foe you … and you do write well. I particularly enjoy your quotes from Dr. Suess … I think all adults should go back and read his books. I bet we would all pick up a lot more great advice from them.

    Take care … Jill

    P.S. Look for an e-mail regarding pictures on g-mail when you have a moment. – Thanks

  3. Me again … Ha … I am on gmail. I’m curious to know about the possibilities of getting copies of pictures or a cd? No rush … I know you’re busy.

    Thanks – Jill

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