Finally back on board Alegría

(The first part was written at 9:48AM on Sat, Mar 2.)

First of all I made it back to Alegría just fine. No Customs troubles. No monsoon. In fact it was forecast to be cloudy and 10% chance of rain, but it dawned very clear and now, at 12:30 PM local time it is less than 10% clouds.

I looked into the alternatives and chose to take a cab direct from the Airport to Alegría for the “Princely Sum” of US$140.00 including tip. Arriving here at about 3AM. I will write more when I have caught up on sleep. The flights from Seattle to Chicago and Istanbul to Antalya were on 737s, so no special bed for those. The almost 11 hr evening flight from Chicago to Istanbul had a very fancy chair with 12 different push buttons that did stretch out a lot, but it was still bent enough that I could not lay on my side and strangely the seat was fairly hard. So each hour or less I would wake up with sore butt and roll slightly to the other side to petrify the the other cheek for an hour.

That pain, plus perhaps the time changes, only allowed me about 2 or 3 hrs sleep the first night and none the 2nd. I got about 3 hrs this morning, and am much better, but there is a lot of room for improvement. I have found Ian, one of the couple in the marina that watched Alegría for us. I showered and then checked in at the office and signed a lot of old and new paperwork.

As I write this, I am having breakfast next to the marina and then I will go find some WiFi and send this.


Finally back on board Alegría

PS I had to bring the computer back to the boat to send the email. The battery was getting too low to run.

PPS @8PM on Mar 3. I have had a lot more sleep and am now sorting and putting away the mountain of stuff that I brought back. No big problems found on the boat so far. A toothpaste tube of tomato sauce had leaked in a food locker. Everything is very dusty. The outside of the boat is very dirty. That is the sort of stuff that I have found so far.

Sorting through Janet’s things is pretty hard, but I am holding up.

The main goals are:

1) More sleep,
2) Put things away,
3) Clean out the food lockers,
4) Buy new food
5) Clean the inside of the boat

In that order.



4 thoughts on “Finally back on board Alegría

  1. Dave ,We are glad to hear you made it back ok. It has to be a big relief. Perhaps in a week your body will be back to “normal”.

  2. Glad you made it back safely. How does Alegria look? Is she still in good shape? Once you get things caught up and get some rest, what is your plan? Where do you hope to be sailing to next?


    Date: Sat, 2 Mar 2013 09:48:58 +0000 To:

  3. Hello David
    I am so sorry about lost contact with you for long time. However I have never stopped thinking about you especially Janet health condition. The last of conversation we had is around New Year. After I find out your phone number is no longer working, I went back to your old email and discovered your blog and realize Janet has gone. Both of you have strong spirit which I truly admired. I wish you the best of everything on your Journey
    Diana from Bellevue WA

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