Janet is still with us and says things are OK

0800 Pacific Time Reno, NV
She was just awake for over an hour and is doing OK. Obviously we’d love to be taking another look at the incredible Vatican Museum or the Museo Nacional de Antropología (the National Museum of Anthropology) in Mexico City, or sailing on a beautiful sea, like many of the days and nights crossing the Atlantic in 2005. But, this is our task right now. To make her as comfortable as possible and lately we have a nice combination that works well.

My apology for perhaps giving too much information before was offered because (A) I am painfully aware that my Skill Set of Social Graces is broken, I never have found all the pieces. And (B) I assume that some people would prefer a sweet note about how much Janet & I love each other and that she is not well. Then, later to hear that she passed peacefully in her sleep and will be missed by one and all.

I respect that.

But, I just really wanted to say what I said. Anyone that has know me more than an hour knows that I don’t know any SHORT stories. I am accused of giving more info than the recipient wanted to know.

Well, hey. At least you know it it the real Dave writing this and not a Ghost Writer. Humm, I feel a politically incorrect pun there.

Janet & I share with many of you the firm and thoroughly considered belief that our soul (it has other names too) is indeed eternal or at least does not end when the physical body does.

We are certain that death of the physical body is just a natural part of life on Earth. At age 69, I have many friends and all 4 or our patients that have already passed over.

Please do NOT judge our views. Just try to wrap your mind around them, to see where we are coming from at this moment. As we learn more, our views change. Please stay very certain of your own views of How The Universe Works. These things have been argued for as long as there have been two beings that can communicate and had the spare time to wonder and argue about them. I would never be so full of myself as to think that I had figured it all out.

But, lets get back to Janet. When awake, she is usually quite lucid. Not her best, by any stroke, but nice to see that she is still with us. We get to talk about various things.

We wait to see how this unfolds. I will protect her comfort to the very best of my very obnoxious ability. Get in my way on that Quest and you will remember me a very long time. I am still her faithful Rottweiler.

But, for now, we believe that we have enough, effective tools, to keep her comfortable while the drama unfolds.

With MANY thanks to all of the very dear friends and many strangers who send their considerable written word and the warm and loving non-physical support.

Janet is by no means the only wonderful person here. Each of you is a jewel. A gift forever.

Dave & Janet


4 thoughts on “Janet is still with us and says things are OK

  1. I meant to tell you yesterday but was too upset to remember to write it. Anyway, I saw nothing wrong with your letter at all. You said what you felt like you had to say as difficult as it is. I wish so much that we could all go to Istanbul Grill again. I want a miracle NOW. We will miss Janet with her amicable personality, down to earth spirit, knowledge of the world & love of life. She is one of a kind & a no frills person whom I admire so much. It’s the simple things in life that really matter to her and really should for all of us. We need more people like her in the world. I can’t imagine ever having to be told this news and accepting it. I mean how do you accept this when your world as you know it is turned upside down. I know it happens to people all the time but damn it does “suck.” You just never know when and if it will ever happen to you but you can’t live your life worrying about it and so we keep going & living life to the fullest while we can. We just do not have the ultimate control. I assume you are still in Reno? I pray that Janet will find comfort and peace in her new journey where we all will eventually be joining her.

    Hugs, Nancy

    Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2013 16:12:52 +0000 To: nancyshafer@hotmail.com

  2. Thank you Dave for your update this morning. kNOw your initial message wasn’t brutal it was just a message that nobody wants to hear but would feel bad finding out later. You have given us the grace to wish Janet a good journey to her next adventure. I am so glad she has you by her side. Please give her a hug and tell her high for me. John Cook

  3. Your skill set is far more extensive than anyone else that I know. You are appreciated for your commitment to our wonderful friend and your wife. Tell her that she is in our thoughts. Bill, Millie, Helen, Ken and the rest of the gang.

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