More good news!

Janet saw her Seattle Oncologist today and got very good news. Her CA125, which is the testing method where “normal” is 35 and below, came back 25!!

But, we want to be sure to completely kill the cancer, so she resumes chemo infusions next Thursday and she probably will have 4 more months of that. She is also back on some of the oral medications.

Her blood work was very normal also. In the past, it was sometimes low on hemoglobin, white cells, etc. But, it was mostly in the low end of normal.

Dave & Janet


5 thoughts on “More good news!

  1. It’s hard to keep a “good gal” down!! and Janet is as good as they come!! Keep it up young lady!!

  2. Woo-hoo! Good news, indeed. We pray that you will soon be able to reconnect with the beautiful and comfy, Alegria.
    Love and Best Wishes,
    Sue and Gene

  3. I am so happy about this news. You are in my prayers often ..
    I will pray for the needs you mention.Faith is everything in times like these.
    Much love to you both
    Marty Young
    Bainbridge Island

  4. Really good news. Enjoyed seeing you looking good at Mike’s and Susan’s, and visualize you happy and healthy when we all are in Turkey,

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