Things are still very good.

Some have worried that I have not updated for a while and “Is there a problem?”

NO! Things are going very well. Janet had her first, resumption of chemo, the Abraxane on Thur the 29th of Mar. It went really well.

We are still learning what are the best choices for food. The ileostomy is a bit mysterious as to what is best. Janet needs a lot more liquid, so she is drinking about 3.5 liters a day. But, that leaves her kind of sloshing and not eager to eat a lot of ‘real food’. So, we are learning.

And for those who say, “Janet never writes anything on the Blog.” Actually I often plagiarize pieces of her emails to various friends. Here is part of a recent email by Janet:


If you haven’t seen our blog lately you aren’t aware of the latest development.  On the 27th of February I was in a yoga class and had a bowel perforation.  To make a long story short I had emergency surgery at 2 am on the 28th and came out with an ileostomy!  Yuck!!  Fortunately, it is temporary but it certainly is a lifestyle change.  I am suppose to drink 4 liters of liquid a day.  After getting out of the hospital I lost 10 pounds (about 4.5 kilos) in 4 days due to dehydration.  I felt awful.  I could barely walk from the chair to the bathroom without sitting down to rest.  Dave almost took me back to the emergency room but after talking to the nurse at the hospital she thought it was dehydration and I started drinking an electrolyte drink and am fine now.
Last Thursday I saw my doctor here in Seattle.  By the way, we are in Seattle now staying with friends and house-sitting, chicken-sitting, dog-sitting and cat-sitting for various friends who are out of town.  I had a CA 125 test and the results were 25.  My last chemo treatment was on the 16th of February and even though I haven’t been on chemo on the 18th of March my CA 125 was 25 (anything under 35 is considered normal).  I think that is very good news.  I will re-start chemo this coming Thursday and no one has said just how long I will have to have chemo but I’m hoping it will be done soon.
Right now I am trying to adhere to the Gerson Therapy as much as I can; however, with my ileostomy I have to drink so much liquid with very little fiber that I can’t do the diet completely.  I will be interested to see just how close it comes to Dr. David Khayat’s recommendations.  The Gerson Diet is very restrictive and I can’t do all of it right now due to the ileostomy.  But as soon as I am done with chemo and have the reversal surgery I will try to go on the diet totally.  I am very motivated to beat this once and for all.
Also yesterday, 1 April 2012 was Alegria’s 38th birthday. We are sorry to not have celebrated it with her. But, we sang her ‘Happy Birthday’ from Snohomish.

Dave & Janet


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