Our friends on ‘Tomboy’ in the South Pacific

We met Tom & Janis on Tomboy in the Gulf of California back in about 1983. They had a smaller Tomboy then. They bought their present Alajuela 33 ‘Tomboy’ in the 1980’s also and have cruised a lot on her, but this is their first South Pacific Trip. They left Mexico this Spring for the Marquesas, Tuamotus and are recently at Tahiti. They recently posted photos on


With a few exceptions, the newest are the first ones that you see. Leaving Mexico is at the far end. The numbers, like 4-16 are the dates. Click on a photo if you want it bigger.

Janet, Dave, Mike, Olga and Brad were there in 1978 aboard Alegria and it looks much the same…. BEAUTIFUL!

Dave & Janet


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