Our Plans July 6

We have not posted for a while, because we are not sure when we will begin our road trip. We are thinking San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Texas Panhandle, New Mexico, AZ, CA, OR, WA, BC.

Well, we hope to get out in the next day or two, but are delayed waiting for some places that we are sending things, to get back to us. We have some vintage Inuit/Eskimo carved ivory, to send to an auction house and some historical Air Ship info that is waiting for the museum to answer us.

But, it will be soon. Watch this space.

Now, will the rest all fit in the van????

Dave & Janet


1 thought on “Our Plans July 6

  1. So where are you now? How can we communicate with you? Are you carrying a cell phone? We are thrilled that you will finally get out of there and can have some FUN! Time to play you two. We are SO looking forward to your arrival in the PNWest! Helen and Barry

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