A brief update.

The big news from us is they had one case of Legionnaire’s Disease here at Pete Gross House, and it was in the water system for that apartment, so, they are frantically trying to sanitize the water system for the whole building. That is a lot of expense and MAJOR bother for the management here.

Dave & Robn have been doing quite well for months. Dave is generally better than a few months ago. We believe that the T-ALL is being cured.

We recently walked most of the way around Lake Union, just over 5 miles by the route we used. We even stopped for lunch at the Varsity Inn, a nice, reasonable restaurant, just north of Gasworks Park. Like many places in America, they are hit hard by the lack of customers and we like to give them some income. http://varsityinnrestaurant.com/

Sorry to not have said much, but things are pretty good and, until the Legionnaire’s scare, there was not much news to report. We hope that all of you are well and dealing with Covid and election madness well. Please keep being cautious and Covid free.


Dave & Robn


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