Funny Videos

I am adding to this list from time to time, without posting a separate page, so, come back once in a while.

This was the first post about this collection. Many multiple puns in the first set, But….

Caution PG-13 or something! Not even close to being Politically Correct. They may offend.

I am very aware that there are 10,000 funny videos online, but I just found a couple of very funny videos at

I suggest that you see “Girls Don’t Poop” first. It is the finished commercial.

Then see the out-takes at

Here is the company website. It might be good to have on a boat.

Here is another great video added later.

About once a year, I hear some talking head on TV ask, “Can animals think?”

My answer is, “Apparently not all of them, or you would not ask the question.”

And this one, recommended by Glenna & Lily, her cat. Or is it Lily and Glenna, her wait staff?

And I posted part of this before, but I found a related video. So…

And on a very happy note, this morning I turned on the computer to find a nice email from Janet’s cousin, Llyn and her husband Chris in Oregon.

She recommended the following excellent video, and I recommend it strongly for your viewing pleasure.

It may help to know that 792,000.00 THB (Thai Baht) = US$25,515.46, which may not sound so bad, but keep in mind that the per capita income in Thailand for 2012 is listed as US$5,400.00. I have not had a chance to look at any of the other videos on that website, but I bet there are some good ones. And please have a look at the Sharing Gardens website. I have not yet looked at the most recent additions there either, but they are two wonderful people doing many wonderful things for their community. They teach not only gardening, but excellent lessons about life. At least in my humble opinion.

And this related video. I have seen parts of it before.

I have believed for many years that to Love is the most important lesson in life. It seems to me that it is inherently beneficial.    etc

Because otherwise you might end up like this poor fellow:

Perhaps these folks cold fix the cut in half guy.

Very nice duck story, but I keep expecting him to say, “AFLAC.”

Or, as the bumper sticker says, “Wag more. Bark less.”



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