Janet is stronger and happier, but still has room for improvement

We are still working on getting her small bowel obstruction corrected if we possibly can. The Holidays make that very hard to do.

Janet was having a lot of trouble sleeping more than 90 min, but we decided that was sore joints and Dr Bob (Eslinger)(at the Reno Integrative Medical Center) gave us some IV anti-inflammatory (Ketorolac) that made a HUGE difference!! She now can sleep 4 to 6 hrs and as a result, we both are much more rested and her spirits are much better (therefore, so are mine.)

She can now get disentangled from bed, walk to the toilet and back and re-entangle herself in bed, all by herself. The cushions and stuff that she needs, arraigned just so, to be comfortable, make that NOT a trivial task and this is a major mile stone. I can actually go to the store and not have to be back in time for her to go to the head.

I did that today. They have been predicting the first big snow and I tried to do a shopping trip before it began to stick. I was only halfway down the shopping list when I had to retreat to the Motel, but I made it back with no scares or frights, but no WholeFoods food or REI boots or Indian Food. I have discovered an East Indian grocery in town and have been having many packaged curries. When at the hospital for a month, I could only do super simple microwave things and the Indian Food was wonderful, at least by comparison.

There is enough food in the room to last and I have had soggy feet before and survived. It is supposed to rain Tue and get rid of the snow. But, if Monday is difficult driving, I will call a cab (IF I can). I have deluxe chains and it is all flat in town if it comes to that. Start early and drive scared.

Janet’s spirits are doing OK, but a surgeon, even without a laser, that will at least TRY to fix the small Bowel Obstruction would do wonders for both of our attitudes. Dave is spending the Weekend getting all of the several 1000 pages of medical records into the best form to pass off to the various surgeon candidates.

Also, some of our friends that subscribed to our Blog in order to be notified when I update wrote me to say that it works fine. No tricks or weird stuff. They did not say, but I think that for WordPress that you can subscribe here

https://alegria1976.wordpress.com/feed/ and click Subscribe. Please let me know if there is a better way.

Dave & Janet


6 thoughts on “Janet is stronger and happier, but still has room for improvement

  1. Glad to read your good news – especially at this time of year. In case nobody said it yet, Dave you are definitely a keeper. As to a “better way” to communicate, facebook is pretty darn good and may not have been around when you started your correspondence.

    Anyway, I do wish you both the very best and a very speedy recovery for Janet.

    Merry Christmas and best wishes for a great new year from Trudy (Kampf) Schaefer Looney.

  2. Thanks for the update, Dave. Are you still on UTC? Your entry says it was posted on Dec. 23 at 1:08 am, and from where we sit by the fire only one State away in California, it is only 6:04 pm on Dec. 22. Dr. Bob sounds like a good man. What happened to the endo Dr.? Did he refuse to try a surgery? You two are in our warm thoughts and prayers every day, and we know you’ll turn this very challenging Christmas into an adventure in your motel room. May just the right skilled, adventurous surgeon take you on in the New Year, if not before. And may you get plenty of sleep! Blessings to you both each and every day and night. So much love coming your way, Patrick & Lindi

  3. Thanks for the heads up. I had not noticed that and do not have time to worry about it. I sent is at 5:07PM Pacific Time, so I guess they do use UTC. Merry Christmas. Happy Belated Solstice (It occured at 11:12 UTC on December 21, 2012.) I hope the end of the World as some thought the Mayan Calendar foretold, will not poof us away. As Gandhi said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” and the Mayans won’t worry you so much.


    Dave & Janet

  4. Thanks for the update– glad to hear that Janet is feeling stronger. We wish you both strength, peace, healing and love at this holiday season.
    Eileen & Ward

  5. Do you have a regular mail address where we could send cards or letters? thanks. Good to hear things are a little better. What a trooper! You both are! Keep on keeping on….. Cyndi

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