Good news and Other news

As they say: “We have some good news and some other news.”

In this case the good news was the vest is being reunited with its owner. And for the other news:

This link tells how easy it is for literally anyone to snoop on you, ala ‘1984’.

This next link tells of companies closing their doors rather than being complicit with non-constitutional surveillance techniques.

And, not to ask anyone to agree, or change their mind, but my position is that strong surveillance is not in itself inherently bad. Closed-circuit TV cameras monitoring public spaces, have solved many crimes and save many lives.

In my mind, the problem is bad people. Whether they are civilians or government. It is not difficult to collect very valuable information that can be used to harm people.

It would be really simple if only wonderful people collected information and watched out and prevented bad people from doing bad things to wonderful people like you and me. When you figure out how to do that please tell us all how to do it.

In the meantime, some of us were laboring under the delusion that we had a Constitution and a few other old, dusty, pieces of paper, that set down carefully thought out rules of what was fair. The recent Snowden scandal, to my mind, points out that those old pieces of paper are being ignored by our government. If you somehow think that every human being in the government, is brilliant, and honest, and has the genuine best interest of America, and Americans clutched to his bosom every minute of every day, then you probably can’t figure out what all the fuss is about.

And here is an article saying that the sun’s magnetic field will reverse soon. Yes, that means what you think it means. The North Pole of the sun, will gradually get very weak and then reappear at the opposite end. WTF?

This is probably important to us in ways that we still don’t comprehend, but it can affect radio communications and how radiation from outer space impacts on planet Earth. It is happened about every 11 years since they noticed it. And presumably every 11 years since the sun was created. So, it’s not likely that you will be aware of it at all unless you have sophisticated instruments. Or, you rely on long-distance radio communications, like radio amateurs.

Speaking of radio amateurs, I was surprised to see a radio amateur starring in a movie that I watched a few days ago. The name of the movie is Contact. Made in 1997 with Jodie Foster playing the lead role. She is the amateur radio operator.

See, at least in Hollywood, they are not all like Train Spotters.

A lot of the movie involves the stress that far too many people feel between Religion and Science. Just like in the real world, most of the stress is generated by misquoting things and twisting things for dramatic effect. Actors on both sides repeatedly get their knickers in a knot over things that were not what the other person said, etc. Good Hollywood fun. It actually present some interesting conundrums.

Not to change anyone else’s mind. You obviously have given it a lot of thought and have exactly the answers to everything all figured out. However, I’m still working on the puzzle. I’m not nearly as sure of things as I was at 16. And I will just say that at my present state of ignorance it seems to me that Religion and Science have no reason to be adversaries at all.

But, like most of Life, it depends on how you define Religion and Science. My version of ‘Real Science’ is the search for truth and understanding. It requires an open mind and honesty. It requires looking at data that you don’t think should be that way, yet allowing it to be recorded and studied and not sweeping it under the carpet. Unfortunately, not common Human traits.

Also, in my tiny little mind, Religion is supposed to be the honest study of a lot of very important things, mostly about the nonphysical world. Likewise, it requires an open mind and honesty in looking at the data that perhaps you don’t think should be that way, yet allowing it to be recorded and studied and not sweeping it under the carpet.

Unfortunately, the people practicing Religion OR Science, are people. Human beings. Talk about an imperfect vessel. They have an annoying tendency to burn people at the stake, or as shown in one charming painting at the Vatican Museum, tying them to something or other so they don’t run about, and then splitting open their abdomen and slowly pulling out their intestines and winding them up on a big drum. While the victim watches. I think that’s the ‘drawn’ part of drawn and quartered. The quartered is, after they’ve taken all of your digestive system, they cut you down the middle vertically and across the middle horizontally into 4 roughly equal pieces.

Oh, those Servants of the Lord (similarly the Servants of Science) are so cute.

You see, Scientists are far from lily white either. If you come up with data that the main, entrenched, monopolistic, Scientific Community (in name only) disagrees with, you are at least banned to the hinterlands, and your economic livelihood cut off.

Just one of the countless gruesome examples is Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis. Not exactly a household name in my household. How about yours?

But a very good example of how incredibly stupid the so-called Scientific Community can be. In about 1847 there was no concept of germs. Doctors routinely performed autopsies on people that had died of who knows what. Often, the person had died of horribly contagious conditions.

Then, the same Dr. would walk upstairs to, in this example, deliver a baby. I would assume that they washed their hands for cosmetic purposes on occasion. Of course, who knows what the social norms were in 1847. But, if I were getting ready to have a baby and somebody walked into the room covered in blood and guts and disgusting things. Looking like an extra for a chainsaw massacre movie. I would probably be a little put off.

So, I’m just guessing that the problem was that, “If my hands look clean, they are clean.”

Well, dear Dr. Semmelweis, connected the dots. He began to think that on the days that he washed his hands before delivering a baby very few of the mothers got sick from complications. He got pretty excited about this alleged finding.

Unfortunately, the Medical Mafia, got pretty excited too. But, their excitement was satisfied by putting Dr.Ignaz Semmelweis into the equivalent of Guantánamo prison and letting the guards beat him to death. He died within 14 days of being kidnapped by the establishment.

And he was just asking people to wash their hands. You can see why people like Dr. Burzynski who the Medical Mafia sees as wanting to meddle with trillion dollar industries, trillion dollar monopolies, that won’t be a monopoly if they get meddled with. You can see why Dr. Burzynski gets harassed.

And don’t waste our time with telling me that he routinely cures patients safely, and comparatively inexpensively, and with virtually no side effects. That is NOT the point. He is tampering with someone’s rice bowl.

For more info on Dr.Ignaz Semmelweis, have a look at:



Cancer & Education

Here are two links that I consider very important.


My connection is so slow that I am still waiting for the download. But, Janet went to Dr Burzynski and we definitely believe that he has a breakthrough technology that is the only known cure for many types of brain cancer. The team Hannah blog that I referred you to in the past is just one example of it curing a cancer that was absolutely positively branded as incurable by the medical establishment.

I’m quite aware that many websites love to discredit him. I tried for months to reason with one of them. But, it was obvious that the whole purpose of the website was to discredit Dr. Burzynski. I was actually amazed that they would allow me to put my comments on there. But it became apparent that for every good thing I said, they posted 10 other ridiculous lies.

I assume that most of the doctors that said that Hannah was incurable are not bad people. They are just working with what they think is the best available information. The tragedy is that many technologies like this are being blocked by big Pharma through the corrupt FDA. The FDA would not allow him to use antineoplastons to help Janet and she and thousands of others may have been alive today if they had.

I also found this successful cure link:

The second very important link is

You can cancel the advertisement at the beginning or Google for other articles about this wonderful woman, actually really still just a VERY brave girl.

The Taliban tried to execute Malala because she vocally supported education for women and other basic rights that we take for granted. They shot her in the head. How can such a repressive ideology not be the work of the Devil? If you do not believe in a Devil, then substitute “Evil People.” Like the comic book ultra villains. They use a religion as their excuse to do evil. Sadly, we have people far too much like that in the USA using different religions as excuses to justify their evil intent.

This is by no means intended to imply that America is worse than many other countries. Religion has been used as justification for atrocities since before recorded history.

Just to repeat the principal points of my position. Not to imply in any way that you need to agree with me or should change what you have already decided on the subject. Just to say where I’m coming from at this moment. And I reserve the right to change over time.

I have met several otherwise bright people in my travels, who try hard to convince me that religion is the only reason for “Good” in the world.

I will have to water down my opinion of that by many orders of magnitude and just say that I believe that it is nonsense. Very, very dangerous nonsense. Over and over again we have examples all through history of religion being used to justify tremendous atrocities. Haven’t the majority of wars throughout history, been justified by religion?

Over and over again we have examples all through history of atheists and agnostics, being wonderful, benevolent people. Doing wonderful good works. Not because they think some mind in the sky commands them to do so. But, because it just seems like a good idea. Kind of an obvious good idea.

Religion and a ‘concept of good and evil that I would agree with,’ are two entirely different, unrelated things. I obviously feel very strongly about that. If you disagree, then I would ask you to put on your thinking cap. Hopefully you can remember where you left it.

I also feel strongly that everyone should have religious freedom. That includes the atheists and agnostics, because what is that, but their view about the subject of religion?

I have met a frightening number of Americans who are all for religious freedom. But, somehow they think that means that their particular flavor should be supreme and forced down the throats of everyone. While all the others, and so often they attempt to denigrate all other religions by calling them cults. But they think that all these other cults, should be squashed and particularly atheists and agnostics. Once again, I cannot really tell you what I think about that position without exposing you to my rich vocabulary of words that really shouldn’t be written down. So I will just say that I think they’re full of poop and dangerous to society. I hope their brain transplant gets approved soon.

If you believe in a God, and I certainly do, then I would hope that you believe that your God is very powerful. He, she, or it should not need your help and ask you to go out and harm people. He, she, or it should not be threatened by people that have not yet arrived at your brilliantly enlightened idea of reality.

To my mind, freedom of religion is such a simple and useful idea. How else would you be allowed to practice YOUR religion, or YOUR disbelief in a higher power? If there is a mandated belief on this subject, what are the odds that it will be yours? Therefore, many, probably most people are going to be unhappy with the result. To me the obvious solution is to be allowed to believe what you want to. Won’t your God work it out just fine in the long run? If someone doesn’t think that their God is up to the task, I suggest that is proof that they need to shop around for a new one.

To me it is sort of like the idea of democracy. If we let everyone have an equal say in what happens. And it is very important that they think that they have an equal say in what happens. Actually, I’m not convinced that Americans really do. But that’s another topic.

But, if everyone thinks that they have an equal say in their government, then it seems to me, that it has a stabilizing influence. It discourages revolution and Civil War. I agree that sometimes those are necessary, but I think in general they are bad idea.

It seems obvious to me that a democracy cannot possibly be the best possible government if your definition of best means “the greatest good”. Some people are obviously much smarter and more knowledgeable about important things and how to get them accomplished than others. But, I think that the last 10,000 years of experimenting with government has shown that the odds of mandating or forcefully installing the people that YOU think are smarter and more knowledgeable about important things in charge of your government, does not happen very often. And most people will disagree with your choice.

That becomes a very unstable system, with the worst of the crud, constantly trying to float to the top. So, that is why I believe that a ‘democratic system’ is the best we have come up with so far.

I’ve read several articles recently about surveys taken all over the world. They ask individuals their opinion of the level of corruption in their countries. The corruption of political leaders, law enforcement, religious leaders, everybody. In these studies the US does not come out very well at all. In these studies most Americans think that America is quite corrupt. That’s a shame. Especially if it is true. And I know that you and I are working to reduce that corruption, but it’s a big country and I do not assume that we will turn it all into Mr. Rogers Neighborhood very soon. But I keep trying, and appreciate that you do also.

In that vein, I encourage you to always vote to the best of your ability, and to also spread ideas that you think are good, to the best of your ability. And, if you can think of some other way to help, have at it. Even if you think I’m full of poop.

Like the bumper sticker says:
“Practice random acts of kindness and senseless beauty”

I do it because it feels good, but if the only way I can get you to do it is because ‘Dave said so,’ I can live with that. Thanks.


Happy New Year & an Update on Janet

We will know more by the middle of the first week in Jan, but here is an update as of Dec 30. This is partly written by Dave & partly by Janet.

We are loving the ‘heat’ and sunny days here in Houston, TX. The American Cancer Society, arraigned for a one time, almost free, round trip ticket, Seattle to Houston, for both of us! When we arrived on Christmas Day it was cold, gray and drizzly. It looked just like the weather that we thought that we’d left back in Seattle. But, the next day the sun came out and it is has gotten to the mid 70s for several sunny days. Yippee! T shirt weather is our favorite!

Dec 27th we saw the ‘notorious’ Dr. Burzynski. We really like him. And his staff, too. They are using very clever technology and their large selection of ‘tools to fight cancer’ to improve their odds of success with Janet. The drugs that they use are all FDA approved, but often for other uses. They call this ‘off label’ use.

On Dec 27th we spent from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm at the clinic seeing doctors, nurses, a nutritionist, a financial adviser and now are much poorer financially but very optimistic regarding Janet’s treatment.

On the 28th they did a PET scan before beginning any treatment. The PET scan showed that many of the worrisome ‘spots’ on the CT scan, were NOT active tumors. They are either dead and not yet assimilated, or they may be scar tissue.

But, there are still some, small, suspicious areas and they are going to treat those.

In mid December 2011, we had a sample of Janet’s original tumor from December 2010, sent to Caris Life Sciences in Arizona for a detailed test of many factors, especially genetic testing. The idea is to learn, as exactly as possible, what kind of cancer Janet has.

Doctors have known for some time that ovarian cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, etc, are different and even though what began as ovarian cancer may now be in a different part of the body, success in treatment is much greater if you know where it started. There are many, many kinds of cancer and they do not all respond to the same treatment. This is part of the reason for the erratic results that most patients have. Even if you only talk about ovarian cancer, there are many kinds of that. Well, now it is becoming accepted that we can test for a much more precise genetic fingerprint of Janet’s exact cancer.

So, Dr. Burzynski had Caris find many of the genetic errors that allow Janet’s cancer to grow. For example, the BRCA1 and BRCA2 test that you hear about. They do not know how to test for ‘everything’ but they can look at the many ‘usual suspects.’

These are called the ‘targets’. Then they use the drugs that are know to ‘target’ those specific genetic defects. These drugs that target specific problems have much less collateral damage than the ‘hand grenade’ or ‘atomic bomb’ approach that are the many kinds of chemotherapy or radiation. At the Burzynski Clinic, they are also used in combination, custom designed for Janet. That way they can usually use even less of each drug and there are even fewer side effects.

The results from the analysis of Janet’s tumor that was removed last year shows which chemo drugs will not work well for her and which will. So, Janet has started taking several of those suggested drugs.

It is interesting that they start her on one new drug at a time. That way, if she has any side effect, they are more likely to know which drug is causing it. She is not having any troubles yet and does not expect to.

Also, these tumor samples are of the cancer as it was a year ago, and things may change over time, so the doctor has also taken a lot of blood samples and urine. These are tested for genetic and other markers of how Janet is doing NOW and by the first week of January all the results will be back and there will be an even more accurate plan for her treatment.

The results of Janet’s latest CA 125 haven’t come back yet. We are anxious to see what it is.

We always wondered what a nutritionist would say about our diet and we had a nice long talk with a really nice one here at the clinic. She specializes in cancer fighting diets that are compatible with the patient’s specific needs and treatment. She thought our diet was very good but had a few suggestions which we will incorporate into our diet. For example, Janet can’t take our multivitamin (due to the Folic Acid, selenium, & B12 in it) while she is on chemo and she is on the wagon again. But hey, we want this cancer gone so giving up wine for a while is not a problem at all.

We hope to know more by the 4th or 5th, so check back.

Happy New Year, Feliz Año Nuevo, Mutlu Yıllar, bon any nou, gelukkig nieuwjaar, godt nyttår, gott nytt år, szczęśliwego nowego roku, bonne année, ein gutes neues Jahr, and many more

Dave & Curly

FYI: To our friends who think that Janet ‘over did the perm’ that is her real hair. She has always wished for black, curly hair. Just like her Tony Doll.

Be careful what you wish for. <wink>

NCI Radiologist confirms Burzynski’s success

Starting at about 42:20 into the film,

Nicholas J. Patronas, MD
Senior Clinician
Chief, Section of Neuroradiology
Radiology and Imaging Sciences
at the National Cancer Institute says, under oath, May 24, 1993, in part:

Q (Jaffe): What about these five patients? How come they lived?

A (Dr. Patronas): Well, it’s amazing, the fact that they are not handicapped from the side effects of any treatment, and the side effects of most aggressive treatments are worse than the tumor itself, so these particular individuals not only survived, but they didn’t have major side effects. So I think it’s impressive and unbelievable.

Q (Jaffe): How many times have you seen this in your experience? How often does this happen?

A (Dr. Patronas): I don’t. I have not seen it at any time.

Things like this are why we like the film.

Dave & Curly

A video that you should watch with an open mind

We just learned that the Houston Doctor that Janet is seeing starting Dec 27 has a documentary about his work showing on TV Dec 21 is controversial and we are still gathering info to seek the real truth, but we find the movie about him a gold mine of info and think that you may enjoy it. It may be seen anytime at
and they say that any Whole Foods sells it on DVD. Also Amazon & others. See also

I am writing a rebuttal of the most common slams that we hear about him. I will post it on our blog someday. ( Here is one part:

The Urine slam:

A popular theme for Dr Burzynski’s detractors is to call him “the piss doctor” or to make other inflammatory claims about urine. The blood and urine were studied in early research, during which, he learned that certain compounds existed in healthy people’s blood and urine, but were lacking in cancer patients. He had discovered Antineoplastons, which are components of a complex biochemical defense system against cancer. They repair the genetic defects that cause cancers.

For the last 30 yrs Dr Burzynski’s Antineoplastons have been made from chemicals, not urine, just like most, but by no means all, drugs.

If you recall Premarin. That is a cream of vaginally administered estrogen, consisting primarily of estrogen isolated from horse urine. Not just any horse urine, but pregnant female horse urine. But, do people go ballistic over that?

If you will please read

you will see official confirmation that Dr Burzynski has made his drugs exclusively from chemicals for 30 years. He has never “injected people with piss” as I often see mentioned.

So, my advice is that if any ‘expert’ incorrectly uses the urine slam. Stop wasting time with that page and keep looking. You will save a lot of time.

Use that time to watch the video. <wink>

Dave & Curly (Janet loves her curly hair)