A tiny update from Dave

I am continuing toward the Bone Marrow/stem cell transplant in late July.

They used a different chemo in my spinal fluid on the 13th and it was much worse that expected, but I recovered. Mostly I was surprised,as I thought it would be like the others.

We walked to Whole Foods at 7AM today. 0700 to 0800 is 60 yrs old and older. It is abt 0.7 miles each way. I needed to rest on the way home, but we made it OK. They are not stocking some items, but most things are on the shelves. When we got home we realized that they over charged us on several items, so, we will be more careful next time.

We will probably go to Safeway on the early, seniors only, free shuttle on Tues, or Thurs, for Safeway stuff.



2 thoughts on “A tiny update from Dave

  1. Happy to hear from you Dave. Looking forward to your successful procedure and recovery. Fair winds old friend, Rick and Joyce

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