Dave Heath

Dave has a medical emergency. An aggressive Leukemia. We are writing a detaield description soon, but Dave is getting Chemo at UWMC at the UW. We will be discharged within a few days as a min, but it might “who knows when”? and then need 2 weeks lodging then one week at the UW, and repeat as needed, but they make it up as they go along. Usually a 21 day cycle and they might do this until Christmas, or for 6 months. No one knows, yet. It is just beginning, and I may just croak. We cannot say yet. We must be in a LOW germ environment and able to make our own meals, due to Dave’s Chemo destroying his immune system. (The poison them to save them idea, that will be found to be really dumb someday soon.)

We can live in our RV, if we can park it and have 110V hookup, until we get freezes as some of the plumbing is exposed. But, it is far from ideal and indoors looks easier.

We must be within 30 mins of the UW at rush hr/bad weather. It would be nice if we could afford it. So far, things are looking $1,800 / mo since we must pay for the full month.

Suggestions? Our room phone is 206-906-7475, but it may not have a machine. Cells 360-824-2781, 360-728-4966 and we do not always notice SMS & VoiceMail, so try various ways if we seem to have not heard. Email, works too, sort of.

Our days are 24/7 chaos and getting sleep between IV beepers, Dr visits at weird times, ect is a challenge, so be persistent, but we may be getting desperately needed sleep because we were up all night.

Do you know of friends, family, a guy that owes my booky some dough? Whatever. We can pay, even to our relatives, but want to go as cheap as practical. We have the money. We are adaptable and like an adventure with some restrictions, of course. We are used to tiny spaces and sharing is OK, but we must keep Dave germ free, at least by most folks’ standards. Like we, so far, wash celery well and make juice and drink it, But, that may need to stop and we just do not know what the Future Holds.

Thanks, in any and every case,

Dave & Robn


3 thoughts on “Dave Heath

  1. I’m sending good vibes north from Portland, Dave and Robn. Hope to be hearing about progress in a good direction.


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