Some Ideas on How to Save Our Planet

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Greta Thunberg


Watch the video on this site for a calm, matter of fact, powerful explanation of what we are facing due to climate change: explains the need for getting control of the government:

The good news is:

Regenerative Agriculture can help solve the technical (but not the political)

In the links below you can see videos where farmers seem to mimic Nature
and minimize the disturbance of the soil. Tilling damages the healthy soil.
For example, fungi mycelium is the vegetative part of a fungus or
fungus-like bacterial colony, consisting of a mass of branching,
thread-like hyphae. Tilling tears that up. Just a few years ago they
discovered that the thread-like hyphae secrete a weak adhesive that allows
the worms and other tiny critters to make tunnels and gives the healthy
soil the ‘black cottage cheese’ effect. This allows the soil to clump and
increase aeration, water absorption and water retention.

In the first video Gabe Brown went from nearly dead “soil” that looked like
whole wheat flour. Dry and compacted and low in nutrients, to ‘black
cottage cheese’. Rich, black moist soil full of diverse life. In 1991 his
soil would absorb only 0.5″ of rain/hr, but by 2011 it would absorb over
8″/hr. He normally only gets 15″ of rain/yr of rain, but his soil can hold
20″ He does not need to irrigate. He uses zero fertilizer or pesticides. He
is Organic, yet he has better yields than his conventional, chemical using
neighbors, at much lower costs.

There is much more if you search on-line. Some are smarter than others. The rules that I think I see each of these farmers
aiming for include:

>Till as little as possible. Let the underground livestock aerate the soil.

>Never have bare soil. It will be cooler in the Summer and warmer in the
Winter and keeps the moisture in.

>Carefully ‘design’ the crop(s) and ground cover choices for your
situation. Diversity and Synergy are important. Typically 10, or more types
of plants at one time.

>Trampling the ground cover may be important, especially in the Winter. Get
as much carbon into the soil as you can.

>Livestock, chickens, beef, etc, transform the nutrients as do some of the
crops and careful ground cover choices. Certain nutrients available only at
great depths can still be brought up by special plants with extra deep

>Plants and animals, eggs, etc are vastly more nutritious when the system
is working at natural optimum efficiency. Joel Salatin said the eggs have
over 20 times the folic acid, just as an example.

Green America:

Gabe Brown: Keys To Building a Healthy Soil

Some of his stats are repeated here:

More microorganisms in 1 tsp of healthy soil than Humans on Earth.

60+ earthworms in 12x12x2″ of soil

1991 0.5″/hr, 2011 8+”/hr of water absorption

Gabe gets 15″/yr of rain & his soil can hold 20″ He does not need to

He says that he did not instantly change damaged land into fertile, healthy
soil. It may need some chemicals at first, but very few.

More from Gabe Brown:

Dairy-grazing-program saved previous confined feed operation:



Reversing desertification: Using livestock to restore deserts.

The next link is a Talk in Danby, NY Apr 29, 2017 about Vegan Regenerative Farming (although I believe that the correct animals, used the correct way are better for the soil. You do not have to eat them, but for some time Humans are going to want meat.)–eY?t=542

Kelly Kirsten & Bob Flatly at Ahimsa village PA

Joel Salatin on recovering bad land:

Joel Salatin has hope for a post-COVID regenerative agri-culture

A book “Call of the Reed Warbler” by Charles Massey is said to be good (we haven’t read it yet). interview with Charles Massey

Water recovery and reversing Desertification  (many links there)

Political Activism related:

A “Green New Deal” is a US political proposal to deal with climate change that is getting much more attention. Please contact all of your Govt people and ask them to support it, or thank them for supporting it, as the case may be.

Some info can be found at

Initial details on the proposed Green New Deal:

non-violent civil resistance:

short version:

long version:

Evidence that the powerful few are not to be trusted, period, with anything. Given by whistle blowers.

More miscellaneous Links.’s-‘science’-doesn’t-add

Click to access gnd_fact_sheet.pdf


The items above are mostly about Ecology, but being able to vote is the main way that Americans think they have to change. Here is a link on how to get Ranked Choice Voting. Regardless of your views on the Green Party, there are some good points here. I am sorry that the points seem to appear so slowly, but that is the way it is. Please write a succinct summary and I will post it.


Here are some broad spectrum things that I hope that everyone can get behind.

1) Honest, verifiable, fair elections. One person. One vote. No Gerrymandering. No voter purges. No closing polling places in the areas that you do not want to vote. During the 2016 primaries/caucuses when Clinton and the DNC & GOP were rigging caucuses (Nevada and New York), no purging voters (New York), no closing polling places (Arizona), not rigging voting machines, not tossing out uncounted provisional-ballots, not changing or shredding ballots (California).

2) Get all of the money and bribery out of Politics. When “we” pay them $150,000/yr and the Rich pay them $2,000,000/yr, who will they want to make happy?

3) Stop the ‘two Party’, which is really a One Party monopoly. Have some basic rules, like you need to get 50,000 signatures, etc to let anyone run. All candidates would have equal coverage for free. Part of the cost of being a TV station, Newspaper, etc.

4) A good form of ranked choice voting. I think San Francisco has had it for a long time. Maine has it. Look into the various methods and pick a good one. There are several. “STAR” voting sounds even better.

5) Good Universal Healthcare for all. We are the last, not the first country to do it. Italy has the 2nd or 3rd best healthcare in the World. Their govt pays about US$3,077/capita/yr. ($256/month. Do you already pay more than that out of pocket?) If you look at many studies by Govt and other Credible sources, not Fox News, the US Govt is spending US$9,267/capita/yr ($772/mo/capita) for the 36th best healthcare, and the CDC tells us that over 400,000 people die each year of preventable diseases, we have the 170th best infant mortality, (there are only about 220 countries in the World) the 138th best Maternal Mortality, the 43rd best life expectancy, etc .

So, the ONLY reason for this is the Rich ‘Medical Leeches’ bought our Govt and keep the masses ignorant of the Facts.

EVERY penny you pay in personal cost of crappy healthcare goes to the Leeches. And about $6,000/yr of taxes. Direct to the Leeches.

Am J Public Health. 2016 March; 106(3): 449–452.
Published online 2016 March. doi: [10.2105/AJPH.2015.302997]
There are, of course, many more issues, but why are we not united behind these? Simply because we allow ourselves to be manipulated by a massive propaganda machine that keeps us fragmented.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> says average annual premiums (employer and worker contributions combined) for 2017, = $6,690
2017, the number of people with health insurance coverage = 294.6 million. out of 325,700,000 people
294.6/325.7= 90.45% => $6051/capita => 6051+9267= $15,318/capita/yr => $1,276/mo


Johns Hopkins says, “Medical error—the third leading cause of death in the US”
X “A Message From the Future With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,”

NOAA: “Do Volcanoes Emit More Carbon Dioxide Than Humans?”


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