More Rx info

It seemed to me that many folks will want to know this info posted at the bottom. Not just Cruisers.

My advice. As she says, "Try to leave no stone unturned." One place we tried when looking for my mom’s prescriptions was the exact same drug, from the same company, for 10% of the typical price.

Also, please stay Wise and Legal. Fresh is always better. Try not to stockpile drugs if possible. Store them the best way possible. Do not take drugs if simpler ways exist. (Disclaimer below!)

For example, I had my first Urinary Tract Infection, UTI, a few years ago. It was while I was on my boat alone in Turkey and just about to fly to Trinidad to meet Robn.

I went to the hospital here to confirm my self-diagnosis and was prescribed Cipro, painkillers, and some other stuff. It cost less than US$10, so I bought it, just in case.

As I recall, the manufacturer says to not use Cipro if anything else will work. It has that many possible side effects, and forms of collateral damage. And that was the manufacturer. I’m far more conservative on exposing myself to suspicious chemicals.

There are several things available in vitamin stores, and the like, that are based on cranberry juice. In the time available I was unable to find any in the small town, here in Turkey. Robin, however, got on the ball and Trinidad, and found two likely candidates, that would not interfere with one another, and bought both.

She met me at the airport, and I began my, and my considered opinion, much safer, treatment immediately. Within a day or so I was feeling great, but I continued the treatment until I ran out of the stuff. About a week, as I recall.

My study indicates that the active ingredient, that they think is the most beneficial, is D-Manose, and I now keep some of that on each boat.

I am NOT advocating that anyone ignore what a doctor tells them. I am NOT advocating that anyone do, not do anything that I seem to be doing. I am strongly advocating that you keep an open and suspicious mind and that you do your own homework, and suspiciously consider the alleged credentials of any source that you use. As they say, follow the money.

The American Medical Industry, taken as a whole, is rolling in dough. Your dough.

Based on years of research, my personal opinion as to minimize my exposure to toxins, both in the food I eat, and the chemicals that can get close to my body. Please plot your own course.


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