Good Info for Americans

I have not tried the site mentioned, but here is some potentially valuable info.

Here is some info that I think is valuable to any American. It is re-posted from a boating FaceBook group "Seven Seas Cruising Association" or SSCA.

Robert Watson Posted:

To be safe, best to take it with you. There are many meds that you can’t get in the Philippines, Indonesia, Micronesia… Many are inexpensive and usually available in the Philippines. But not all.

In many places across the Pacific, any prescription is valid, or even the labeled prescription bottle – so keep them. Even antibiotics.

If you are in the US, there is a very convenient, inexpensive way to get your meds.

Insurance companies won’t let you get more than a 90 day supply, and doctors aren’t used to prescribing more than that. Have your doctor write a 90 day prescription with 3 refills, and explain to them, and your pharmacist that you will be out of the country for a year.

Check out the GoodRx website or download the app. Some formulations and doses of the same drug are amazingly cheap. For some meds you can order the higher dose and split it in half for an even better saving. Also, they may have a better price on the tablet than the capsule, so ask your doctor to prescribe that.

Only one of my meds is less expensive in the Philippines, and some are not available.

(This won’t work for narcotics or meds with any abuse potential.)

GoodRx shows you a list of prices for your meds at different pharmacies in your area. Different areas have different prices, so if you travel in the US check prices at different places. Then simply take your phone “coupon” to your pharmacy. Be aware that they may not stock large numbers of all your meds.

There is also a mail-order option, but I didn’t try it.

I have only done the 6 month supply, and only for 8 months, but I can’t understand how it can be so amazingly cheap (some are $10 for a 6 month supply!).

If your medicine is not on the list, ask your doctor if there is a reasonable one to substitute.

Don’t believe me – check it out! No, I don’t get a kick-back, but I wish I did.


David Heath:

Many yrs ago, we were showing my mom how to comparison shop for meds in the USA. One of her drugs was $90 to $110 at most pharmacies, but either Costco, or Sams Club, I forget which, had it for $10!

We said that there must be some mistake, but it was the exact same drug.

Robert Watson:

GoodRx will direct you to those pharmacies, such as Walmart, also, so you can comparison shop.


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