Earthquake near Trinidad

I do not have detailed info yet. Robn is there and said all is OK with her boat. There was some damage to the Dockside Market (a small grocery, in the marina), or the piers, etc. The fuel dock is shut down while they test for leaks, etc. Robn said, “A friend timed it at 40 seconds long but may have stopped timing while still minor trembling – or maybe that was my (Robn’s) ‘earthquake legs’ thinking the ground was still moving! I was in laundry room then parking lot. Power out. Someone said shower stopped also.”

Robn’s boat is on the land.

It was the strongest quake that Robn has experienced. Someone said 7.3, but that was centered deep underground, about 70 miles away. Due to the geology, it appears that the part of Trinidad, where Robn and her boat are, felt the movement almost as bad as right over the quake.

I do not have news of other local damage or lack thereof.

I have recently arrived in Turkey and sadly arrived at the beginning of a many days long Holiday, where nearly everything is closed. I cannot get my cell phone SIM card, so no Internet at the boat, but I walk to an Internet Room about 1km away (0.6 miles). It is VERY popular with the local kids. There is loud music and dozens of kids shouting as they play the very violent video games. But, I can get online at a low cost.

More news as I have it.


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