A Sailor Talks About Ocean Passages

I know that we have not posted for a while. We are both doing super well. We are on Robn’s boat in Trinidad. On this Saturday, 7 July, some of us from the boats are going to help GPS Map Asa Wright Nature Centre.

I assume that you can find that online. I do not want to put two links in one post. But, the other link is below. Enjoy.

Please be sure to watch the TimeLapse video at the lower part of the linked article. A typical Container Ship cruises at about 16–25 knots, 18-29 Statute MPH, 30–46 KPH.

Re: Passages on a sailboat.

Some good friends left just a few hours after us to cross the Atlantic, in 2005. So, they had a very similar trip to us.

About the 2nd, or 3rd day, the wife was talking to us on the radio. It was her first long ocean trip. She said, "This is boring."

We replied that that is what you hope for. Too much excitement is usually bad. Storms, things breaking, etc. Boring is good news. You read books, organize files on your computer, and sleep when off watch. And, you savor the Beauty of Planet Earth.

One time, when we had plenty of electricity, I was reading electronic copies of the "Seven Seas Cruising Association Bulletin". I was learning more about the Azores, the islands we were sailing to.

I ran across a letter from a boat that had done the same trip the year before. He found that a seamount had risen to within, as I recall, 80ft (24 meters) of the surface.

I quickly checked the location and we had passed south of it a few days before. If I ever cross again, I want to confirm his discovery.



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