A Fortress that we passed yesterday

We are on our way to Megisit also known as Kastellorizo. A tiny Greek Island 2 miles off the coast of Turkey. There is an old Fortress here, and a partially sunken city. It is worth a Google. I think the name of the town at the Fortress is Kalekoy, Antalya, Turkey.


2 thoughts on “A Fortress that we passed yesterday

  1. Hi, Dave and Robn – Last year I visited Moldova and Ukraine with several cousins who all have the same grandmother. We went to see where she was born in Moldova – which was then Romania and before that Russia. On the way there, we stopped at a Turkish citadel named Akkerman – very interesting and ancient (13th century) with lots of stuff on the internet about it, including a youtube tour. https://en.discover.net.ua/locations/akkerman-fortress

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