Belated Update. We are doing well.

I think my last update, was in February. I have been having a computer problem, with the software that I use for these updates. But, I recently seem to have fixed that.

It has been so long now, that I may not remember all that is happened. But I will take a shot at it, it may not be in correct chronological order.

I spent some some time with one of our friends in Olympia. We have many interests in common, so it is always interesting to visit him. We also went to some political things in Olympia. It is our state capitol.

We also discovered this website:

There is a small fee for being a member, but it allows us to contact people who welcome us to visit them for a few days, for free. We have done it quite a few times now, and each time, the people have been very interesting, and fun to visit. One couple live in a rural area that, during our walks, seemed to have so many neighbors with often several recreational vehicles, that we suspect that there are more RVs than families, over a several mile area.

We have been to many various political rallies, marches, classes, and the like. It is encouraging that there are so many people that are finally getting fed up with the massive problems in our government. This is often nonpartisan. Huge numbers of people would like to have the vastly more cost-effective health care that we could have. Huge numbers of people are tired of having made up wars, that seem to mostly be invented to help the very rich. Pretty much everyone ought to be on board for honest, verifiable elections. But, so many people still have not seen the proof of the mess we are in.

Since our last update, a very young British friend that we knew from Trinidad, fell to her death, while on the mast of a very large sailboat, and another friend from the Seattle area died very suddenly from brain cancer. She was a Buddhist and very active in so many of the same political things that we are. We attended her Buddhist memorial service, and also the nondenominational memorial service.

Recently we have been house-sitting the house of the recently departed Seattle friend. This helps both us and the estate.

This seems like a pretty short update for so many months, but I think it covers the high spots. Now that I have my software working better, I will see if I can find time to make some posts that refer to things that occurred quite some time ago, but I think you would find interesting.

Dave & Robn


5 thoughts on “Belated Update. We are doing well.

  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve sent an update too. Lost Norm in January, miss him so much it hurts. Doing chemo for lymphoma myself, have lots of family support but feeling I need some alone time. Just have to convince the family I can stay alone some of the time. Following your blog as best as I can to keep track of you. Love you Danny

  2. Good to hear about you two. Like the info you find and pass along about the election and all the other stuff……

  3. Thought I’d visit what I call your’ life blog’ to see what else you have been doing. busy, busy. Completed my 71st solar orbit last week as an earthling.

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