Silva Method Class in Seattle

Back in 1972, I took a self improvement class that changed my life.

It is based on a Western method of getting very deep levels of meditation and shows you many valuable tools that your mind can do, but few people are aware of.

This class is designed to teach you an easy, Western form of mindful meditation, that can be learned to a useful level by the second day, yet allows you to get to deep levels of the mind and control your brain frequency without biofeedback. Like anything, you get better with practice, but you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish after just a few days. The remaining days are to teach you more things that you can do, and to help you continue to improve the mediation skills.

Some people have already learned to use some of these parts of their mind, but the class gives you a virtual toolbox of skills to use, as you see fit, in day to day life. You learn to control your own mind and to be able to keep others from controlling your mind. Some students have reported that when they went to stage hypnotists, that they could do every one of the wonderful or even bizarre things that people can do under hypnosis, BUT, they had complete awareness, AND, they could do, or not do, what the hypnotist told them. THEY were in complete control.

You will be able to use new mental skills, including, being able to go into a deep state of mental and physical relaxation, within a very few minutes. With practice, we can do this with our eyes open, even while walking, and in formerly distracting environments. From these deep levels, it is easy to fall asleep within 5 or 10 minutes, when you want to. Similarly, you will learn how to stay awake, when needed, much longer than formerly. And, a 15 min ‘meditation nap’ will ‘recharge your batteries, more than you would think.

You will be shown how to recall your dreams, and, with practice, most can change their dreams ,or even have dreams to predict the future.

It includes methods to get rid of headaches and in the late 1960s and early 1970s was the only way known for many people to eliminate debilitating migraines. You will learn to control pain and bleeding and speed healing and significantly reduce the risk of infection.

You learn ways to make your memory amazing, to be able to simulate situations in your mind and to set goals that actually come to pass VERY often. Your ability to visualize, including all of your senses, will improve and, with practice, can get very powerful. There is even a form of psychic ability that you will be able to do, by the last day. It continues to get better with practice, but you will be amazed even on just the 4th day.

This link will help, but I think that the price quoted is just for the first two days. The total price is $1,394.00.

Dave & Robn


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