We are still in the Seattle Area. For the last part of Dec, we were in Port Townsend, WA, visiting Robn’s daughter. On Dec 31, we came back to Snohomish, WA and during the night we had snow and colder than usual weather for a week so far. Mornings are typically 14F (-10C), with highs around 35F (2C).


I had to make a heated hummingbird feeder, since it would otherwise freeze in 2 hrs.

We are fine, but do use a lot of propane to keep warm.

We are quite well. In brief, this is/was our year.

We had spent longer than expected in the USA in 2015, but we got back to Robn’s boat in Trinidad in Nov 2015. 2016 began with us in Trinidad, continuing work on Robn’s boat. We flew to Washington, DC in late April for “Democracy Spring”, and “Democracy Awakening.” Then back to Trinidad. Then to New York City for a week and then the Democratic Convention in Philly.

And, July 31st, we flew to Milan, Italy for a week and then to Alegria in Finike, for about 80 days. Then, Zurich for a week and Paris for about 10 days. Then, to near Schenectady to visit Robn’s brother and sister in law for about a week.

After that, we flew to Seattle and have been visiting friends and seeing misc routine medical folks. It seems that Dave has a funky tooth and a shoulder problem that has been up and down for 20 yrs. They are conspiring to keep us here for 3 months more. But, we seem to be getting good results.

But we are both in excellent health. Robn’s intermittent and annoying walking slow downs seem to be gone after a therapeutic massage treatment last year. In our lifestyle, easily walking, here and there is very important.

We bought a 21ft RV and are learning many new things. Like it was not designed to be used in near and below freezing weather. In the short time that we were doing research, the European and UK RVs looked SOOOOO much better. But, this is what seemed best at the moment. It will help us to learn what to watch for in a next one.


Dave & Robn


1 thought on “Update

  1. Glad to hear you both are doing well.
    The piers at marina is going to be replaced in two phases. Whole Middle is going to be done now and next year A pier. It was to start December 1 and be done by June. We are still waiting for them to start. Not taking reservations until after July 15 at this point.
    Have a happy and safe new year 😊

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