People still want to write in Bernie

My rebuttal for friends that insist on writing Bernie in.


I am not telling you what to do. I am just saying that most of us following Bernie were trying to change our corrupt system. We were fighting for our survival as a country, as a Planet.

I see no way that Bernie can lead that as Pres, now. Even if he WERE Pres, they have something terrible on him. The lives of his grand-kids, or something. July 12 was the last real Bernie that I have seen.

Jane Tweeted us to vote our conscience. Probably at great risk. I assume that she is also for the Revolution. That means that she was not saying vote Libertarian. Jill could actually win this, but even if she does not we have the first and last chance to put Greens on future ballots, if we vote Green. I hear different numbers, but something like 5% or so will put Greens on the Ballot in the future and give them Federal funding.

Bernie is, or actually was, a powerful spokes person for the cause that I had wanted most of my 73 yr old life, but had never seen a way to get. Bernie was far more unifying and charismatic than Jill. But, Jill’s Platform is by FAR the closest to Bernie’s real Platform.

Bernie said MANY times that this was not about him, it was about the Revolution. I guess that you missed that part. I could try to find you those speeches. It was a common point.

I knew that if he got close to changing anything that he would have a terrible accident, a heart attack, etc. He lasted until July 12.

"Jul 12, 2016 – 27-Year-Old DNC Staffer Seth Rich was Shot, & Killed in Northwest DC" Shot several times in the back, wallet & jewelry not touched.

The very next day, July 13 Bernie endorses Killary and lies for the first time that I have ever heard.

Watch the video of Bernie at the Convention in Philly. He is in agony. He has a bruise and a 1" cut on his right cheek.

Watch the video of the night of the delegate count. He is in agony and often can be seen crying profusely.

This is NOT a man that was bought off. This is a man that is saving the lives of his grand children, or something similar.

He is now their slave. But, he is doing all he can. He is not a Zombie. He is still helping us all that he is allowed to.

Voting Bernie will be only a symbol for YOU. What could he do? Win OR? Then what?

I say that if we love Bernie, we need to fight the people that control him. Break him out of jail as it were.

If we unite behind Jill, she could win the whole thing. If all of the people that prefer Jill, even though they do not like many things, just that compared to the other 3, she looks the best. If they all voted Jill, she would win so hard that they could not even cook the books for the vote counts.

Then, we might be able to bring Bernie back to life. Jail the Evil Ones that are holding him in Slavery.

I doubt it. I think that they will enslave Jill, BUT if we REVOLT and unify, not scatter, then we are a force that they will have to deal with somehow.

Nixon and the Puppet Masters did not want to stop the various SE Asian wars. I was told that they were in Vietnam because, up until then, most of the World’s tantalum came from there and they used that for electronic capacitors.

Whatever. The unified protests, shortened the War a LOT.

I think that we need to Unify and stop Killary and the coming WWIII War with Russia.

That war will probably use the new, small Nukes, and kill millions.

Killary will release Monsanto and GMOs, and there is no turning back that nightmare, even with an armed insurrection.

And fracking and a long list. Please think about these things and if you LIKE what someone else wants, that has any chance of getting in, which are only 4 people, not Bernie, then go for it. But, unless you can explain what writing in Bernie does other that show that you are faithful, please join us in trying to save America.


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