I have no interest in a protest vote.

One of the many people TELLING me that we must vote for Evil, made so many, typical mistakes, that I will also answer here.

I am not copying the post that I am responding to, since I don’t think that I want anyone saying that I stole their brilliant commentary without permission. I think that you will get the idea. The text, immediately following > is text from that post.

>People always say each election is the most important in our history. Usually that is simply partisan exaggeration.

I VERY STRONGLY AGREE with that!!! This is our literal, ‘last chance’, on many levels. America and thereby the Planet will never be able to ‘put the toothpaste back into the tube’ of a Killary Presidency. I wish we could stop them from using Election Fraud to impose her on us.

Robn and I have no interest in a protest vote either. See below.

Are you not aware of the many pejoratives and propaganda tools in that post? You may not have realized them, since you are fed a steady diet of spin & propaganda. Or, you are just a Troll. Either way….

If someone feels strongly, due to, let’s use the single example that you cited, the massive science supporting organic, that organic is better both for the consumer , the Farmer and the Planet and wants to get into govt to promote organic, is that a politician pandering to me or, if people like that idea, and vote for them, are the voters just choosing a representative that has similar views to their own? Apparently a heretical idea in your mind.

Seems like you think that your candidate is "a brilliant man or woman of the people" and my candidate, that wants what I want, is pandering. Are those the rules???

Unlike the standard model in the USA, where we are usually ordered who to vote for. We are usually not allowed to vote for someone that represents, what WE want in govt. Otherwise they are pandering!

Can you see the lunacy in that term?

>Jill equivocates to get votes

When was that, EXACTLY? I missed it. You previously falsely claimed that Jill was anti-Science. You must be a Troll, since you know nothing about Jill.

equivocates means: use ambiguous language so as to conceal the truth or avoid committing oneself. synonyms: prevaricate, be evasive, be noncommittal, be vague, be ambiguous, dodge the question, beat around the bush, hedge;

Now, rump is going to make America Great Again, yet I have never heard a HINT of what that means. America from what years exactly? When was our Golden Age? He has a ‘secret plan’ for Daesh, etc.

Killary at the carefully orchestrated ‘debate’ seldom addressed solutions. The stuff that I recall her spouting was variations on repeating the problem, while only Jill gave solutions.

So, I would say that rump and Killary are heavy on equivocation and Jill is quite clear, ie: NOT equivocating.

I think that you missed totally that on point also.

And, I completely agree that innocent deaths are abhorrent. Whether, caused by Putin, rump, or Killary. I strongly dislike rump, but I noticed that you forgot to mention all of the innocents killed by Killary during her long and devastating career. Oversight, or do you like those deaths?

And, lastly, refusing to be ordered to vote for a War Monger that is about to create WWIII, unleash Monsanto, TPP, Fracking and so much more, does not define a protest vote.

It is just that, at a minimum, some 20+ million of us are choosing to vote FOR an excellent candidate, with a great Platform, who wants to STOP the innocent deaths of wars, by stopping Wars. And, Jill is for America doing our best to cover about a full page worth of good ideas, create millions of jobs, strongly mitigate World Climate Disaster, have HONEST Elections, and so on.

Am I correct that voting for someone that you LIKE is not your idea of correct behavior. That Americans MUST let you personally order them to vote for an Evil person? You have already eliminated democracy for a dictatorship with you as the Person in charge of voting?


1 thought on “I have no interest in a protest vote.

  1. I have voted three time in my history for third party candidates, with like thinking and resolve, and have no regrets for those actions, all of us are bound by a different conscience yet with some simuliar goals. The fact that truth is often lost in American Politics and that few take the time to understand in depth the founder intent in the actual wording and of our Constitution and Bill of Right is amazing to me. How ever we are a deverse people. With varying political priorities. Voting your conscience is never bad !

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