What has Bernie “told us”?

True. IMO, in this video below, that Jane sent, Bernie is saying:

1) I will not tell you who to vote for, and if I do, do not listen.

2) I will not (willingly) tell you to vote for Hillary. It is HER job to change and offer you good promises that you believe will help, and presently, at the time of the video, Mon Apr 25, 2016 9:43 PM EDT, Killary was not promising good things and I believe still is not on 29 Sept 2016

3) I believe that Bernie believes in the merits of HIS platform as helping America and the Planet. I believe that we all see that, even if Killary actually did ALL of the DNC watered down Platform that it is far short of Bernie’s Platform.

I believe that if any Bernie Supporter really LOOKS at the Green Platform, they will agree that it is by far the closest of the DNC, GOP, or LIB platforms. By far.

It is widely said that Jill and the Greens need 5% of the vote to then, permanently, for the FIRST Time be on all US Ballots. We can easily do that, unless the Election fraud is really wild, which will make it pretty obvious.

BUT, when I research that, it looks false.

I believe that if every American that really looks at the 4 Platforms, and especially ‘dials in’ the reliability factor that the DNC Platform is probably largely not going to be followed, that a majority will vote Jill and the down ticket Greens and there are many. But, the liars will not tell you that.

Based on all of that context, I believe that Bernie and Jane are asking us to keep our eyes on the Revolution and that means Vote Jill.

I see, but do not understand many posts, not all Trolls, even though it is a brilliant Troll idea to post, but some REAL Bernie Disciples, want to write him in.

Hey, they should do what they want to do. I plan to. But, for this election to work, one person needs to get more Electoral votes than all of the others, hopefully more than 270. If Jill gets all she can, and they are honestly counted, then we have a democracy. But, in many states, you must have correctly registered as a write in candidate, to be counted. Otherwise, it has zero effect. No one would ever know.

In a very few states, a write in might be counted, but, as far as I know, the Bernie write ins will be tiny compared to the BIG 4. So, they will not have any positive effect and will subtract from Jill.

So, I feel bad to hear people say this.

There is a move to flood VT and or WY with Bernie and if he carried that state(s), and IF he kept the other 4 from getting 270 Electoral votes, then:

"If no candidate receives a majority of Electoral votes, the House of Representatives elects the President from the 3 Presidential candidates who received the most Electoral votes."

Which is poorly worded. Apparently, from the 538 possible, if your dream got 269

Mediocre got 259

And your worst nightmare got 10

They could choose your worst nightmare.

So, no surprise that I hope that Jill gets 270+, but I fret about people that did LOVE Bernie, that dump Jill. I have no idea why they would. Do not like women or people with brown skin?

Bernie was a master Uniter. We lost a great man, a fantastic Leader, when the DNC or the Puppet Masters Neutralized Bernie.

Jane sent this video:



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