Dave’s Political Evolution

Even though, in 1980/81 and 1987/90, I saw the USA make major lies as propaganda to fool the American People, I was still assuming that our "Elected Officials" were what the majority wanted, just not me.

I liked what I saw with Obama and I think that he might have been the 1st President, since I started voting in 1962, that I WANTED to vote for. I was, up until then an LEV, Lesser Evil Voter.

I understood that no politician would be EXACTLY what I thought was best, or, usually even very close to what I wanted.

Mostly, it was, "I am going to hit you hard with my baseball bat. Because this is a democracy, you get to decide whether you want me to hit you in the leg or the arm."

Then, a few years ago, I heard something from Bernie and I really liked what he said on that issue. I began to follow his postings and discovered that I liked almost everything he said and everything that he did and have done over the years. I learned that he had been like that for about 50+ years and in looking back, I really liked his almost all of his positions. As they say, ‘If you look at every major mistake the USA has done over the last 50 years, there is a video of Bernie trying to prevent it.

Then, he ran for President. I had no idea that we had any possibilty to do the things he wanted. I was VERY happy that he would try, but, I knew that Keniddy and Lincoln and others found that the Puppet Masters want to keep doing the Evil stuff. The lies and ripping us off, poisioning the Planet and People and especially the Wars. And to destroy the Middle Class since 1980.

I told Robn that wise men and women have said, "If voting actually helped anything, they wouldn’t let us do it." If Bernie becomes a possibility of change, then he have a heart attack or be hit by a bus. They will not let him win and endanger their monopoly.

Then, I began to see the MSM lies and the many kinds of Election Fraud. I was aware of W and the coop that made him President. This was even more blatant. In fact the whole secrecy of hiding the Puppet Masters, seemed to be gone. They were seriously ‘in you face’ now as in ‘Yeah! We are screwing you. What are you going to do about it?"

So, in Philly, I was not surprised at what they did. I was surprised that they hit him where it would show. They were really ramping up the ‘in your face.’ Pun not intended.

My angry friends that are threatening, shaming, accusing and whatever, to MAKE me vote for Killary, cannot grasp that American govt & Politics in general and the DNC in particular have ‘come out of the closet.’ Killary has been almost caught so many times and actually caught so many times that I could never vote for her.

The whole farce of her friend rump ‘running against her’ is icing on the cake. How do people not see through this stuff?

I will not vote for either one. Ever. Clearly Killary is far more devastating to everything I hold as important for the Planet, so if you could somehow force me to choose, then rump, even though he is truly terrible, would get my vote before Killary.

We DO, however have a chance to vote for ‘Bernie’s Platform’ in the Green Party, with Jill Stein. Even Jane Sanders have said that we should vote Jill.

At the least it will put one or two more Parties on the ballot for the future. If everyone voted for the one Party that they liked best, Jill would easily win. But, they are devout Lesser Evil Voters.


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