Northwest Critters

In the Puget Sound area in the NW corner of America, they have many kinds of large slugs.

A common comment is, "Oh, my Lord! When you said,’Banana Slug." I thought you meant the COLOR of a banana, not the SIZE of a banana!"

When you are running barefoot at night, they are icky to step on. If you put salt on them they dissolve. Not a friendly thing to do.

You can put a small, open container of beer in your garden and they drown happy in it.

They sell 6" refrigerator magnets that are VERY realistic slugs. For the aficionado.


2 thoughts on “Northwest Critters

  1. I had a terrible problem with slugs this spring on the sunshine coast of BC.
    They were invading my raised beds and devastating everything. I painted just the top edge of the 2×12 edges of the beds with copper bottom paint, and didn’t see another slug in the garden all summer. We watched them crawl up the side of the planks, and come to the paint, and turn around and leave. I suspect a copper wire would work on the ground.

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