Some friends have asked for a list of usually good sources.

Some friends have asked for a list of usually good sources. If this list does not show up in easily readable form. please tell me and I will try again.

EVEN THESE SOURCES should be checked against original sources when possible.

For example.

They tell you that Wikileaks has an email that proves that blah, blah, blah.

Then go to Wikileaks. They have a search engine that takes a little getting used to, but you can FIND the email and see if you agree.

Just as MSM often has accurate articles. Some of these sources may be wrong or slanted.

Once you have a good feel for a subject, be sure to verify anything that surprises you. Yet, do not fail to verify the stuff that ‘sounds right’ frequently enough to detect being led away from reality.

Yes. It is a bother, but if you only have lies to base your decisions on, you are well and truly screwed.



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