Very Important Info on Syria

Please watch this video about the lies you have been told. This essential knowledge that all Americans must know as soon as possible. It will change your life and save other lives.


7 thoughts on “Very Important Info on Syria

  1. These people are nutcase ideologues who are being used by the Assad regime (oh, excuse me, Assad government).

    What really happened is that Syria is another victim of climate change, in the form of a massive drought which destroyed Syria’s agricultural economy. Assad gave aid to his Alawite co-religionists, 13% of the population, but not to the Sunni majority. The Sunnis protested peacefully, the protesters then being massacred by Assad’s troops. That’s how this war started.

    A factual analysis can be found in a comment on a NYT article:
    “The brutality and length of the war is all on Assad. His family’s hereditary dictatorship has long been known for its ruthlessness and the fact that they would rather kill everyone than accept that they can no longer impose their dictatorship on Syria. The Press doesn’t even talk about this. The Syrian people did not revolt or start a civil war Assad did.
    Until now his fathers 1982 Massacre of Hama was the worst crime his family had perpetrated against the Syrian people. In that “fight” Hafez Assad used the Syrian army to besiege Hama for 27 days and kill 40,000 residents according to the Syrian Human Rights Committee. This because a cell of the Muslim Brotherhood had started an uprising in the town. Read the Wikipedia page and you’ll see that Bashar Assad is following his family’s well worn formula; “If I can’t have it no one will”.

    As for outside interference the Red Line was the point at which this violence could have been greatly limited maybe even stopped. If POTUS had destroyed the Syrian Air Force and imposed a moratorium on helicopter flights Assad would have been hamstrung and forced to the negotiating table. Then the Syrian people the press falsely calls rebels, could have dealt with Daesh and brought Assad to the table. It might be President Obama’s worst mistake.
    The outsider here is Assad and his family not the Syrian people fighting to end his family’s depraved rule over Syria. A fight he started when they asked for better governance.”

    The NYT article explains the current state of this unwinnable and disastrous war:

    This is another case, like Libya, where Hillary was right and Obama was wrong.

  2. Hi David.

    Looks like we agree that there is a lot of lying going on, but disagree as to who the liars are.

    The NYT lied so often about Bernie that they have prove that they are shameless in lying for the Puppet Masters Plan. I am very disappointed that you have not noticed.

    I thought you would have realized that if one bases their “knowledge” on lies, that they are doomed.

    We probably agree on that sentence, also, just that we each assume that the other person is wrong. I have tried for months to help you, to no avail. I gave up weeks ago, as I have repeatedly said. I really wish that I could help, but if you refuse to look at simple facts, presented in bite sized pieces, then I know not what else to offer. I do not mean to offend. I am just not able to get you to look at facts.

    Sadly, you are in the majority of Americans. It does not bode well for the Planet.

    • There is such a thing as GAR: generally accepted reality. As it is said in the progressive community, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not to their own facts. We advertise ourselves as the reality-based community.

      You could post links to the lies in the NYT about Bernie. However Bernie told a lot of lies about Hillary, which kind of takes the sting out of your assertion. Bernie has now recognized his mistakes and is backpedaling furiously. You have now abandoned Bernie to his back-bencher fate and now support Stein. She has the same issues Bernie had: absolutely no plans on how to turn her ideas into law, or even if her ideas could become law:
      These are facts.

  3. You do not seem to understand the idea of facts. At all. And, this is why I have given up on trying to show them to you. You refuse to look at any facts that seem to oppose the imaginary world that you need.

    If one bases their “knowledge” on lies, they are doomed. MSM is feeding us lies. No wonder that we make bad decisions.

    Engineering is a fact based way of life. Science is supposed to be, but we are flooded with junk science.

    As I have said, until you can handle real facts, not just dKos or NYT opinions that fit your needs, we are wasting each other’s time.

    It is certainly hard to sift facts out of the flood of miss-information and spin doctoring, but some are very easy and when you refuse the easy ones, we just need to go do useful things.

    HRC was Sec of State (SOS) for a while. That is a real fact.

    At that time we had laws to try to have transparency and accountability. One of those laws is the Freedom of Information, which went into effect in 1967. FOIA

    The work product and calendars of ANY govt official is subject to FOIA. These are also facts.

    Now, sometimes, we have to assume that some data is a fact or facts.

    I was told that Huma Abedin, HRC’s “shadow,” as Politico once described her, testified under oath that she and HRC routinely burned their calendars while HRC was SOS. This was why they could not produce them when ordered to under FOIA requests. I assume that these are facts.

    I have been told various numbers, but let’s just use these for the moment. HRC Supposedly was asked for ALL of her emails from her term(s) as SOS. She gave them 55,000 and >said< that she destroyed about 33,000. Why would we have any idea what the real numbers are?

    But, I am told that she had her people used BleachBit to be certain that they stayed wiped. I am told that the FBI could not recover any of them and could see that they had been scrubbed, not just erased. I am assuming that this is true.

    I have also been told that the FBI has found many thousands of work related emails that were not included in the original, sworn to include all of them, collection of all her work related emails.

    From this collection of info, I find support for my hunch that HRC was going to some trouble and risk, breaking the law to keep some of her activities as SOS very secret from our govt.

    The Clinton Foundation, gets Massive amounts of money and is said to only give about 2 to 6% to actual charitable causes. I am aware that may be slander. I believe that one fact is that it receives Massive amounts of money.

    I am told that Saudi Arabia and many questionable govts have, I am told, given huge amounts to the Clinton Foundation.

    The odd part is that if one compares WHEN these donations occur, to when HRC made deals that helped these many questionable govts, it seems that she MIGHT have been swayed by these payments. Or, just using her office to drum up money for her good deeds.

    In any case, one might have a strong motive for knowingly breaking the FOIA laws.

    Similarly, we can, from other records, learn that most of the non govt people that she met with while SOS were donors to the Foundation, and, coincidentally, many of those, movers and shakers, got lucrative deals from the SOS.

    This might all be very legitimate, but it looks bad, especially when she is said to have knowing gone to a lot of trouble and law breaking to try to cover it up.

    I know that none of this is correct in your mind, but a lot of us are worried about it. And there are hundreds of other factual things that worry us.

    This is why we are certain that we do not have an honest govt or honest ways of selection our govt.

    Dr. Stein is the only hope that I see of working toward getting our country back. And she is not as unprepared as you have been told.

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