Who should I vote for?

The Propaganda War is ramping up. Some are wondering who is telling the truth?

Come on people! This is not Rocket Science!

Bernie stands for all of the things on his platform page. Link at bottom. It has changed very little in 40 years. He voted for things that we now know were “right” when the masses said, “Go the opposite way!”

Do you stand for the majority of those issues or not? Even if some are not what you wish for, would honest elections appeal? Because, if you have no say in things, does what you want matter at all?

Getting real elections would give you the ability to vote for what YOU want for a change. Not all bad, right?

Killary does not stand for honest elections. The current management of the DNC does not. They stand for lies, dishonest ‘elections,’ saying one thing and doing another, Monsanto, wars, BIG Banks, and so on. Look at their history.

So, who do you want to win? Which World do you want to live in?

For me, I strongly want Bernie and STRONGLY hate what Killary and the DNC have admitted, have demonstrated, that they stand for.

The Evil Ones keep shouting, “We HAVE to support Killary, because we don’t dare let rump win!!!”

That is frankly, ridiculous.

The “DNC” has two choices. These two happen to stand for two very different platforms. There are many polls as to how America likes them.

In these polls Bernie easily beats rump and Killary does not do well at all. Historically, and both people have long histories, Killary gets less popular the more people get to look at her. Bernie, just gets better.

“But, it will be my fault!”

Not MY fault! I want the guy that wins against rump. The DNC, (I cannot say, the Democratic Party, because they are the very opposite of democratic) but, the DNC, as shown in leaked documents, is going to push Killary down our throats.

THEY, not me, decided to run a loser against rump. The documents show that they decided that over a year ago.

This is not hard to understand. But, the MSM and far too many of the so called alternative “news” are trying to trick me into helping an Evil Loser.

It just shows how far the tentacles of the Evil Ones reach. Take notes on who you can trust.

I have dear friends that refuse to figure this out. I cannot help them. I have tried. I side with the people that want Bernie’s Platform and because of seeing the reality of today’s DNC and today’s MSM, etc, I am learning who the Good Guys are. I am writing names down of Main Stream Media and various talking heads, like Robert Reich.

From now on, I will pay little attention to whatever they say, even when they seem truthful for a long time. I will remember that they have been liars on very important issues.

It makes more sense when you learn that nearly all American Main Stream Media (MSM) is owned by 5 companies and the same few people are on many of the boards of those companies. And that they are the main donors for Hillary, Trump, the DNC & GOP.

Clearly many of my friends do not have the time or inclination to cross check the data. That is a shame. We can do a good job of confirming the accuracy of a piece of data, in most cases, with not much effort. For example, Bernie’s Platform and Jill NOT being Anti-Vax are posted right in the obvious spots on their websites.

Even sources that have been usually very good, have slipped in some bad propaganda, like The Young Turks, an Internet News source. I still watch them but I assume that they will try again. This link below, and many others, by Jimmy Dore seems quite good.

If someone has different goals, someone thinks that we must do away with Unions or that Women should not vote, or whatever, fine. That is their position. I have good friends that I disagree with, but for NPR/PBS to lie about Bernie’s Platform or edit out parts of Jill Stein’s answer to a question to dramatically change the meaning, that is committing a treachery, that I will remember for a long time.

Even the sources that have not yet been caught in misinformation, I still try to crosscheck. I no longer have trust and I want to do what I can to use accurate data.

I will not forget. I will not forgive.

Kind of like Anonymous. We are also Legion. Over 12 Million and growing as the Evil Ones push more people in our direction.

Remember Nevada. Expect dirty tricks. Our weapon is Relentless NONviolence.

I love what Bernie has done his whole life, but this movement does not depend on Bernie or Dave, it will go on regardless. Taking Bernie out of the equation will not change the remaining 11 Million people that want Bernie’s goals. (Edit: Oct 9 2016, Robn & Dave are happy to support and vote Green Party  which is very similar to Bernie.)



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