Robn’s thoughts

I suggest that consideration be given to this Brand New Congress being Green rather than democratic – or United Progressive Party. I find the two platforms (Bernie and Green) to be almost identical. Note that the Green Party has always been anti-corruption, small donor funded whereas the democrats have long since sold out. Since the democrats have proven the extent to which they will not listen to the people, I, for one, will have trouble trusting any politician who claims membership in that party.

A new party such as a United Progressive Party would have quite a challenge to get up and running, whereas the Green Party is already established – albeit hamstrung by exclusion from the two party system. I believe that the Green Party could easily replace the entire “democratic” party simply through our joining forces with them.

Progressive democrats who have been endorsed by Bernie could be invited to join us in this ‘defection’. If they don’t, then they won’t be part of the Brand New Congress due to our help!

And, there is this


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